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💜💗Auras: The Purple & Pink Spectrum: Violet, Purple, Magenta, Lavender, Pink, more

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The Purple Spectrum

Violet: Presence, esteem, spiritual integrity, visionary, magnetic, purposeful, artistic, creative, spiritual, speakers, psychic, influential, individualistic, magnetic, idealistic, inspirational, unique, leaders, spiritual power, intentional, powerful, healing, motivational, intentional, bohemian, stick-out in the crowd, compassionate, channelers, intuitive, charismatic.

Out of Alignment: Misfit, non-conformist, on a high horse, deviant, disorganized, haughty, arrogant, deranged, strange, oddball, stubborn, supercilious, proud, snobbish, dramatic.

Jobs for Purples & Violets: Motivational Speakers, Artists, Psychics, Palm Readers, Astrologists, Preachers, Singers / Vocalists, Clairvoyants, Spiritual Teachers, Inspirational Writers, Singers, Songwriters, Activists, Fashion Designers, Storytellers, Inspirational Leaders, Electric Guitarists

Types of Health Problems: Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Laryngitis, vocal nodules, schizophrenia, other psychotic mental disorders, bipolar disorder, other mood disorders

Famous Violet Auras: , Ariana Grande - Singer/Actress (Violet) , Prince - Singer/Musician (Violet), Cher - Actress/Singer (Violet), Yoko Ono (Violet), Miley Cyrus (Violet), Elenor Tomlinson - Actress "Poldark" (Violet), Oprah Winfrey (Indigo/Violet), Tyra Banks (Violet/Royal Blue), Kelly Clarkson (Royal Blue/Violet), Betysy Johnson (High Fashion Designer), Rihanna - Singer (Emerald Green/Purple), Alessia Cara - Singer (Violet, Secondary Light Blue), Singer Demi Lovato (Royal Blue/Purple), Tamron Hall - Talk Show Host (Yellow, Secondary Purple) Helen Schucman (Violet), Daphne Guinness (Violet), Jinx Monsoon - Drag Queen Actor (Violet), Shannon Doherty -Actress (Green/Purple), Raven Simone (Yellow, Secondary Violet), Bianca Andreescu - Pro Tennis Player (Violet/Yellow), RuPaul TV Host, Drag Queen/Actor (Yellow/Gold, Secondary Violet), Amber Riley - Singer/Actress (Purple), Krysten Ritter (Lime Green, Secondary Violet), Alessia Cara - Singer/Artist (Royal Blue/Purple), Jameela Jamil - Actress (Purple/Royal Blue), Marisha Ray - Voice Actress/Creative Director/Dungeons & Dragons (Violet)

Lavender (rare): Imaginative, dream-like, ethereal, wallflowers, spiritual, pure, wise, loving, compassionate, sensitive, intuitive, delicate, blissful, sensitive, peaceful, content, heart-centered, great with kids, healing, nurturing.

Out of Alignment: fragile, recluse, weary, head-in-the-clouds, ungrounded, lost, solitary, floaty, senescence .

Health Problems: Memory loss, vision loss, scenile, doddery, unassertive, pushover, low willpower.

Jobs: Nannies, childcare workers, pre-school teachers, novelists, hospice care workers, babysitters, seamstresses, environmentalists, nature photographers, pet care workers,

Famous Lavenders (Not often in the public eye): Dita Von Teese - Burlesque Performer (Lavender), Tilda Swinton (Lavender, Silver), Juianna Marguilies - "ER," & "The Good Wife"(Lavender), Gwyneth Paltrow - Actress/CEO of GOOP (Yellow, Secondary Lavender), Ruby Bengal - Actress "Poldark" (Lavender), Dolores Cannon, Sosie Bacon (Crystal /Lavender), Maggie Smith - Actress "Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter" (Lavender)

Dark Purple can manifest as a secondary in people's field to compliment their primary nature. Purple is a color that exudes heart, compassion, spiritual power, and connectivity. Influential people with Deeper Purple tones in their aura— in addition to other colors— will always carry an inviting nature to their being. Purples are one of the most coveted auras in the aura specter. Purple carry a mystical and alluring quality, particularly to the Physical Auras (Red, Yellow, Orange, Loving Tan, Physical Tan), who don't typically possess the purple high vibrational nature. They have a visionary foresight and a self-belief (especially Violets) that people either admire, are inspired by, or are jealous of due to the nature of their unique magnetism.

Dark Purple on it's own sometimes indicates being unconscious in their personal, spiritual, and/or psychic power. Deep Purle often represents repressed emotion, struggle, or a disconnect from their true integrity. This cloudy purple will often times manifest when the clearer pure violet form of this energy is disempowered, blocked, or suppressed in some capacity. Often exhibiting features of a repressed Indigo. They tend to possess the same sort of deeply psychic and mentally perceptive qualities of violet and indigo without the ability to express it in a spiritually conscious or empowered way. The exalted purple aura is Violet. However Purple, along with Light Blue, often transition into the Indigo Aura frequency. Being that the colors blue and purple are similar, this indicates they resonate at similar frequencies, therefore their expressions are similar and/or go hand-in-hand.

  • A Violet aura that struggles with anxiety or depression for example may display as a darker purple tone.

  • A Violet that holds onto and identifies with their past will manifest more as a dark purple.

  • People with darker purple often have an intensity about them. Often characterized by a “powerful energy presence.” When that powerful psychic energy is exalted, it usually transitions to violet. Sometimes other “emotional/spiritual” colors like indigo crystal, or aquamarine, as well.

Indigo (rare): Absorbent, highly emotionally sensitive, evolved communication skills, alluring, higher ideas, perceptive, high consciousness, creatively fearless, vivid imagination, ether-like/otherworldly, ambiguous, emotionally psychic, wounded healers, natural spiritual teachers, wise, against-the-grain, out-of-the-box, punk-rock, emo, radical,new-thought leaders, artistic, directors, musicians, poets, channelers, gifted writers

Out of alignment: hold grudges, projection, overthinking, self-sabotage, self-doubt, slow learners, bad readers, overly emotional, angsty, alienated, loneliness, depression, anxiety.

Types of Health Problems: Anxiety, depression, eczema, nerve functioning, neurological conditions Types of Jobs: Self-Employment, Small-Business owners, Spiritual Teachers, Substance Abuse Counselor, AA Meeting Instructor, Writer, Freelancers, Emotional Musicians, Energy Intuitives, Psychic Channelers, Political Artists, Social Activists, Mental Health Practitioners, Social Workers, Art Therapists, Dark/Dense Indigo: Self-doubt, spiritually disconnected, grudges, projection, overthinking, self-sabotage, self-doubt, slow learners, bad readers, overly emotional, angsty, alienated, loneliness, depression, anxiety. Clear/Light Indigo: abundant, awakened, connected, aligned, evolved, balanced, spiritual visionary, evolved, non-conformists, original, prolific, perceptive. Famous Indigo: Byron Katie (Spiritual Writer), Oprah Winfrey (Indigo & Violet), Elliot Paige (Actor, Human Rights Advocate), Justin Theroux (Actor), Teal Swan (Spiritual Teacher, Writer), Allyson Stoner (Dancer, Actor, Child Advocate), Whitney Cummings (Writer, Comedian, Activist - Indigo/Yellow).

Pink Spectrum: Unconditional Love, Positivity, Radiance, Glamour

Pink: optimism, radiance, instinctive, positive, psychic, unconditionally loving, manifesting power, radiant, joy, compassion, enthusiasm, effervescence, glamourous, energy healers, chooses to only focus on beauty & light in the world

Out of Alignment: Naive, ungrounded, aloof, impulsive, insecure, whiny, pouty, over-ambitious.

Jobs for Pinks: Actors, Models, Makeup Artists, Cosmetologists, Dermatologists, Singers, Psychics, Mediums, Energy Healers, Speakers, Stylists, Drag Queens, Dermatologists, Cosmetologists, Entrepreneurs, Choreographers, Hairstylists, Dancers, Exercise Instructors, Life Coaches, Motivational Coaches, Zumba Instructors

Health Problems: Thyroid, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease, Lupus, Endometriosis, Fertility Struggles.

Famous Pink Auras: Cardi B - Rapper, Kim Kardashian - Reality Star/Cosmetics Entrepreneur, Marilyn Monroe (Hollywood Icon), Selena Quintanilla - Singer, Mariah Carey - Singer/Entrepreneur (Pink, Yellow), Courtney Love - Singer, Anna Nicole Smith, Vanessa Williams - Beauty Pageant Winner

Magenta: Fun, eccentric, big personality, sensitive, psychic, spiritually aware, healing through joy, funny, artistic, expressiveness, beauty, glamour, passion, enthusiasm, vigor.

Out of alignment: Loud, dramatic, obnoxious, overbearing, domineering, presumptuous, opinionated, arrogant, pushy, overwhelming.

Health Problems: Sleep apnea, diabetes, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, HIV, skin rashes, atopic dermatitis, muscle aches, genital infections

Famous Magenta: Serena Williams (Red Secondary Magenta) Rihanna (Royal Blue/Magenta), Andy Warhol, Heather B. - Sway in the Morning (Magenta)

Baby Pink: innocence, sweet, love, purity, gentle, cute, sweetness, sensitive, psychic. Often a adaptation color to the existing colors in the field.

Often seen as adaptation colors in children, young girls, or very elderly people. Famous Baby Pink: Jemma Mays - Actress (Lime Green/Baby Pink) Jenny Boyd -Actress (Yellow/Baby Pink) Kurt Hummel - Glee Actor, Author (Royal Blue/Green, Secondary Baby Pink), Tyler Henry - "The Hollywood Medium" (Yellow, Secondary Baby Pink), Adam Lambert - Singer/Performer (Green, Secondary Baby Pink), Ashley Johnson - Voice Actress/Dungeons & Dragons (Yellow, Secondary Baby Pink)

Peach: Friendly, Flirty Essence

Lilac: Creative, Kind

Lavender: Wise, Gentle

Baby Pink: Sweet, Open-hearted

Hot Pink: Radiant, Glamorous, Confidence

With Love, Cody Singh

Selena Quintanilla - Singer (Pink)

Dita Von Teese (Lavender/Violet)

Oprah Winfrey - CEO & Chairwoman of OWN, Activist, Talk Show Host, Spiritual Thinker (Indigo/Violet)

Courtney Love - Singer/Songwriter (Pink)

Ariana Grande - Singer/Songwriter (Violet)

Prince - Singer/Producer (Violet/Green)

Demi Lovato - Singer/Songwriter/Activist (Royal Blue/Violet)

RuPaul Andre Charles (Yellow/Magenta)

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