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🌟 Tarot Reading & Channeling: June 10th, 2024

Close your eyes, center your mind, and select one card. Set the intention to be guided by Light.

Results Below! ⬇️

Card 1: The High Priestess (Reversed)


“Disconnect from your intuition, hidden agendas, potential harm, withdraw, selfishness, and misunderstandings” may be clouding your current state.

It seems that you are experiencing a blockage in your intuition at this time, making it challenging to tap into the subtle energies surrounding you. This may leave you feeling isolated or struggling to connect with both yourself and others.

To overcome this, it is essential to reestablish a connection with your spirituality. By returning to the fundamentals and incorporating a daily spiritual practice into your routine, you can realign with your intuition. Whether it involves immersing yourself in nature, engaging in creative activities like painting, or practicing meditation, these practices with consistency can develop momentum in your ability to quiet your mind and allow your intuition to flow freely.

By tapping into this Source Energy, you may experience a newfound clarity of thought and receive insights or inspiration that have previously eluded you. This energy has the power to guide your cells towards alignment with the collective harmony of your physical being. Remember, as interconnected beings within the universe, aligning ourselves allows us to serve the greater good of all.

Embracing your intuitive nature through this source energy ensures that your actions are in alignment with your highest good and that of the collective. Trust in this process, allow the High Priestess to guide you, and open yourself to the messages that the universe is sending your way on your spiritual journey.

Card 2 Queen of Pentacles (Upright)

“Protective, generous, motherly, providing financially, nurturing, practical”

As someone as down-to-earth as you, your caregiving nature not only energizes you but also provides a profound sense of purpose. Engaging in acts of service becomes a sacred ritual that unlocks the flow of divine love within your being. Yes it can be a lot at times, but ultimately being in that responsible role makes you feel a sense of purpose at this time. Your innate maternal intuition serves as a gateway to aligning with your higher self, opening your heart center, and harmonizing your energy with the universe.

As an extension of the Universe, your heart acts as a channel of Source Energy. When our heart’s channel is blocked, we will manifest disharmony in our relationships, ill health, and/or misfortune in various aspects of our lives. For you, the key to unlocking more peace lies in acts of service, charity, and giving, which not only attune you to the collective consciousness but also deepen your connection to the universal energy that permeates all existence. It is your loving and nurturing nature that brings balance in alignment not only to you, but to those around you.

By caring for your loved ones or simply maintaining the household with love and compassion, you become attuned to the abundance and prosperity around you. The gentle breeze, the laughter of children outside, a full kitchen, the smiles of those dear to you, and the handsome sun and his rays all serve as signs that you are in alignment with the supportive energies of the Universe. Through a focus on charity, generosity, and compassionate care, you will witness the resolution of conflicts, the emergence of solutions, and the revelation of hidden blessings that restore balance to your home, alleviate stress, and enhance your overall mental and physical well-being. Trust in the guidance of the Universe as you embark on this journey of love and service.

Card 3: 3 of Pentacles (Horizontal)

Summary: Triplicity, Expression, Expansion of the Idea, Growth, Initial Stages of Completion

The Three of Pentacles in a horizontal position suggests a commitment to teamwork or partnership in achieving a shared objective. This collaboration may pertain to your professional endeavors or personal relationships, indicating a period of growth and impending prosperity. Your collective efforts have brought you to the brink of new opportunities, bringing you closer to your goals than you may have realized.

While there is a dedication to working together, occasional disconnects may arise. For instance, there might be hesitancy in introducing new ideas that challenge your partner's vision for the future, leading to a sense of discord. Despite sharing common aspirations, differences in approaches can create tension. During moments of misalignment, ego-driven responses such as competitiveness, disagreements, or frustration may surface. It is crucial to recognize that effective communication is essential in fostering understanding and alignment. Openly sharing your thoughts and emotions is key to bridging any gaps and achieving mutual understanding.

Remember that you are all part of the same team, striving towards a unified goal. Identifying and addressing emotional disconnects within the group can pave the way for a cohesive path forward. Acknowledging and appreciating each other's contributions and perspectives, while also addressing any feelings of being unheard or undervalued, can help mitigate potential conflicts. By fostering a culture of appreciation and open communication, you can navigate through challenges and work collectively towards shared success. 🌟If you feel resonance, I kindly invite you to subscibe to my free Newsletter for more channeled messages of guidance! Not to mention discounted offers on Sessions, Frequency Art, and Light Language Songs, and more! Sign up by leaving your email on the bottom of this page where it says "Subscribe Form"

With Love,

Cody & Team of Light ✨

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