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The Indigo Aura

Updated: Apr 25

The Indigo Aura - Rare Aura Color.

Indigo (rare): Absorbent, emotionally sensitive, evolved communication skills, introverted, alluring, perceptive, introspective, unique, high consciousness, creative, vivid imagination, ether-like/otherworldly, ambiguous, emotionally psychic, wounded healers, natural spiritual teachers, wise, against-the-grain, out-of-the-box, new-thought leaders, radical, artistic, directors, musicians, poets, channelers, gifted writers, challenge norms & paradigms.

Indigos are introspective in nature. Like other blue spectrum colors, they are absorbent. Absorbent of emotions, absorbent of environments, and absorbent learners, as well. They ABSORB information.

This makes them well cut out for writing, music, and arts due to their sharpened sense of FEELING. They are able to artfully and intellectually interpret and translate feelings & energies into expressions.

They spend an entire life stewing on their injustices to one day take a stand and put an end to that fight. They will not sleep until it is accomplished. However they are not “fighters” like the reds (red aura people). Where reds bulldoze, Indigos infiltrate. They fight with consciousness. They fight with emotional intelligence. They are thorough and they aim to dismantle outdated systems that continue to affect our world.

Indigo's tend to not drop it. Meaning, yes, they tend to hold grudges. But it is for a greater cause. It is for the collective good of all. They are here to take a stand. Whereas some other aura colors have a greater ability to put the past behind them, indigos don’t WANT to even if they could. Because they believe they must use it in order to prevail for themselves and the world at large.

Oprah Winfrey - Talk Show Host, SuperSoul Sunday Host, Chairman of OWN - (Indigo Secondary Violet)

Indigos will internalize things more. A red or yellow person tend to be a different pace. Parties and social events can be a lot for Indigos. They tend to take things the wrong way especially with people who are very direct and unemotional in how they carry themselves. Indigos hate small talk. And if you are not emotionally connected as you're speaking to them, they will probably be hurt by you. And then write a whole piece for the Huffington Post about people who lack empathy. Whether they are justified in this or not. Whether that person meant to hurt them or not, everything they experience as an excuse to start a conversation and invite social awareness and consciousness to important causes in the world.

Indigos love shadow work and are the best at it. Huge proponents of therapy. They are healers and are emotionally psychic. They will pick up on the fluctuations of your energy often before you do. And they will calculate what to tell you in a very intuitive and emotionally intelligent way before you realized they even were thinking of you at all. For this reason they make a really excellent psycho-analysts.

Byron Katie - Spiritual/Self-Help Writer (Indigo)

They tend to gravitate to corners and dimly lit spaces and appear to be loners sometimes (contrasting to the physical aura colors i.e. reds, yellows, oranges). However they are just deep in thought and contemplation.

They often have a deep affinity for the moon. People tend to say they feel and look like old souls and wounded healers. And that is partly because they are usually Starseeds. Evolved souls often new to this planet. And their eyes. Perhaps it is perceptual in nature, but the indigos have such distinctive deep alluring eyes. You be the judge. Each photo here is a person with an indigo color aura. For you to FEEL and see the energetics nature of indigo energy. Because auras are not just seen. They are felt.

At this point in time, Indigos are rare to find in the public eye. If they can find alignment with themselves and their highly critical beliefs about the way mainstream society & media and the world at large is constructed and operated, they can become some of the most influential and impactful leaders of new consciousness & positive shifts our world has ever known. And it is because of the coupling of both their consciousness AND warrior within that can create powerful change.

Selma Blair - Actress/M.S. Survivor & Activist (Indigo)

Indigos often have random talents. Because of their high vibrational nature, they are able to channel source energy through moments of convergence of their soul’s and source energy. Eclipsing in moments with source can be attributed what people refer to as being “in the zone.” Where incredible things happen. The right phrase of words are summoned in the right moment for a speaker. An athlete will score a goal with the odds stacked against them. A singer will hit a high note with no effort at all. This is all Source Energy. Hooking into Source Energy to leverage your actions and creations. Indigos do this often when they are in alignment. When out of alignment, they can isolate big time. Indigos tend to feel like outsiders.

Elliot Page - Actor/Producer/Human Rights Activist (Indigo)

An indigo will live their best life if they prioritize authenticity, integrity, and alignment with their energy and spiritual nature.

They can be found in mostly all professions but primarily writing, activism, spiritual teaching, psychology, mental health care instructing social work, music & teaching music, artist with a message.

Almost everyone has at least two aura colors. The second aura color enables Índigos to navigate other jobs and social environments, while maintaining their indigo nature and evolved consciousness.

Consciousness needs to infiltrate all communities, not just a conscious spiritual community. So the Indigo's are everywhere now. And we are growing up. 🌌

Out of Alignment: hold grudges, projection, overthinking, self-sabotage, self-doubt, slow learners, bad readers, overly emotional, angsty, alienated, loneliness, depression, anxiety.

Types of Health Problems: Anxiety,

depression, eczema, nerve functioning, neurological conditions

Types of Jobs: Spiritual Teachers, Hair Stylists, Mixologists, Songwriters, Substance Abuse Counselor, AA Meeting Instructor, Writer, Tattoo Artists, Freelancers, Emotional Musicians, Energy Intuitives, Self-Employment, Small-Business Owners, Psychic Channelers, Political Artists, Clairvoyants, Social Activists, Mental Health Practitioners, Social Workers, Art Therapists.

Dark/Dense Indigo: Self-doubt, spiritually disconnected, grudges, projection, overthinking, self-sabotage, self-doubt, slow learners, bad readers, overly emotional, angsty, alienated, loneliness, depression, anxiety.

Clear/Light Indigo: abundant, awakened, connected, aligned, evolved, balanced, spiritual visionary, evolved, non-conformists, original, prolific, perceptive

Common Indigo Auric Conditions:

🟡Yellow Spheres (top of aura): Associated with intellectual enrichment because indigos love to absorb information

🟢Green Spheres: they are natural healers and bright green will show up when they are channeling healing energy. 🔺Geometry: due to their otherworldly nature, geometric forms manifest around indigo's often. This usually signifies extraterrestrial connections and or activating/healing energy codes. ⚫️Voids: because a lot of indigo suffer greatly, I see voids in a lot of disempowered indigos. Or dark spots which are less severe.

🦑Tentacles: Codependency creates tentacles. Usually found in children with separation anxiety. But many times found in sensitive people, not just indigos. Also associated with the psychic vampirism.

🌫Fissures: Emotional trauma, psychic injuries.

Famous Indigos:

Byron Katie (Spiritual Writer), Oprah Winfrey - CEO, TV Host, Activist, Spiritual Thinker (Indigo/Violet), Osho - Spiritual Guru (Indigo) Selma Blair - Actress, M.S. Survivor/Activist (Indigo), Elliot Paige - Actor, Human Rights Advocate (Indigo), Dalai Lama - Spiritual Teacher, Coco Gauff - Tennis Player/Activist (Indigo), (Indigo) Teal Swan - Ritual Abuse Activist, Spiritual Thinker/Writer, Energy Reader (Indigo), Noel Fielding - Actor/Artist/Comedian Host "Great British Baking Show", Allyson Stoner -Dancer, Actor, Child Advocate (Indigo), Kristen Stewart - Actress (Indigo), Justin Theroux - Actor, Filmmaker , Michael Jackson - Singer/Dancer, Katy Perry - Singer/Songwriter, Justin Theroux - Actor, Whitney Cummings Writer, Comedian, Adyashanti (Spiritual Teacher, Writer), Activist (Indigo/Green), Jeremy Scott (Fashion Designer), Cory Feldman (Actor, Activist), Jac Vanek - Clothing Designer (Indigo/Yellow), Chelsea Lee (Indigo, Secondary Aquamarine) Trever Noah - TV Host, Political Activist (Indigo/Yellow), Adore Delano (Drag Queen), Raja - Make-Up Artist, Darren Criss - Actor (Indigo/Yellow/Green), Caroline Myss - Spiritual Teacher/ Energy Reader, Matthew Mercer - Voice Actor/Dungeons & Dragons GM (Indigo-Blue/Green),Talieson Jaffe - Voice Actor, Dungeons & Dragons Player (Indigo), Elizabeth Ludlow - Actress (Indigo), Mark Ballas - Ballroom Dancer/DWTS Choreographer (Indigo), Mark Antoine - Fashion Designer (Indigo), Justin Bobby - "The Hills" Hair Stylist (Indigo)

Dalai Lama - Monk/Spiritual Teacher (Indigo)

Adyashanti - Spiritual Teacher (Indigo)

Corey Feldman - Child Actor/Child Sexual Abuse Whistleblower/Child Rights Activist/Musician (Indigo)

Jeremy Scott - Fashion Designer (Indigo)

Joaquin Phoenix - Actor/Animal Rights Activist (Indigo)

Katy Perry - Singer (Indigo, Pink Overlay)

Justin Theroux - Actor (Indigo)

Cynthia Erivo - Actress/Singer/Tony Award Winner (Violet, Secondary Indigo)

Adore Delano - Singer/Artist/Drag Queen (Indigo)

Noel Fielding - "The Great British Baking Show" Host/Comedian/Actor (Indigo)

Elizabeth Ludlow - Actress (Indigo)

Aiden Turner - Actor "Poldark" (Indigo)

Kristen Stewart - Actress (Indigo)

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