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👑 Gold Auras - Rare

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Esteemed, opulent, wise, well-spoken, successful, spiritual, psychic power, natural leaders, integrity, observant, intelligent, pioneers, speakers, activists, regal, royal, truth tellers, authority, articulate, noble, introspective, perceptive, intuitive, instinctual, evolved.


Pompous, unapproachable, ambitious, patronizing, facetious, egotistical, standoff-ish,, flaunting, arrogant, jealous, domineering, noninclusive, reclusive, lonely, "on a high horse."

Famous Gold Auras:

  • 👑Nelson Mandela (Anti-Apartheid Revolutionary & Political Leader) Gold

Gold is an evolved color. It has a color that represents distinction and authority in accompaniment with spiritual evolution and integration. An individual with gold as their primary life color has graduated his ideas into embodied action. Integrity can be defined as aligning your life, your

Nelson Mandela - Gold Aura

behaviors, and your beliefs with action so as to create an orbit in your life that reflects the belief systems that YOU abide by, teach, and influence others with.

Often have an influence to the masses and have a purpose to liberate people. Gold is a very rare color and each one of these individuals with gold in their aura are revolutionaries in some way. Many times perceived as having radical ideas or unorthodox beliefs, these leaders they have found ways to forge a path that is valid as well as helpful to others like them in being seen and heard in their truth.

The Gold energy typically manifests within the aura when the presence of this esteemed power and influence comes over that individual.

You do not need to be world famous to have gold in your aura. But it usually does signify you have an esteemed quality, nobility, and respect your presence naturally attracts. Esteem is typically a quality that grows with age. For this reason, I have never seen a baby with the gold aura frequency. (But anything is possible ✨) .

The Gold Aura is evolved into. RuPaul has recently transitioned to the Gold primary Aura. He was previously Yellow & Violet. Now Gold & Violet.

Rupaul Charles - Gold & Violet Aura

Venus Williams has Secondary Gold Adaptation (see podcast episode) energy that comes in and out when she is doing motivational speaking or interviews, or teaching. It is looking like she will transition to the gold as a primary life color later in life.

The Gold Aura is more common elder individuals. But it does come in as a Secondary Adaptation more often at times at any age. Venus's current Primary Aura Color is Green . In this photo below, you will see some Gold around the top of her head as she speaks, encompassed by the earthy Green Primary Life Color.

Venus Williams - Green Aura Secondary Gold Adaptation (over her head) signifying intellectual enrichment and esteem.

Nelson Mandela appears to have adapted his gold aura much younger than what is typical. He is of course, truly extraordinary. And his gold aura does indeed suggest this, as well.

Osho - Indigo & Gold

Osho is indigo and adopted the gold at an older age, as well. His gold is very clear and translucent with his open crown allowing divine energy flow.

Aura Reading Tips:

  1. FEEL/VIBE the colors. Remember, Auras are energy. If you are someone that FEELS energy more than sees it visually, you will feel aura colors first. See if you can FEEL the gold energy in these individuals. The visuals will come after you practice feeling and trusting the instincts you already have.

  2. Relax. Establish "Vipassana" before reading the aura. You won't perceive auras if you are stressed out or straining. It is easiest to perceive the energy of anything when you are in a calm and relaxed state of being. A 10 minute meditation is always helpful. The aura colors are ethereal. Not as dense as the color of clothing or skin. It is more subtle. So you must tune to the subtle frequency in order to perceive that dimensional layer of that individual.

  3. Get familiarized with the general Aura Colors & Traits first before starting to read the aura colors. Your mind needs a classification system at first to organize the psychic energetic information it is receiving.

  4. Pick one spot on the wall next to them and fixate on that while you PERIPHERAL vision focuses on the person. Maintain a calm and even breath.

  5. Everyone sees colors a little different. Some see more purple in the color "Indigo." Others see more blue in "Indigo" than purple. This is what I call Color Semantics or Psychic Semantics. Regardless how you "classify" the color, the vibrational frequency is the same. It is unique how YOUR mind interprets that energy. How your AURA translates energy to the thoughts your perceive in your head.

  6. Knowing your aura helps you understand how your energy processes information it receives. It does not make you better or worse, more or less spiritual, valued, or important based on what aura color you have. It is like a zodiac sign in that it is a classification tool to help you understand deeper layers of who you are, how you operate, and how you process information and experiences.

  7. Some of you will be more naturally gifted at seeing the starseed aspects, ETs, and spirit guides in the auric field than the colors. Which are higher dimesnional layers of the auric field.

General Aura Colors & Traits: ❤️Red people: Power, strong, helpful, take charge, pride, efficient, passionate, strong-willed, matter-of-fact, direct, handy, performers, practical, survivors, tough, sexual, robust, forward, grounded

💛Yellow people: Motivated, enthusiastic, versatile, social, vigor, perfectionist, determined, fun, up-beat, likable, friendly. 💚Green people: structural, linear, systematic, factual, logical, ground-up thinkers, soothing, balanced, grounded, achiever, hard working, healing, nature connected

💜Purple (Violet) people: Powerful, spiritual, visionaries, free spirit, spontaneous, artistic, leadership, compassion, intuitive, magical, magnetic, motivational, purposeful, charismatic

🌌Indigo people: Absorbent, deep, high consciousness, alluring, strong-willed, wisdom, evolved, resilience, wounded healers, evolved communication skills, emotionally psychic, often starseeds.

🌊Light Blue people: Sensitive, empathic, communication, self-expression, empathetic, motherly, caring, supportive, intuitive, nurturing.

💙Royal Blue: Bold, noble, stability, secure, virtues, dignity, confidence, diplomatic, intuitive, considerate, emotionally intelligent .

💗Pink: optimistic, instinctive, positive, psychic, manifesting power, radiance, joy, enthusiasm, efforvescence, energy healers, chooses to only focus on beauty & light in the world

🧡Orange: Warm, inspiring, sociable, charming, action oriented, risk taking, confident, chill, sensual, adventuresome, aloof

🤍Crystal (clear): Prismatic/reflective color. Self-reflective, chameleons, artists, natural healers, empaths, ethereal, calm, mentally quick, shifters, transmute energy, adaptive, often Starseeds. Otherworldly presence.

🤎Tans: Logical, grounded, practical, helpful, thinkers, systematic, rational, hard workers.

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