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Vulnerability & Reflections

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

I think it’s important to start peeling the onion back a little bit and share new layers of vulnerability. Because behind those layers hold tokens of illumination, reflection, and key lessons of the human experience.

I think one of the most underestimated components of discovering truth and codes of enlightenment is through sharing vulnerability. We spend more time running from fear than realizing that what we want is tucked away in that fear itself.

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When you choose to allow someone to see greater depths of your soul, you are unleashing the power and influence of your LIGHT into the world. We are constantly operating under the assumption that in order to conquer ourselves we need to go OUT in the world. In actuality, inward was where we need to go. We need to go WITHIN ourselves and unleash that light. And activate the power we were meant to inhabit and create this life with.

Every night and every day I am learning something new. New waves of consciousness and awareness are always rolling on in knocking on the door of my consciousness. Consistently attempting, through my resistance, to have that light re-enter me in creative ways and new challenges. This process is no different from the rest of us.

Ultimately trying to convince us to ALLOW LIGHT IN. Give that light PERMISSION to enter and change our lives. For the things we want, we also tend to fear. We fear what we have to give up or what we have to change or do in order to get those things.

We are composed of LIGHT. So the only reason why we would not have all of our light is if we have somehow created a negative relationship to ourselves (to our light). Relationships with ourselves that are formed by influential people or experiences in our past. So, what happens when we go through emotionally traumatic experiences that imprint on us in negative ways is that we actually inherit negative relationships to our very light itself. A deterrent from the core of our true intrinsic nature. A fundamentally flawed self-concept is how we are subsequently navigating our lives.

We control our light energy through our thoughts. So when you have a lot of self-esteem issues, shame, guilt, resentment, jealousy, for example, what that vibrational looks like is your energy attacking itself.

Side note: (This is also the nature of projection. When we perceive a situation or person and are projecting our idea of what they are thinking or saying about us. Projecting that they are criticizing us, for example. In reality that person is not actually attacking you. You are detecting a self-imposing energy and unaware that that energy is coming from you. Coming from detached memories of being abused in the past a person or situation triggering. Causing you to project that attack onto someone or something around you. There is actually no threat. You are projecting that because you are in a constant loop of attacking yourself. You are stuck in the past. This is why it’s in my believe that every single one of us is somewhere on the PTSD spectrum.)

This concept is universal. I have not met another person who does not have some layer of a negative relationship with themselves. Some self-criticism in some form causing them to deflect away their very light. Some more than others, of course.

But I think it’s important to understand that we are not alone. It’s very important to know that if we are the ones giving our power away, that must mean that the power is in us to take it back, as well. That must mean that we’ve always had the power to take our power and light back in anything we’ve ever experienced in our life.

So I think it’s a great opportunity to understand here that this is a safe place to let your guard down. Stop trying so hard. And to know that you are accepted just as you are. And that no one here is asking you to be anything other than yourself. One of the greatest powers we have is the ability to connect to another person. In doing so you are not only unleashing your full power but unleashing theirs, as well. In that one moment of connection you have activated your full power.

THIS is where your leverage is. THIS is how you get through the human experience. What you are capable of accessing and doing from this place is completely fueled by the energy and light of your soul and powered by your higher self. If you can feel safe enough to navigate the world from this place, with whatever you need to set up in your life in order to maintain this space you are in, you will always be okay. You always thrive. And you will access your full power and abilities as a soul and human being.

This video is a candid talk about the nature of fear itself. As well as understanding what Spiritual Migrations are in our lives.

With Love, Cody ✨

Just a bit more info on Patreon if you’re not familiar and interested: $5 for unlimited access to all Patreon content including videos of energy healings, light language, teachings, seminars, and spiritual insights. Upper Tiers allow for you to ask me and my spirit guide questions of for healing or personal empowerment, as well as miscellaneous questions of the Universe and metaphysics at large.

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