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❤️ Red Auras & Famous Examples (Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Chelsea Handler, Kanye West)

Updated: Mar 16

General Red Aura Traits:

Red: Strong, loyal, straight forward, definitive, vitality, activating, primal, matter-of-fact, succinct, take-charge, handy, task-oriented, hard working, powerful, pride, efficient, passionate, strong-willed, direct, practical, pragmatic, survivors, helpful, tough, sexual, robust, black & white thinkers, forward, grounded, protectors, good in a crisis.

Out of Alignment: Jealous, angry, dominating, unoriginal, aggressive, lack creativity, temper-tantrums, prideful, unemotional, punitive, impulsive, impatient, stoic, bulldozing, insensitive, physical intensity.

Serena Williams - Tennis Star (Red, Secondary Magenta)

Red symbolize Power. This “Physical Aura Color” often gives off the powerful impression like they can do whatever they put their mind to. This Aura frequency is a magnet for strength. Whether in sports or in cooking, or in business, they carry a presence of strength and authority. This is due to their their seemingly high levels of confidence, directness, self-assuredness. They are Gut-based operators. Whereas Blues * Purples operate from the Heart, Greens, Mental Tans operate first mentally. Reds don’t react to anxiety with with the timidness of blues or purples, for example. They are all in or all out. Red (associated with the Root Chakra Red) are grounded, practical and pragmatic. They are survival-oriented. They are fiercely loyal with immense determination.

Where Blues like descriptiveness, nuance, and patience, Reds like efficiency and getting to the

point. They are task-oriented and great with their hands in any hard or physical labor. Their vitality can be associated to their sexuality, as well.

Red typically use their intuition through instincts, similar to that of animals. Their primal nature are highly useful in crisis or survival situations. Reds are the type of people you want to have around in physical emergencies.

Simone Biles - Olympic Gymnast (Red/Royal Blue)

When reds struggle emotionally, they can be quite volatile or self-destructive. Whereas blues and purples tend to internalize and fester in their guilt, grief, loss, or other “ego-hits,”—Reds retaliate. Either on others or on themselves in very direct ways and typially RIGHT AWAY. Like a gut impulse. They do not stew on their issues for years and years—as Blue & Purple Spectrum colors can do more often. Like birds, they peck at one another to establish territory and get their frustration out of their system— Then huff and puff, ruffle and shake their feathers off, and they are on their way. Reds tend to get anger out of their system quicker. On the contrary, they typically lack the innate emotional intelligence of the Blue Spectrum Auras.

Anger is a moving energy with tremendous acceleration. Reds flow with that rapid energy so as to discharge the energy of the emotion they may otherwise harbor like the blues and purples tend to do. They never stop moving. Even in their energy. A quality emblematic of red vital life force energy of the Root Chakra. Also why Reds often live the longest lives of the Aura Colors Spectrum.

Reds are of the most skeptical aura colors in terms of spirituality, the "paranormal," or anything that you cannot see and touch in the here and now. They are probably the last aura color to actually inquire about their aura, energy, or anything metaphysically or spiritually related. If they are religious, they are DEVOTED and enforce their religion as law and absolute.

Chelsea Handler - Comedian/Host/Author (Red/Yellow) —pulls in Royal Blue since her therapy*

Expressions of Red (General):

  • Garnet Red: Centered, grounded, self-sufficient (seen in Loving Tan Aura (Garnet Red/Tan-Brown)

  • Magenta-Red - Passionate, loud, outward, effeminate.

  • Bright Red: Directness, Vitality

  • Cloudy Red: Angry, Negative, attached to the past, past trauma.