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How Do You Warn People Without Spreading FEAR? / Channeled Message

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Channeled response on how to warn people of dangers without “spreading fear” via Law of Attraction. How can you warn people about the dangers without drawing in more fearful energy into you and others experience. Inquired from a molecular biologist. I thought many of you reading this would resonate with this message and assist in further understanding the Laws of the Universe.

The following was the spoken channeled message audio-translated :

“There are those who share information out of fear about poisonous mushrooms. Warning others that they are in danger and need to become aware for their own good. And then there are those who share that information out of enthusiasm and vigor of the subject of science, they can't help but share all the facts they know with others. Possessed by passion to share their love of information. Can you tell the vibrational distinction? All you have to do is be aware of where your sharing of information is coming from WITHIN you. That is what determines your vibrational alignment with the action you take (sharing info about the bad mushrooms). Because the only people who will get sick from the poisonous mushroom are those who are a vibrational match to that experience. They are in vibrational alignment with that outcome. (Law of Attraction)


It’s not about what you share (or do), it’s about the frequency you are sharing (doing) it from. Are you doing it from fear or enthusiasm? Because your results will reflect the place you are coming from doing it.

What that person does with that information has nothing to do with you at all. Because you have no control over what they project onto what you say. Or what they make that information mean according to their emotional body generated from trauma.

Because perception is reality.

Do you know there is a famous man named Uri Geller on your planet who bends spoons with his mind? Because he believes it so strongly and has such enthusiasm for sharing it, he is channeling the power of the universe to bend reality at his will. Because his belief is so strong that he knows he is the universe in that moment he is channeling energy into the spoon. He has no idea he is even channeling energy. It is just fun for him. And there are many many others who do things that define your current laws of science.

There are some singers who smoke packs of cigarettes and drink plenty of alcohol and sing like an angel. For decades in their career. And the voice just seems just as beautiful. Because they are channeling pure source energy through them as they are performing that action. And because of this they defy the laws of science regularly.

But we all know there are some people who don’t get sick from that mushroom. We all know miracle stories of someone eating a poisonous berry that miraculously did not have any symptoms. What accounts for that? What accounts for the 1%?

Law of attraction.

Let us leverage the 1%. The reason why you have resistance to this concept is because perhaps studying molecular biology it was in alignment for you at one time. Is it still in alignment for you now? Are you motivated through enthusiasm to learning about it now or motivated by fear to learn about it?

Because the reason you started learning about molecular biology was not because of molecular biology. It was because it was the direction of your liberation from where you were at the time.

The direction of liberation from where you are now is not molecular biology. It is far more evolved than that.

Your consciousness is now guiding you to learn about that 1%. “What about those miracles? How is that possible? With all the data and research I have it just doesn’t add up 🤔.”

It's far more than 1% by the way. But by your perception, it's as though 1% of people experience exceptions to the laws of science as you know it today. A lot of that 1% cases are of spiritually awakened people. For whom it’s no longer a concept things like law of attraction. They have activated their Creator sovereign selves, and thus they have activated immunity to so many things you humans would call impossible. They make possible. Others in the 1% are just random instances of mostly unawakened individuals who have accessed total alignment in key moments. Many of you do this when you are "in the zone" so to speak. Achieving total alignment for moments at a time. But unable to sustain it.

Your consciousness is revealing this to you now because this is the direction of your expansion. Don’t make it about a vaccine. Or molecular biology. Make it about the direction of your liberation.” ~Cody Singh & Spirit Guides

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1 Comment

That is exactely what i need to here right now. Thank you so much dearest Cody.

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