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✨⭐️ The Yellow Aura

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

🟡 The Yellow Aura - A Physical Aura Color

Yellow is one of the most diverse colors of the aura spectrum. It is also one of the most popular. Although it is a physical aura color, like the Red and Oranges for example, there is an "openness" to the Yellow people.

The Yellow aspect of people is naturally curious. They can often be drawn to self improvement. Always looking to learn something new.

Yoga, pilates, guided meditations yellow people will gravitate to. Self-help books and therapy is a yellow go-to for self-improvement. Even if they don’t really need the therapy. They will do it if it makes their life more efficient. Spiritual or self-impovement Yellows will find a way to incorporate affirmations in a motivating and productive way. If a yellow is in the wellness field they will often be life coaches, nutritionists, yoga or fitness instructors.

(Aura: Yellow, Secondary Light Blue)
Reese Witherspoon - Actress

Some yellow dominant people (including mental tan which is tan-ish yellow color and often look like yellow people) can tackle large projects and overwhelming projects with ease. Because they have a very innate understanding of structure, system, scaffolding and organization with an any project. Executive assistants, real estate agents, therapists, interior decorators, designers, speakers, and small business owners.

Yellows can thrive anywhere because the embrace efficiency and streamlining the execution of any undertaking. They do make life so easy even when themselves are struggling.

Kurt Cobain - Singer/Songwriter (Yellow)

They can be perfectionistic in their work or craft and can often be tough on themselves. In this way they do not like to be out of control in their emotions.

They can downplay their emotions to themselves and to others. They do not like to give the impression that they are out of control.

The yellow energy tends to be the naturally social and motivated aspect of people. People are drawn to yellow dominant people. It is a quality they probably do not even recognize themselves because they can be hard on themselves. And not really consider that they have in essence that brings light and warmth for to people.

In learning environments, they will be the people that look like it all comes easy to them. Because they are smart and make it look easy, organized, and efficient. Even if they are up all night to make it appear that effortless. Yellows tend to "do human" well. Relatively speaking, that is. To them, they might think they are working very hard to get through it all. Other aura colors tend to look at them like everything comes easily to them.

Taylor Swift - Singer/Songwriter (Yellow)

Many celebrities are Yellow. It is perhaps the aura color that accompanies the most diverse interests and skillsets. Being a celebrity requires maintaining a business and/or empire. Yellow dominant people like being SEEN while also having fun in their life. And to combine being seen and having fun in a profession where you can ALSO secure a proper living is a aligned path for many yellow people. However, unlike green people who also possess that famous/successful magnetism, yellows want to have fun first. Greens want to WIN first.

In more severe instances, a yellow person out of alignment may suffer from OCD or Insomnia, for example.

And just a reminder, pretty much everyone has 2-3 aura colors. Most people have other energies at play in their field other than just yellow. So even if yellow is your life color, you probably have some blue or purple in there, as well, if not other colors.

Yellow people when they walk by they look like a yellow orb of energy. That is why I called them “yellow people.” Because everyone has multiple aura colors. And you know when there is a yellow cloud (person) versus a purple cloud (person) approaching you. Yellow is the dominant energy in the fields of the people listed below and shown on this blog.

Yellow is truly incredibly useful and diverse energy to call upon. And for that reason, I do believe the yellow energy is one of the most valuable energies to call upon.

💛 Popular Yellow People: Kate Hudson - Actress (Yellow, Secondary Light Blue) Taylor Swift - Singer/Songwriter (Primary Yellow & Light Blue) Reece Witherspoon - Actress, Producer (Primary Yellow & Blue) Brad Pitt - Actor (Green & Yellow) Kurt Cobain - Musician (Yellow & Blue)

Will Farrell - Comedic Actor (Royal Blue, Yellow)

Zach Galifianakis - Comedic Actor (Yellow, Secondary Royal Blue)

Chelsea Handler - Comedian, Talk Show Host, Writer (Red, Secondary Yellow)

Kristen Bell - Comedic Actress (Yellow, Secondary Light Blue)

Marisha Ray - Voice Actress/Creative Director/D&D Player (Yellow/Violet, Secondary Light Blue)

Deborah Ann Woll - Actress (Yellow Secondary Light Blue)

Yellow, Secondary Light Blue
Taylor Swift - Singer/Songwriter (Yellow Secondary Light Blue)
Raven Symone (Indigo/Yellow)

Kristen Bell (Yellow/Light Blue)

Chelsea Handler - Comedian/Author (Red, Secondary Yellow)

Deborah Ann Woll - Actress (Yellow Secondary Light Blue)

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