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💗Pink Auras

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Pink Aura People (Part of "Purple Spectrum" (See Article). If you don’t see Aura Colors, you can FEEL them. It is energy each and every one of us picks up in some capacity. While many are visually sensitive to auras, most all call FEEL vibe of another human being. That vibe has a color.

Pink people are rare as adults, and very high frequency beings. Along with other Purple Spectrum Colors, Pink is a Spiritual/Emotional Aura color. Their high vibrational nature makes them have a heightened intuitive sense, most often running on instincts above all else. What I have noticed about pink people is that they are so tuned into the positive and light in the world they are naturally AMAZING manifesters. They have a natural charisma and infectiously persuasive nature to their personality, which IS gift. A gift provided by their Pink nature.

Britney Spears (Pink Secondary Violet)

Their aloof head-in-the-clouds mentality may often be taken for naivety, however you will quickly find that they someone always find a way to get what they want. Despite their lack of conventional or linear thinking, they have a relentless inner belief others may project onto them as arrogance or self-absorption. Yet, somehow, they always find a way to make it work.

Mariah Carey (Pink/Yellow)

Bright Pink people are often into glamour, cosmetics, literally PINK the color, make-up, sparkles. It makes them feel vibrant and ALIVE. Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Courtney Love all have Pink in strongly in their aura. They often have a secret talent. Because of their high frequency nature, they are close to Source energy. Which makes them able to channel Source into talents.

They can often be criticized as being escapists. In denial or "head in the clouds" type of people. Some people find them obnoxious or attention seeking. However this is part of their high vibrational nature. They are tuned into the beauty and light in the world and they don’t know any other way. They would be IMBALANCED actually if they weren’t like that.

When out of alignment, they can be naive. When in alignment, they are POWERFUL passive manifesters. Things just come to them easier because that is how their thought system is organized within their minds. That is the way they have constructed reality in their minds. And law of attraction is responding to that. Law of attraction understands that we create our reality from the inside out. Not the outside in. It starts in the mind. And that is the gift of Pink Manifesters. They are dreamers AND believers.

Marilyn Monroe (Pink)

Pinks are often used to others overlooking them as unintelligent or over-sexualized. But Pinks are very gifted individuals. And it goes to show, there are genuinely people in the world who are different than you. That operate differently. Think differently. People that respond to the world & others differently than you may have previously had context to understand. This is one of the benefits of knowing people's Aura Aolors. It really does help you understand them more, and eliminates a lot of your own projection, as well. We all have a different way of operating and functioning. It can give us a glimpse into another persons world and help cultivate an empathy and connection that wasn't there prior. ~You expand your heart, you expand your mind, you expand your LIFE.~

Pinks will distract you away from your troubles and pain with their light and bubbly nature. And you WILL be drawn in. They have big hearts and wear it on their sleeves. They ONLY see the good in the world. Optimism is synonymous with pink people.

They are strong willed though. And will somehow ALWAYS get their way in the end.

Kim Kardashian (Pink)

Most pinks are children but they transition out of it. (Which is sad that society does that to people. That Pink’s don’t really fit in the world so much as adults. It is a marker of how far away our mainstream world is from accepting authenticity in ALL forms, instead of just your own form.)

Here are some identifiable famous people for you guys to contiune practice seeing/feeling and identifying the colors of in others.

Selena Quintanilla - Singer (Pink)

💗Britney Spears (Pink, Secondary Violet)

💗Mariah Carey (Pink, Yellow)

💗Kim Kardashian (Pink, Purple) 💗Marilyn Monroe (Pink) 💗Selena Quintanilla - Singer

💗Courtney Love - Singer

💗Vanessa Williams - Miss America 1984

💗Pink: optimism, radiance, instinctive, positive, psychic, unconditionally loving, manifesting power, radiant, joy, compassion, enthusiasm, effervescence, glamourous, energy healers, chooses to only focus on beauty & light in the world

Out of Alignment: Naive, ungrounded, aloof, impulsive, insecure, whiny, pouty, over-ambitious.

Jobs for Pinks: Actors, Models, Makeup Artists, Cosmetologists, Dermatologists, Singers, Psychics, Mediums, Energy Healers, Speakers, Stylists, Drag Queens, Dermatologists, Cosmetologists, Entrepreneurs, Choreographers, Hairstylists, Dancers, Exercise Instructors, Life Coaches, Motivational Coaches, Zumba Instructors

Health Problems: Thyroid, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease, Lupus, Endometriosis, Fertility Struggles.

Famous Pink Auras: Mariah Carey - Singer/Entrepreneur, Cardi B - Rapper, Kim Kardashian - Reality Star/Cosmetics Entrepreneur, Marilyn Monroe (Hollywood Icon), Selena Quintanilla - Singer, Courtney Love - Singer, Vanessa Williams - Beauty Pageant Winner

🧞‍♀️Magenta: Fun, eccentric, big personality, sensitive, psychic, spiritually aware, healing through joy, funny, artistic, expressiveness, beauty, glamour, passion, enthusiasm, vigor.

Out of alignment: Loud, dramatic, obnoxious, overbearing, domineering, presumptuous, opinionated, arrogant, pushy, overwhelming.

Health Problems: Sleep apnea, diabetes, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, HIV, skin rashes, atopic dermatitis, muscle aches, genital infections

Famous Magenta: Rihanna (Royal Blue/Magenta), Andy Warhol, Lady Camden/Rex Wheeler

🌸Baby Pink: innocence, sweet, love, purity, gentle, cute, sweetness, sensitive, psychic. Often a adaptation color to the existing colors in the field— most often in children, young girls, or very elderly people.

Famous Baby Pink: Jemma Mays - Actress (Lime Green/Baby Pink) Jenny Boyd -Actress (Yellow/Baby Pink) Kurt Hummel - Glee Actor, Author (Royal Blue/Green, Secondary Baby Pink), Tyler Henry - "The Hollywood Medium" (Yellow, Secondary Baby Pink), Adam Lambert - Singer/Performer (Green, Secondary Baby Pink), Ashley Johnson - Voice Actress/Dungeons & Dragons (Yellow, Secondary Baby Pink)

Pink Family Frequencies:

Peach: Friendly, Flirty Essence

Lilac: Creative, Kind

Lavender: Wise, Gentle

Baby Pink: Sweet, Open-hearted

Hot Pink: Radiant, Glamorous, Confidence

With Love,

Cody Singh

Popular colors and general meanings:

❤️Red people: Power, strong, leaders, pride, passionate, direct, practical, sexual, tough, robust, physically fit 💛Yellow people: Motivated, enthusiasm, social, vigor, perfectionist, determined, fun, up-beat 💚Green people: Organized, systematic, factual, logical, soothing, balanced, grounded, achiever, hard working. 💜Purple (Violet) people: Powerful, spiritual, visionaries, free spirit, spontaneous, artistic, leadership, compassion, intuitive, magical, magnetic, motivational, purposeful, charismatic 🌀Indigo people: Absorbent, deep, high consciousness, alluring, strong-willed, wisdom, resilience, wounded healers, evolved communication skills, emotionally psychic, Starseeds. 💙Light Blue people: Sensitive, empathic, communication, self-expression, empathetic, motherly, caring, supportive, intuitive, nurturing 🔵Royal Blue: Bold, virtues, stability, secure, dignity, confidence, diplomatic . 💗Pink: Manifesting power, optimistic, chooses to only focus on beauty & light in the world 🧡Orange: Warm, inspiring, sociable, charming, action oriented, risk taking, confident, chill, sensual, adventuresome 🤍Crystal: Prismatic/reflective color. Self-reflective, chameleons, organized, artists, natural healers, empaths, ethereal, calm, mentally quick, carry other people’s colors often. Make many friends. Adapt well. Very rarely become public figures. Often Starseeds. Otherworldly presence. With Love, Cody Singh

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