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💙Auras: The Blue Spectrum (Indigo, Aquamarine, Light Blue, Royal Blue)

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

The Blue Spectrum: Sensitive, Intuitive, Communication, Healing, Empathy

The various tones of blue manifesting in one's field indicates intuitiveness, great communication skills, empathy, healing nature, and emotional intelligence.

Even if one's primary life color is not blue, it is common to find a blue adaptation color within most people's auric field when they are connecting with another person. The blue indicates that the individual is able to assess the objective statement or request from another other person and calculate a response that is emotionally considerate of that person's feelings and/or sensitivities. For this reason, the blues are the most talented communicators on the spectrum.

Blue also indicates receptivity. Individuals who speak without receiving the other person typically do not have a blue energy in their aura. For this reason, blue is drawn into the auric field when one exercises empathy in interactions with others.

Blue also corresponds to the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) that is Blue. Signifying emotional communication, confidence, expression of your personal truth.

Each shade of Blue represents a slight deviation in expression shown below. The primary distinctions are Royal Blue, Light Blue, Aquamarine, and Indigo (Indigo is also considered Purple Spectrum as it contains hues of purple within it).

Communication in Aura Colors Examples:

Royal Blue:
  • When Royal Blues do speeches they are emotionally cognizant of the people and the energy of the room and how to fine-tune their expression in a way that makes it easier for the crowd to receive their message. They have a soothing effect. Where as reds have an activating effect in speeches.

  • The Aquamarine energy in auras are highly skilled at physically attuning. Often Clairsentient (psychic clear-feeling) and empathic. Although they are highly skilled at emotions, they are not natural public speakers. They are physically intuitive and highly sensitive to emotion or any energetic fluctuation. They are very talented at connecting to people one-on-one. Extremely healing nature to them. And often gifted at body, plant, & animal health intuition.

  • The Indigo energy are teachers. In their power they can be powerfully impactful teachers with a powerful vision. The way they choose to teach can be unconventional. For this reason they are not often natural speakers. They may choose to convey their message and truth through their art or against the grain lifestyle. However Indigo's have a bone to pick with society and a powerful message to share. And if they see public speaking as a viable option, they will use it. And they will be heard.

  • Indigo's highly introspective. Emotionally perceptive & psychic. Talented communicators both one-on-one and in front of crowds (if desired).

  • The Red energy in auras, in contrast, are direct and to the point. While the red energy in auras come across as confident, they sometimes struggle to deliver speeches with emotional sincerity and consideration. They gravitate toward jobs and tasks with straight forward objectives. They like to have a physical task to complete. Surgeons, Drivers, Soldiers, Lawn Mowing Workers, Truck Unloaders, Builders, Directors. The basic physical instincts of Reds in speeches, is to say the words on the page. They can come across confident but emotionally disconnected. Whereas blues the basic instincts are to connect these words they are reading to those who are listening.

  • Royal Blues's thrive in attuning to other people and conveying messages while maintaining emotional awareness of their space and environment, making it much easier for people to receive them in speeches, for example. However Reds can be great for making announcements, as opposed to delivering speeches, as it is more straight forward and less need to convey an emotional energy.

  • Green energy in auras are thinkers, strategists, problem solvers, calculated, achievers. They are known as a "Mental Color." Sometimes have healing qualities.

  • Green energy in auras approach speeches from tactical and from a business-like perspective. "How will this speech be most effective? How do we gain the most traction through this speech?" Willing to compromise authenticity for maximum influence. But very effective and very thorough.

The Blue Spectrum:

Indigo (rare): Absorbent, highly emotionally sensitive, evolved communication skills, introspective, alluring, perceptive, higher consciousness, creatively fearless, vivid imagination, ether-like/otherworldly, stylish, ambiguous, emotionally psychic, wounded healers, natural spiritual teachers, wise, artistic, against-the-grain, out-of-the-box, new-thought leaders, radical, art