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Nico Tortorella ๐Ÿ’œ and Bethany C Meyers ๐ŸŒŒ Aura Analysis

Nico Tortorella and Bethany C Meyers

Nico is a violet life aura color ๐Ÿ’œ. Yellow adaptation sometimes ๐ŸŸจ. Bethany is an Indigo life color ๐ŸŒŒ.

They are very intriguing for a number of reasons. First letโ€™s get into Nico.

What's interesting about Nico is not just their violet aura but the texture of the quality and expression of it indicates to me they are an astral traveler. It is always aparent when somebody is an out of body traveler as their crown is sort of unhooked while they are simultaneously grounded in this world. Ironically, things that ground you in this physical world actually assist your ability to travel out of body. Even if you are not aware are you travel out of body, it is always depicted in the aura. It is also shown when one is closed off to conscious body travel. Most people understand this is lucid dreaming or conscious dreaming. Conscious astral travelers have very vivid dreams. And only when they understand the potential of that space they are in do they test the bounds and really explore the potential of the universe.

One of the first things I noticed about Nico is the shamanic spirit. This would be very surprising to some. Because Nico is an actor. TV shows like "Younger." But they are also an activist. This couple is very against the grain. Which is always indicative of an evolved consciousness. But there is a clear shamanic energy that emerges from Nico. They are a healer vibrationally.

Nico certainly got that Violet fever. If you have seen Nico, they is a very expressive person and performer as well. Performing in costuming and even drag.

Nico does not identify as male or female. They are what we call non-binary. Native Americans recognize and honor them as "Two-Spirit People." Nico's pronouns are they/them but is open to he and she. Bethanyโ€™s pronouns are they/she. Both Bethany and Nico are open to sexually intimate relationship with both men and women and are in an open-marriage. They have spoken openly discussing their on-going journey exploring these boundaries as a married couple that does not follow the traditional mold.

The times will continue to evolve as they have time after time on this planet. What is acceptable will continue to transform for the rest of eternity. And more and more we are seeing the LGBTQIA+ community challenging the labels society..

The LGBTQIA+ community is a collective energy brought down here to expand awareness. To challenge systems and expand our concept of love. And we will continue to see individuals in this world no longer identifying with labels. Whether it is their sexual orientation or their gender or even race. We will grow to identify one another as souls. As light. To love one another as one.

Indigos are often very androgynous. Because as we know a soul does not have a sex. We are all expressions of divine energy. And we are somewhere on the spectrum. The idea is to balance these energies within us to express our authentic selves and embody our true power.

Ultimately, Nico and Bethany are here to do that. Not only are they a political statement simply by existing as they do, but they are outspoken about it. There is a drive within them to teach people. To broaden peoples minds and expand their awareness. They are teachers of love by example. This is why many LGBT people are Starseeds. Because simply by being who they authentically are by nature, they are challenging the norms of society and teaching people by being who they are.

Bethany and Nico are reaching many people. This is a good example of how the Universe (Source) does not care which way you choose to teach your message in this world. These people you would not typically call them spiritual people by most peoples definition. But the amount of energy and they have charging their lives, careers, and advocacy is tremendous. Clearly as we all know their names. They have made their mark because they have aligned with their source and are using the leverage of that infinite energy to be who they are.

Source wants you to get to know the truth of who you are. In every aspect. Especially the part of you you cast away. The parts you deny or resist. Your shame. Shame only exists because it is alone. So when you share your life with the world, you disarm its power over you.

Nico and Bethany have taken their shame and turned it into art and expression and healing and awakening and power. The amount of people they are reaching is enormous. And a lot of people may not agree with their lifestyle. But we could all agree that they are provoking people to think and have conversations. And that is always a predecessor of expansion and growth.

Bethany is indigo life aura color. Which like I said can often be androgynous. They have a very deeply artful spirit and soul. They understand on a deep level that the capacity of a soul is far too expensive to denote into one label. This is why indigos are natural channels. Because they are able to recognize the beauty in the non-physical world around them as a part of them. The beauty in nature they understand as an extension of them. The beauty and the love they witness in the world around them they understand is an extension of them.

You combine these violet and indigo energies in Bethany and Nico and you have powerful messengers of truth and instigators of change and expansion in this world.

Not only are we seeing more people on this planet leading by example, we are also seeing people more and more open and understanding truly that Love is Love.

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