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The Crystal Aura 💎

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Description of Crystal Aura People (Very Rare Aura Color):

Bjork - Singer/Artist (Crystal Aura)

Crystal (clear colored/prismatic): sensitive, natural healers, empathic, chameleons, articulate, artistic, creative, ethereal, calm, nice, descriptive, mutable, mentally quick, shifters, transmute energy, adaptive, shapeshifters, patient, wise, channelers, psychic, mediums, perceptive, attuned, keen, refreshing, minute, often starseeds, otherworldly presence, alien-like, futuristic-feeling.

Out of Alignment: codependent, clingy, bipolar, two-faced, struggle with identity, delicate, over-sensitive, panicky, ungrounded, turbulent, unpredictable, unstable.

Types of Health Problems: Dyslexia, Autoimmune disorders, Thyroid Problems, Skin Disorders, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID/MPD), Grave’s Disease, Neurological Dysfunction, Down Syndrome Tourette syndrome, Hashimoto's Disease, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cerebral Palsy, Anemia, Sickle Cell Disease.

Types of Crystal Delineations:

Glistening: Inspired, blissful, joyous, enigmatic, enthusiastic, creative

Solid Prism: esteemed, secure, good boundaries, authoritative, strong sense of self, aligned assertiveness, disciplined

Softer/Bleeding Edges: poor boundaries, does not trust themself, under the influence of someone or substance, hiding, invisible, blending in.

Rainbow (Rainbow Colored Prismatic Crystal) : balanced, confident, direct, healer, leader, emotionally secure, well-rounded, wise, intuitive, authoritative, whole, psychic, spiritually aware, versatile, influential. Jobs for Crystals: Childcare Worker, Art Therapist, Painter, Fashion Designer, Novelist, Seamstress, Self-Help Writer, Doula, Vocal Technician, Channelers, Psychic Mediums, Energy Healers, Pianists, Fashion Designers, Make-Up Artists, Sculptor, Elementary School Teacher, Gardener, Biologist, Marine Biologist, Dog Walker, Animal Rescue Worker, Substance Abuse Counselor, Jewelry Designer, Special Education/Needs Teacher, Spiritual Teacher.

*The thing about Crystals is they are unique in every field they are in. Part of their nature is their chameleon quality. They assume the energy of their environment or of those they interact with. They have a heightened ability of unconsciously pulling in secondary energies (aura colors) within their already clear and prismatic aura, in order to adapt and blend in. That being said, all crystals are incredibly psychic and intuitive. They have a high consciousness that almost removes them from the thickness of conflict. If there is a fight or conflict they are involved in, they are usually the person who can recognize the conflict but go unblamed. They are not usually targets, they don't draw a lot of attention, and people tend to want to protect them because they feel good having them around. Like Aquamarines, they have a very naturally healing presence and it is very easy to like them (even if they don't like you back). That being said, Crystals are gentle souls with enigmatic power. They are kind enough to give you a shot. As opposed to many Reds or Greens may not give you the time of day unless it is in their best interest.

They have an ability of becoming invisible in social environments so as to not be in the line of fire. They are very good at the thwarting conflict. It seems to slip right past them. Their consciousness usually keeps them from participating in aggression or violence against others. They are not a vibrational match (via law of attraction) and are typically the last people to resort to that. Crystals are passive beings. Wallflowers even. And like most wallflowers, they have a secret gift. They are often the unsung hero because their gift often requires a higher consciousness to recognize it.

All crystals are not created equally. Because of their chameleon like quality, although some may appear sensitive, others may appear confident and outgoing. Whatever they have a passion for, they will adopt the energy (aura color) required for them to see that intention through. For this reason, many crystals are in disguise. Appearing with other colors in their field despite still being contained within their clear prismatic aura.


Crystals are most compatible in friendships with Violets, Lavenders, Aquamarine, Light Blue, and of course, Indigos. Indigos and Crystals are like peanut butter and jelly. They tend to compliment each others unique sensibilities while still possessing the high sensitivity and perceptivity levels required to connect to one on other on the emotionally intelligent level they both naturally possess.

Crystals are prismatic. Clear and reflective quality. They look like compounded geometric prisms when in alignment. When out of alignment, they can often be mistaken to be other aura colors. The is due to their tendency to pull in and assume other energy forms around them in order to adapt. This is why we call that an Adaptation color (otherwise known as a "Secondary" color).

The reason why extraterrestrial beings like to come down as humans in the form of crystal auras is because it is one of the only energetic structures with the capacity to withhold the consciousness, perceptibility, mutability, and high vibrational nature of these evolved beings carry.

All auras do this. Adapt. Adaptation colors are common and work environment or social situations that require you to wear what we call overlays or "masks" to upkeep the egos identity that person is identified with.

For example, a lot of girls wear a pink overlay in social settings with other females or males they are trying to impress. Some do it a socialite trend. The “LA” type. That pink is not often authentic to them. For some it is authentic (see Pink Aura blog). Paris Hilton, Cardi B, and Dolly Parton all have authentic life colors of pink in their fields. Katie Perry is Indigo, often with a Pink Overlay.

A lot of guys wear masked red. Those are the guys who buff out their chests or go to the gym to hide their emotional sensitivity they have not fully accepted within themselves yet. They literally mask it with red. This is why blue aura men often wear red masks/overlays. Because blue people tend to be more emotionally sensitive in nature, a quality many men by society's standard view as "weak." In order to mask their weakness, they adopt a red overlay to hide their true nature.

Crystals have this unique ability to adopt and share overlay colors almost like a skill. This is why they can be successful in nearly any field they enjoy (when in alignment).Their crystal auras act as a chameleon operating system. If they wanted, they could make friends with pretty much anyone. However they can be selective. Due to their naturally subdued, delicate, wallflower nature. Sensitive people are sensitive because they are attuned to the hyper fluctuation of energies around them. Often, they want/need people who are also sensitive like them to function healthily. For this reason, crystal children often have a very challenging time growing up in today's society and school system. Crystals are typically very psychic naturally. Like the Indigos (see blog on The Indigo Aura), this is how they grow up interacting, socializing, and navigating this world is through the lens of feeling & sensing. Contrary to the indigo's, crystals tend to be a little less bogged down. They hold less grudges. And don't usually have a burning desire to be public figures and change the world. Rather than change the world, crystals are the change. They represent the future of this planet. Their consciousness is what our planet will operate like in the millennium. And the otherworldly abilities they possess will become unlocked generally much easier than the other aura colors (with exception to indigo).

When out of alignment crystals will literally assume their environment. They lose sight of who they are and their intrinsic nature and submit to the forces around them. Codependency is unfortunately common for disempowered crystals for this reason.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (or multiple personality disorder) is often diagnosed to the worst cases of this. Marked by a significant degree of separation in alignment from their source. Dissociative Identity Disorder is fascinating to me—in that when I watch somebody dissociate into another personality (alter-personality), especially in the worst cases, there almost always is a non-physical entity attached to them.

Often times the entity is not negative. But the person is having a negative experience in relation to that entity because they are in severe resistance to that powerful presence within them. A.k.a., that person has resistance to their OWN power. That being is there in that form because that is the only form this individual is able to recognize, utilize, and leverage their own power. From that medium of dissociation. They must dissociate into a personality they BELIEVE is separate from them in order to possibly conceive that they have the capacity/strength to communicate as effectively as that dissociated personality (alter-personality) does. This is extreme cases. We all have dissociated parts that come in to play in various different ways that will find equilibrium and alignment in your life when we are ready to operate in that functioning.

In these extreme cases, IF these individuals find alignment, they will be some of the highest functioning individuals on the planet. Because their minds literally become computer systems. They utilize their separate personality structures as a file system to pull from and put away in order too executor tasks, when necessary. This can be used to run multiple businesses, act in many roles as an actor, become a brilliant channeler, be a psycho-analyst or researcher. They can be an avid astral traveler and remote viewer among other metaphysical talents (that CAN be integrated in physical human-based jobs).

These personalities will inevitably be integrated into that person as one unit. Where they are no longer in resistance to these presences/alter-personalities. It has become integrated into one healthy personality structure of somebody who knows and acknowledges their own power in life.

These prismatic auras are designed to operate this way. Often times this is crystal aura peoples first incarnation on earth. Their energy operates in this sort of functioning outside of this planet, as well. Outside of this planet, time and space works differently. These mastered beings of the universe use their chameleon reflective qualities to move, shift, and orient the universe. Just as your crystal auras can enable them to access multiple personality aspects within themselves and operate from multiple different parts of their being, this corresponds to their ability to shift and travel interdimensionally with exceeding ability and speed.

Crystal beings are often leaders of various different extraterrestrial networks or groups outside of this planet. Just as we have a collective here called “Divine Creators” on Facebook, there are multiple collective all over the universe. Crystals often lead them. Because of the ability that their energetic geometric crystal bodies have to amplify energy, shift dimensions (merkaba), and orient astral spaces like no other beings. There's a lot to break down there, but what you need to understand from that is that all corresponds to their powerful healing and transforming abilities of both themselves and others. As well as this planet as a whole.

Like the Indigo's, they infiltrate to create change. Where is the indigo's are more forthright and commanding in their presence in power, crystals typically (not always) are more in the background. They are passive beings. They already embody the change the world is becoming. They are just riding it out, anchoring that light and consciousness on this planet as the light bearers they are. When mixed with purple in their aura for example, they can really channel their consciousness into being public leaders of positive change in the world.

Indigos people when you encounter them kind of look like “ether.” When they walk it looks like time stops for a moment. It looks like there's a lag time in the matrix. Crystals look like celestials. Light beings. Alien-like delicacy. They are lanterns on this planet here to light up the world subtly but powerfully. Just the way the lantern does. It's just a lantern. But it captures so much emotionality and depth when you watch them float off into the night sky.

But don't let their delicate nature for you. If they hook into source, they are electrifying.

A lot of Crystal aura people who have survived a lot of trauma and truly empowered themselves in their lives can make great channelers. Due to their ability to tap into various energetic fields and interpret that vibration effectively without losing their sense of self. When crystal auras boundaries become solid, it literally looks like a crystal. They are like walking gems. Prismatic formation and irridenscent. Geometric. It is remarkable honestly. That is the structure of an empowered crystal. Reflecting light and transmuting space. A crystal with good boundaries is a sight to see. Breathtaking. They can make incredible actors and performers because of all the different roles they can assume as the chameleons they are. They can juggle many projects at once because they have learned to utilize their natural ability to adapt in healthy ways.

Because of their fragile and naturally subtle nature, they are tuned into the subtle vibrational world. Their high consciousness enables them to translate, interpret, and channel the various energies around them their heart detects into artistic expression.

Incredible writers, visual artists, actors, caretakers, therapists, teachers, healers. They are masters when they tap into their creative power in their spiritual nature.

This is the best access through nature. Nature is inherently in flow. Its vibration is closer to source. That is why it is easier to connect to yourself when in nature. This is on steroids for crystals. They BECOME nature. When I watch crystals in nature, their aura cascades with the sun and glistens with its fractals. It's hard for me to imagine a crystal in alignment that does not prioritize time in nature. Even if it's just a walk.

Crystals must prioritize meditation. Quieting the mind. There is too much stimulation on this planet for them. So whatever they must do to enter that space is vital to their physical and emotional health. They often access the state of being through discovering art or music. Higher vibrational expressions such as these which tap them into their divine spiritual innate selves.

Sometimes crystal people can be mistaken for rainbow auras 🌈. Because crystals can pull in so many colors around them on a daily basis. However rainbow is not really a aura "Life Color." I see rainbows come into peoples auras form time to time. It usually signifies a high connection. But it usually doesn't last. Meaning the rainbow usually leaves. Sometimes the small children will have a rainbow in their aura. Or really spiritually evolved people will have some rainbow come in. However their primary aura color for example usually remain. The Dalai Lama for example is an Indigo life color but his field looks like a rainbow. This is a common mistake people interpret as a rainbow aura.

That being said, there are probably people I have never seen before in this world that maintain the rainbow aura. Which ultimately just signifies balance. Some pregnant people have rainbow auras. We are still learning a lot about these aura colors. I will keep you guys updated on my observations. It is often a crystal or with several spheres or high vibrational spirit guides (see below on spheres) that appear like a rainbow auras from time to time. In other words, it is not wrong to call an energy body approaching you a rainbow if it looks like a rainbow. However, you can always detect the primary life color that represents their purpose & functioning in life beneath it. It requires high level of perceptibility to weave through auric conditions in order to see a persons authentic life colors. That being said, aura colors do change. The primary color a.k.a. Life Color rarely changes. Maybe once in your life. The adaptation or secondary colors can shift periodically throughout your life. More common for Crystal people. But all or colors adapt and release colors. People who identify with their adaptation colors can be seen as people who identify with their egos. Identify with the roles they play in life.

Some school teachers, wear inauthentic yellow masks in their aura 🟨 because it is high functioning in their work environment. The tendency is to leave on the yellow mask when they get home. They are identified with their ego. And it is probably displeasing to people around them who hear them speaking in their school teacher voice to their friends or family or evens strangers. They get defensive when you called him out because the yellow is there for emotional safety. Taking that mask off is the equivalent of an ego death.

A lot of successful business people were in authentic green 🟩. And they don't turn off that entrepreneurial voice no matter where they are or who they are talking to. They will get defensive if you try to connect with them deeper because their identity bubble is popped. Mask colors are fascinating particularly for people who work with emotions and therapy. If you don't see masks, you will feel them. You can tell when somebody is being an authentic to their true nature. It doesn't work when people don't respond to it well. But it is important to understand and I will reiterate, there is no hierarchy of the auric system. Each color just has a different functioning. They fulfill different purposes and different placement or positioning in life. Some of the most talented a channelers in the world are red auras.

🤍 Crystals may be envious of violets for their ability to access that same spiritual knowledge, however embody it better in the limelight. That powerful magnetic vision of violet people many colors tend to envy.

The robust and competitive, winning spirit of reds some colors others envy. ❤️

The ability to be emotionally balanced, grounded, and make a ton of money a lot of people envy of the green aura people 💚.

I also find that other colors envy how Yellows are JOY. 💛. And can do whatever they want and feel just as fulfilled and happy in life without having to make millions of dollars. And everyone likes them.

Blues are intuitive and perceptive as heck 💙. People are jealous of their psychic skills. The list goes on.

And we all have at least two colors. So you are a mixed bag. Don't let one color determine who you are. Only you can determine that. And if you don't know who you are, knowing your colors is a good start. To understand your capabilities, your strengths, and how you come across to other people. Not to mention viable job paths or compatibility with other people based on their aura colors knowing my aura colors (and seeing/feeling them) has helped me understand how to interact with Colors that have different personality traits or tendencies than I do. Colors that operate completely different than I do as an Indigo, Violet. Knowing your colors can eliminate projection. Sometimes people have a tendency to project a meaning onto someone else's action that was completely separate from that person's intention.

A Red person is passionate and not considerate of emotions when they communicate. So as a Indigo, Violet person, I know not to expect emotions or sensitivity from Red people in how they communicate.

I know they are here to execute the job. I know not to take it personally if they come across harsh. I also know that they are going to get the job done and be incredibly efficient at directing. I can make away for this red person to operate how they do and I can do my part as the Indigo, Violet I am (and the traits & strengths that come with those energies).

If I did not know this person was Red, I would think they are bossy or bulldozing. That is a projection. That is what the Reds often look like in power actually. And it is evident by the final product that WILL be great.

A concious Red person who sees an Indigo will steer way and allow the Indigo to theorize, conceptualize, and formulate thought out plans, as well as regulate the emotional environment in the process. They balance things out while still having a clear intention. They are going to know they must speak with consciousness and consideration to these indigo people. And they will delegate tasks and duties to Indigo's that require there advanced communication skills.

Indigos are also leaders. And Red people should delegate some humanitarian causes to the power and fortitude of the Indigo's. Because they can carry the emotion required to create the biggest impact. An empowered Red or Green person knows where to put each person for optimal functioning of that business or social structure.

Common Auric Conditions of Crystal People: 🟡Yellow spheres atop the aura indicating intellectual enrichment. They love to learn about cutting-edge information. They are thirsty for knowledge.

🟢 Greens sphere's indicating advanced healing abilities.

🔺Geometry: Pyramids and sacred geometric formations around their aura is common which indicates extraterrestrial involvement or integration. Often manifest when they are creating or channeling. ⚫️Voids/Dark Spots: because they are very sensitive, they give their power away which often manifest in dark spots. More severe forms of this become what I've seen as Voids. Often seen in severe Major Depressive Disorder, chronic trauma.

🦑Tentacles: Indicates codependency. Very common and disempowered crystals. Commonly seen in children with separation anxiety. This is not exclusive to crystal or people. Just common for them when they are disempowered. ✄Fissures: Stems unresolved acute trauma.

✨Crystals are pretty rare in the public eye (or at all). Keanu Reeves - Actor "The Matrix" (Crystal)

Lana Del Rey - Singer/Artist (Crystal)

Angelina Jolie - Actress/Producer/Director (Crystal, usually paired with Yellow, Green, or Violet) Bjork - Singer/Artist (Crystal/ Yellow)

Tom Cruise (Crystal with a Green Overlay) - Looks like a green prism

Sosie Bacon - Actress "Thirteen Reasons Why" (Crystal, Secondary Lavender) Katie Kortman - Fashion Designer "Project Runway" (Crystal)

Willow Pill - Artist/Drag Queen (Crystal) Lexi Brumback - Cheerleader "Cheer" Documentary (Crystal/Yellow)

Angelina Jolie (Crystal, Secondary Purple or Royal Blue often)

Keanu Reeves (Crystal/Green)

Iniko - Musician/Artist

Tom Cruise - Actor (Crystal, Green Overlay most of the time)

Katie Kortman - Artist/Fashion Designer (Crystal)

Lana Del Rey - Singer (Crystal)

Popular Aura Colors:

❤️Red people: Power, strong, leaders, pride, passionate, direct, practical, sexual, tough, robust, physically fit

💛Yellow people: Motivated, enthusiasm, social, vigor, perfectionist, determined, fun, up-beat 💚Green people: Organized, systematic, factual, logical, soothing, balanced, grounded, achiever, hard working.

💜Purple (Violet) people: Powerful, spiritual, visionaries, free spirit, spontaneous, artistic, leadership, compassion, intuitive, magical, magnetic, motivational, purposeful, charismatic

🌌Indigo people: Absorbent, deep, high consciousness, alluring, strong-willed, wisdom, resilience, wounded healers, evolved communication skills, emotionally psychic, Starseeds. 💙Light Blue people: Sensitive, empathic, communication, self-expression, empathetic, motherly, caring, supportive, intuitive, nurturing 🔵Royal Blue: Bold, virtues, stability, secure, dignity, confidence, diplomatic . 💗Pink: Manifesting power, optimistic, chooses to only focus on beauty & light in the world 🧡Orange: Warm, inspiring, sociable, charming, action oriented, risk taking, confident, chill, sensual, adventuresome. 🤎Tans: 4 types of Tans. Physical Tan, Loving Tan, Nurturing Tan, Mental Tan. Each Tan is a bit different. But generally all mental and physical earth-bound beings adaptable to humankind. 🤍Crystal: Prismatic/reflective color. Self-reflective, chameleons, organized, artists, natural healers, empaths, ethereal, calm, mentally quick, carry other people’s colors often. Make many friends. Adapt well. Very rarely become public figures. Often Starseeds. Otherworldly presence.

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