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💚Green Auras & How To Connect With Them

Updated: Apr 25

📗Green Auras (A "Mental" Aura Color) love learning new things and mastering new skills. They are organizational and structural in their approach— in which they breakdown information they are receiving. They compartmentalize things and assess it like a puzzle. They often organize their lives like this, as well (when in alignment in their lives).. They linear thinkers in the sense that they will build and create their visions from the bottom up. As opposed to Violet aura people who have a vision and a passion and flow of energy that charges through powerful truth, integrity, and intention to whatever they do. Leveraging your truth and integrity in anything you do is an actual physical force in the universe that will support your manifestation.

🍏 Many Greens thrive in Technology and in Data Analysis. These computer-oriented individuals will utilize this skillset to assist their organizational and often entrepreneurial mindsets. Not to mention Video Gamers! Many Greens thrive in the very popular Video Gaming community online. They are typically at the tops of the leaderboards as intelligent mental strategists who are competitive and technologically savvy as heck. Even at a young age!

Alyson Hannigan - Actress (Lime Green)

✅Emerald Greens know how to buckle down and do what they have to do to succeed. Even if it is at the expense of their emotional well-being. This can cause them to feel lonely at times. Greens can be so self-sufficient that they often forget how to allow people in emotionally.

✳️Greens are known to have Star Power. Their aura gives off an air of success and prestige. Casting Directors and Entrepreneurs unconsciously seek out green aura people as they know they are magnets for success, popularity, and adoration.

💚That being said, green people are Healing nature.. Particularly Lime Green. The green energy corresponds to the heart chakra. So what is unique about them is that although they are mental beings and highly intellectual or computer-savvy, Lime Greens are emotionally and creatively aware. For this reason, green people often have better boundaries than the emotional colors (such as the blue and purple spectrum.) Lime Green also corresponds to creativity. Lime Greens often prefer working on projects that they are enjoying. (Similar to the Yellow/Green Aura Combination).

🟩Green people like to feel useful. They are most in balance when teaching people something. They love making use of the information they know. They are intellectuals and do not like to be outsmarted. They like to be the one who has the information to share. They do not like to be proven wrong or being the last to know things. They can become overly fixated on problems and not rest until it is fixed.

🌱🦋The healing aspect of green people lends to the aquamarine traits which I consider green spectrum AND blue spectrum, as it shares some of both traits. We have to remember that aura colors vibrate at different speeds. Reds and oranges and yellows are slower speeds. Blues purples crystals are faster speeds. Tans and greens are mid-speed. So naturally the energies that vibrates similarly, share similar traits.

🐬Aquamarines are healers vibrationally. Reiki healers, herbalists, these people have an ability to manage the practical aspects of being human while tapped into very high consciousnesses. They are channels of the divine but what is unique about them is their ability to stay grounded here in the physical world and still grasp a very tangible and physical understanding of this world relative to their crystal and indigo counterparts. Aquamarines are very soothing and wise ancient healing souls typically.

🌱Lime Greens will connect with people through nature, as well. One thing that is interesting about their aura is when I watch a green person in nature, their energy really immerses itself as one with the forest. They will love hiking and will be your guide as well, in the sense that they are a wealth of knowledge. Their knowledge offers a sense of security too many people. Lime Greens are more inclined to plant-based diets and natural homeopathic lifestyles than Forest Green, for example. Forest Greens connect with nature in a more physical way, enjoying more hiking, camping, or Wildlife Biology and immersive research.

🟢Emerald Greens like to accomplish big things. Wherever they may find themselves in life, there is a competitive aspect of them that wants to be better than their rivals. They climb ladders and achieve goals. Whether it is within their families, their jobs, in the gym,or their social circles, or even video games. If you ever wondered what color auras the people at the top of the leaderboard of those video games in arcades, they are probably green people. Gamers, hackers, tech people, are very common green aura people, as well.

🐸 Most Greens will know random facts about things in random situations. Like random engineering facts on a hunch. Or how to fix your Wi-Fi or computer when it is not working right. In arts, green people tend to be very regimented. They are breaking down and interpreting music mentally first and then incorporating the emotion after. They will love music. They will also love activities connecting them with their mind and body.

🌳Forest Greens tend to be the more physical of the Mental Greens. Often into activities such as are sometimes into yoga and/or tantra. They often prefer to be instructing the class, as opposed to being taught it. Greens do not like to be the teacher, not the student. Their egos lie in their mental or intellectual strength.

💵 Emerald Greens I like to call “Money Greens” sometimes. Their auras literally look like the color of the American Dollar 💸. Particularly when combined with the Mental Tan aura color (Bill Gates - Green, Mental Tan) And, yes, they are literally a channel for money in their lives. These Greens are often Politicians, as well. Let us distinguish however, being a channel of money is not necessarily a channel for well-being, love, and balance in life. Aligned Intention behind the acquisition of the sum of money is what determines the level of well-being you experience in your life.

🧩The Green people are in this world to complete things. Whereas other aura colors accomplish out of survival or fun, greens will stop at nothing until they finish what they started. At times, even at the expense of their emotional health. Violets and yellows tend to stop when they lose interest. Greens will persist and prevail.

🟢While auras have many functions, Aura Colors indicate the unique way your energy uniquely interprets and mentally translates Source Energy that flows through you. Green people will receive the Source energy and the information it holds and channel that into achieving goals and analyzing data and information, and/or achieving success.

☘️The Source Energy they receive is interpreted and translated into ideas that often turns into large scale projects or visions for themselves more so than any aura colors are capable of following through and accomplishing. They truly have a gift for winning at life. At least from the outside looking in…

💚Although Greens are known as a Mental Aura color, they are heart beings, even when they at times feel disconnected from it. Greens with more healing touch to them tend to be brighter in color (Lime Green/Yellowish Green). Greens that tend to be more scientific or even grounded are darker and more earthy colored. 🤎

❇️It is important to know that aura colors are a lot more than traits. So not every Green person will exhibit all of these traits mentioned here. However, it is the expression of the green energy that produces that's very unique way of operating in the world that lends to many of the things described above. This is a template and rule of thumb. The capacity of the human aura is far more than these traits or even just the aura colors.

💚Famous Green Auras:

Queen Elizabeth II (Royal Blue/Emerald Green)

Ryan Seacrest - TV Host, Producer (Royal Blue/Emerald Green)

Krysten Ritter - Actress/Model/Producer (Lime Green, Secondary Violet)

Mark Zuckerberg (Lime Green) - CEO of Facebook

Hoda Kotb (Emerald Green) - Today's Show Host

Irving Azoff - Entertainment Executive/Manager/Chairman (Emerald Green)

Ted Danson - Actor "Cheers" "The Good Place" (Emerald Green Secondary Royal Blue )

Christian Siriano - Fashion Designer (Lime Green/Yellow)

Alyson Hannigan - Actress Buffy (Lime Green)

Lily Collins - Actress "Emily in Paris" (Lime Green)

DanTDM - Richest YouTuber Video Gamer (Lime Green)

Warren Buffet (CEO, Billionaire Investor (Emerald Green) "Dollar Bill Green"

Alicia Keys - Singer/Songwriter/Producer (Primary Emerald Green, Secondary Royal Blue)

Bradley Cooper - Actor/Director (Primary Royal Blue, Forest Green)

Jeff Bezos - Billionaire founder and chairman of Amazon (Emerald Green, Secondary Mental Tan)

Bill Gates - Billionaire Software Developer & CEO of Microsoft (Primary Emerald Green/Mental Tan, Secondary Royal Blue)

Rihanna - Singer/Fenty Beauty Entrepreneur (Emerald Green/Purple)

Gal Gadot - Green/Loving Tan (Actress - Wonder Woman)

Stephen Colbert - Late Night TV Host/Actor (Green/Royal Blue)

Harrison Ford - Physical Tan (Tan Yellow with Forest Green exterior), Secondary Violet -Actor

Lea Michele - Actress/Broadway Singer (Green, Secondary Royal Blue)

Travis Willingham - Voice Actor/CEO of Critical Role (Emerald Green/Royal Blue)

LeBron James - Basketball Player (Red, Secondary Forest Green)

Donald Trump (Emerald Green/Red)

DanTDM - Video Game Player (Lime Green)

Warren Buffet (CEO, Billionaire Investor (Emerald Green) "Dollar Bill Green"

Alicia Keys - Singer (Emerald Green, Secondary Violet)

Krysten Ritter - Actress (Violet, Secondary Lime Green)

Bradley Cooper - Actor (Royal Blue/Green)

Mark Zuckerberg - CEO of Facebook (Lime Green)

Elon Musk - CEO/Billionaire Investor (Emerald Green Secondary Violet)

Lea Michele - Actress/Glee Singer (Lime Green/Royal Blue)

Ryan Seacrest - TV Host (Royal Blue/Emerald Green)

Larry Page - Billionaire Computer Scientist, Internet Entrepreneur (Lime Green)

Jeff Bezos - Billionaire CEO of Amazon (Emerald Green)

Venus Williams - Tennis Star (Forest Green)

Lily Collins - Actress "Emily in Paris" (Lime Green Secondary Royal Blue)

Ted Danson - Actor "Cheers" "The Good Place" (Emerald Green Secondary Royal Blue)

Christian Siriano - Fashion Designer (Lime Green/Yellow)

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