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✨ Rare Purple + Channeling Rhoda ✨

Updated: May 4

Well this is something pretty unique. A Purple Aura athlete 🌌. I really do not see these often. Not at the professional level, at least. Adrian Mannarino's (French Tennis Player) aura is quite unique in his position. As an extrasensory, it is quite bizarre seeing this dark mystical purple aura running around on a tennis court. Athletes are usually reds, oranges, and sometimes green life colors. But when they are not, they often pull in these adaptation colors to assist their performance. Although he does carry a red and green adaptation 🟩 as well. Which is adds to his ability to strategize and mentally evaluate opponents and matches. He conjures the red energy 🟥 adaptation to amp up the intensity required to compete in the sport of tennis.

But it is quite fascinating watching this indigo. The way he intuits his shots and his opponents. He is anticipating his opponents plays before they strikes the ball. Indigos and Dark Purples use their emotionally psychic nature to feel into and attune to other peoples mental and or emotional energy.

So you can see how this can potentially be useful for an indigo or dark purple. Typically they are more reserved. But when they are in power they can be quite big or powerful presences and personalities. But they will all share this inner hermit that love to retreat away from the noise, commotion, and busyness of the outside world. They find refuge in solitary. Indigos need time to recharge. Because they are absorbent in nature. The amount they are absorbing, interpreting, perceiving and expressing is a hell of a lot to juggle. Even if they are quite good at it and quite balanced, their energy will need to recharge.

Adrian Mannarino - Forest Green/Dark Purple

If they don’t, they can be moody and they can hold grudges better than anyone else. You know when an indigo needs space. And I can see that quality in Adrian Mannarino. He carries a serious demeanor to him. Indigo's can appear deceptive. People usually think or 'perceive' they are in a bad mood. But because Adrian is an empowered person, he is still able to access that physical power.

I when I was a kid there was a term called "emo." Thinking back, those kids were definitely indigo. I may or may not have been one of them 🙈. 😂 Indigos being drawn to dark spaces is not because they are dark people. They are not evil in any capacity. Not by nature, anyway. They’re actually quite the opposite. They are very high vibrational. Their allure of dark spaces or vibes comes from them being drawn to the more subtle vibrational world of emotions. This quality is synonymous with Dark Purple's as well.

Indigo's and other Purple or Blue Spectrum Colors are more tapped into emotional energy and more able to understand it because of their high consciousness. When they are younger, they are typically disempowered. Because of this, they are drawn to lower vibrational emotions. But as they empower, they will be drawn to more of a deeper love and wholesome spirit. The depth of their allure to these darker environments molds into a comfortability and feeling in holding emotional space with a whole heart.

Indigos keep score. They have always been tuned into emotional and mental energy and because of that, as they get older they become excellent communicators. Deeply skilled at articulating thoughts and information. This of course comes from their ability to tune in to the subtle vibrational energy. Because each thought you receive is vibrational. So when you understand that expressing thoughts and messages is simply articulating and translating an energy you are receiving, you become an incredible communicator, as well. Indigos are naturals at this.

I would imagine Mannarino spends a lot of time analyzing his opponents. Understanding not only how they physically play but they are psychology.

That being said, not all indigo‘s are channelers or psychics or choose to utilize the high consciousness they are innately connected to tap teach spirituality or do readings for people. However, if they want to be balanced in their life, they will prioritize they are sensitive nature. And they're high awareness and sensitivity to energy can be used in whatever profession they choose. Like Adrian Mannarino here as tennis player. Surely an unlikely profession for most indigo life color people.

His Green in addition to Adrian's Dark Purple allows his introspective talents to work in terms of mental acuity, strategizing, and outsmarting players. If I were take a census of auras, greens typically have better boundaries than Indigos.. This is a tremendous asset because that green energy is also connected to the heart chakra. Which means they are able to discern emotions without being controlled by them the way indigos can have a tendency to do. End it goes well internalize. Greens will observe and analyze.

When greens are more sensitive to energies and more spiritually attuned to higher vibrational frequencies, the temperature of the green brightens 💚. Nature will actually directly respond to their aura, and vice versa. Nature is a very high frequency. Very connected to source energy. So naturally, being in nature you are raising your vibration because you are tuning into a higher vibration. So the insights and feedback you receive in nature will always be beneficial to you. It's sort of like when they say don't make a decision while you are triggered.

For example if someone just broke up with you and then you were supposed to buy a house that day. Or if you just lost a loved one and you now have to instruct a CPR class. Maybe call someone else or wait till the next day, if possible. Because you will be in a higher vibration when you are not triggered. So you will be more clear minded. Which means you will be a vibrational match to receiving the right nudges, impulses, and instincts about your house.The right instincts to receive the right messages and flow to teach your class. Have you ever been in the wrong place emotionally and completely missed something someone said? And then they say it again the next day and it impacted you in a big way like was like the first time you ever heard it? It is because you were in a different vibration. Remember words are vibration. So when you allow the energy to inform the words you select, you are completely in your power in that moment. And it will be compelling to those who witness. Because you are tapped into Source energy in that moment.

When you are triggered, you are tuned into a lower vibration. Which means you are receiving thoughts from that lower vibration. This is why you make silly decisions or mistakes when you try to do things while you are triggered. Because they thought you are receiving are from another source. The source of whatever negative situation you are tuned into.

Sometimes you may be sitting in bliss by the water and then some thing dawns on you. Have you ever thought about when a thought dawns on you? Inspiration dawns on you? Idea dawns on you? That is you being a vibrational match in that moment to a thought that is in alignment with your objective. And if you have no objective in that moment, that thought is inspiring or informing your destiny. Your truth. Your passion. Your dreams. The reason why you are here. So it really is all about getting in the right place so you receive the right thought based on what your intention is.

If processing emotions get to you in a better place, then by all means, process away. Sometimes it is important to break down situations. But sometimes it is a distraction. Through my observation, peoples vibration fluctuate constantly. Even in therapy sometimes people will randomly laugh while talking about their problems, for example. Or right after they breakdown, they sigh and then start laughing. It's really rare for someone to be consistently negative. There are breaths or breaks in between. And people who identify as "depressed" typically are not aware when those happy moments happen. But they ARE aware when they feel bad. They are NOT aware when they feel good. You are often have to remind them when they feel good. And that is usually a reminder for them to go back to feeling bad again because that is who they have identified as. Just like a boxer who identifies as strong, still has moments when he is weak. Even though he does not acknowledge it when it happens. It is still happening. Just like positive emotions and depressed people. Each time you quench your thirst, you are raising your vibration in that moment in that positive emotion you are experiencing. Each time you feel the hot water on your back in a good, hot shower or bath— positive emotion. Higher vibration. And these trail of positive emotions you are not acknowledging are accumulating into why you are still standing today—to which you also tend to forget. That you are breathing. This trail of of good feelings are you still have a roof over your head. Why are you still have a working body and regulating organs. Why the power has not ran out yet and the water is still running. Why you still having more precious air to breathe. Why are you still have friends and family. Why you are still here even though you have not paid off your loans. Because you manifested this. Your mind is powerful. It does directly affect your body and your well-being. But in those breaths or breaks in that moment their vibration actually raised. Sometimes right after people breakdown they will sigh and even laugh. Evidence not the new fluctuation of your vibration that the universe is responding to by the reality you experience (Law of Attraction). Which tells me this. It is easier than you think to shift your vibration. And shifting your vibration and shifting your life. Therefore, mathematically speaking it is actually easier than you think to live a happy life. To become a match to higher vibrational thoughts or solutions and then generate momentum in that space and energy to unfold the life you were meant to live. Because there is a purpose why you are here. And although you are creating it, the reality is you were actually uncovering it. Because this vibrational reality already exists in the quantum sphere. Which means you in your wildest dreams and happiness in life exists within the universe already. And it is your job to align with that vibration to allow it in. That is your purpose. That is your destiny. To align with who you are. So no you are not here by mistaken. No you are not a random piece of meat with a beating heart navigating this world. You have a purpose for being here. And you know it at your core because it is the only thing that pulls you. It's the only thing that tugs at you. It is the only thing that keeps you wanting more and moving forward it in this world.

So contrary to popular belief, it is beneficial to go take a walk and get your mind off things when you are triggered in the moment. You will find out on that walk little epiphanies will come to you about the event and you'll feel a lot more clear about it. Not only that, but you will receive insights on adequate solution to that problem you were facing. More so than if you were dwelling and sifting through the rubble of your subconscious for an epiphany.

Part 2: Rhoda & Cody

For example, when I am channeling, which is most of these posts, I cannot receive messages from my collective if I am in a bad mood. If something “bad” happens, I cannot inquire Rhoda in that moment. Because that trigger is an indication that I have lost my connection to the Rhoda collective (Source) in that moment. Any negative emotion is an indication of a disconnection from source. You are out of alignment from your stream of light any moment you are feeling bad.

And you all have a Collective as well by the way. This is your "Source." The collective consciousness of God Within. So if I have a grievance or trigger, I have to step away from the problem for a moment (or meditate, aka raise your frequency). And only then will the insights start rolling in about how to process this experience and what to take from it moving forward, as well as why it happened. Because you have to tune your frequency to that which you want to receive. If you are tuned into negativity, you will receive negativity. If you are turned into love, you will receive love.

I have explored the idea of not distinguishing a separation between Rhoda and Cody before. But what Rhoda tells me is that the distinction is necessary. Because it is confusing for people to understand how one can have access to this Infinite Consciousness that is the Universe and these Guides and not be just perfect all the time? Well, it's because I am two points of perspective. You are too. Physical perspective and your non-physical perspective.

~“Those of you who know Cody personally know that his personality is far and away different from the personality of Rhoda. Rhoda (We) can be quite direct, forthright, and speaks with conviction and in absolutes. Cody is a goofball. And quite reserved and pretty sensitive. The fusion of the two perspectives is what you experience when you read messages like this one. Or for him, when he is creating art or singing, for example. That is a fusion of us and him. We are experiencing his joy through him. And this goes for you, as well. We are experiencing life directly through you when you feel positive emotion. Because we are the frequency of joy, elation, freedom, love, & truth. Our vibration does not deviate. We are a standing vibration that you tap into when you tune in to joy, as well. So when you tune into joy you are also receptive to us—our messages, our guidance, and your truth that will guide you through your destiny. Because, yes, you do have a destiny. You do have a reason for why you are here. So don't tap out. Because getting in alignment allows us to do the work for you—through you. We simply flow through you when you open your channel to us.”

Another fun fact is that because I am channeling these posts from Rhoda, usually I am literally verbally speaking them into my computer. These are completely audio-translated. And then I go back and edit the mistakes if there are any. When you listen to the podcast, and if I get going on a roll, that is the flow of Rhoda’s energy speaking through me much of the time. It is important to know that this phenomena is not exclusive to me. Anytime you receive inspiration, that is from your collective. Your source.

And as I continue to grow, the downloads of consciousness will continue to be received, I will continue to learn as you all will, as well. And there will be more and more a fusion of me and my non-physical perspective/guides (Rhoda).

~“And this is what raising your vibration is. The fusion of the two is not an end state. It is not a high school diploma that once you align, you are aligned forever. You have to keep choosing it in each moment. Because life will continue happening. And the idea is to remember to keep realigning with that energy. Because that is the direction of the expansion of your soul. It is the sole reason why you are here. Is to follow that light. That light fuels your passions, your destiny, your reason for being here. It puts your emotions in flow and regulation. Because you must remember vibration is the predecessor to emotions. It starts with energy first. And alignment with that light secures your relationship with yourself that's opening up your channel to the divine and receiving those insights to continue guiding you further along the journey of your soul. Because remember, this is a soul journey. You are a soul occupying this human body. Navigating your soul lessons through this physical experience. So do not deny your physical experience. Because we are here to guide you through the continent contacts of your physical experience. That is why we are here. And your journey to remembering who you are is also your journey to connecting with us. Your divinity. Because your feelings at any given time are an indication of how connected or disconnected you are from us. When we say ask, this is not just rhoda. Rhoda is collective energy. Source of energy. You all have this, as well. And it is your duty to connect with that which you extend from, as well. Get to know your Source. They are all Source energies, just different expressions. The realm of Christ is different than the realm of Buddha. But they are both source energy and both unique pathways to source consciousness and soul evolution. You can understand your source through this analogy. (Even though Buddha and Christ are both in your source, as well.) They are infinite. It is also the bird that flies across your window at the right moment. Or the breeze at the right timing. We are the Epiphany. We are the convergence of bliss and awareness. We are the essence of inspiration. And We Are Here.“

With Love,

Rhoda Collective & Cody

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several lightbulb moments & gems in this post - thank you. as someone who has experienced periods of depression in my life, this article really helped a few things click for me. the reminder to get outside, meditate, focus on my breath and vibration.. to calm and align my energy.. and remember that I am more than this moment. the "mathematical" equation you mentioned... where despite my negativity at times, I Am Here.. I am alive and moving forward. thanks for this encouragement to continue the practice of self-care & connection to my higher power (source). much love

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