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Eradicate Fear ✨

Here’s a truth bomb. Vaccines are fine. YOU may not fine. Here’s why.

Your reality is determined not by your actions, but by your vibrational ALIGNMENT with your actions.

This is why we have cases of vaccines HORROR stories, as well as vaccines success stories. Because for some people, vaccinations are vibrationally aligned with the belief systems they subscribe to. Same applies for the virus. Why are some people fine after getting it? Yet there are stories of even young people in perfect health dying, as well? Because of what vibrational frequency they were offering to attract these things. It doesn’t just stop at a virus. This goes for your foods, your clothes, your soaps your cigarettes and so on. There are people who have smoked cigarettes for 50 years in good health. How is that possible? Yet it is true, look it up. Because they were in vibrational alignment with cigarettes. They had a positive relationship to it and didn't activate any negative vibrations/beliefs around it. And they weren't in a negative place when they picked up that habit. Yes this is a rare instance, however as long as there is an exception, your formula of truth in invalid.

Does this message trigger you? That's because you've been conditioned. Brainwashed and programmed. But YOU know how to think for yourself. And here are the mathematics right here before you. This is how energy and vibration and creation works. Without exception.

We have even the most renown spiritual leaders forgetting this formula. Law of Attraction. The formula of our innate creator selves.

Spread the word. And eradicate fear in the New Age community. You are more evolved that you have been displaying. Stop giving your power away to a vaccine.

And yes I (Cody) realizes how radical & potentially ostracizing this message this is and quite frankly want to do it more for that reason. He is peeved at what the New Age community has been displaying around the subject. Spreading more fear than existed even before the virus. What are we really worked up about? Because we can promise you it's not about a vaccine. It is about what you are making a vaccine about. What emotional issues this subject of vaccines or the viruses triggers within you.

Fear and suffering is defined energetically speaking as RESISTANCE to what is. What I have noticed is the New Age community has a collective vibration of defiance. Defiance is inherently resistant in nature because it opposition to something else. This emotional theme usually stemming from parental guardian figures either over emphasizing rules and discipline or strongly opposing rules/oppression from a moderate to fringe level degree. Also people who feel like they haven't measured up in society. They seek out communities that justify their misfortune by criticizing themes and circumstances they believe put them there. Communities don't come together because they found a solution they come together because they find RESONANCE. Connection. Resonance Heals. Not protests.

So we have to remember that it isn't our political views that bring us together. It is our VIBRATION that brings us together and makes us feel supported and capable and healthy in this world.

We are not here to tell you to stop fighting. We are here to tell you you have the same amount of capability in power to achieve freedom and success in this world as you did before there was a “pandemic.” Vaccine is not going to stop your momentum and trajectory. Your stream of energy of your soul is too powerful because it represents a desire. The most powerful desire your soul has ever known. That is the desire that birthed you here in this physical world. Because the universe responded to the vibrational frequency of your desire by incarnating you as the miracle that you are in this life. All Intelligent light captured in a being. You. The moment you deviate from that light is the moment you step into fear. You try to control circumstances because you forget that circumstances are created through your vibrational output. Not the reverse. Your energy and emotion comes first. The circumstance comes after. NOT THE REVERSE. This is not theory or a concept. This is ABSOLUTE. If you do not understand Law of Attraction yet thankfully there is plentiful information online these days around the subject to help you understand vibration and frequency more than we talk about it we would defer you to.

So if you are in the New Age community of conscious living and are not vibrationally in alignment with the vaccine, then stop reading news online and on TV about the vaccine at all. Because when you do, you were activating that vibrational signal of fear within you. Making you a vibrational match to potentially both the virus, sickness from the vaccine if you get it, as well as an array of other misfortunes that reflect that the same vibrational frequency of fear you are outputting.

You know this. You've read this far. So why do you keep falling back into fear? Because you keep looking at it. Because there was a certain percentage of your day where you were thinking about this topic. Then there was another percentage of the day where you were not. The moments when you were not thinking about this how are you feeling? Pretty good huh? And that led to some thing else that felt good huh? Keep doing that. This is how frequency works. Then you turned on the news and gathered energy around that subject and then boom you are in a low space again.

Self awareness. Identify the triggers. Avoid them. And if it is in unavoidable, you must go through it. And you know when you have to go through it because it feels better to go through it then to not go through it. This is when shadow work is effective. Because a lot of the time when we watch people do shadow work unsupervised, they are just charging momentum of their shadow further until they find a way to sooth themselves mentally but ultimately are amplifying the frequency of their trauma. Often leaving the auric blueprrint larger than before. Open and unprepared and sometimes attracting not just misfortune but entity attachments that vibrate at that same frequency of fear. This part is technical but we figured we would share some more with you. We wanted to keep it short and sweet but you know us. Okay so then what do I do, you ask? Tune into Joy. Before everything you do. Tune into joy first. And watch your perception of what you perceived as objective reality before tuning into joy immediately shift. Peoples reaction to you will shift. Things will come to you. To the degree you remain tuned into Joy. Detect that tickle within you. Right in your core. Breathe it in one sold breath. Chant Om Shanti (mentally or aloud. This is an ancient Sanskrit code that restores spiritual alignment). And continue on your day settled into that new frequency of Joy. And watch all of your reality respond to that vibrational signal of Joy you are emitting from who you truly are. Because who you are is light. No absence of it. And light only translates to good things. Joy. Peace. Prosperity. You are that innately. And it is your deviance from your alignment is what pulls you out of that Joy, Peace, Prosperity, and alike vibrations. Law of Attraction. And if think you cannot tune into Joy or high vibrational energy, we beg to differ. Because that tickle brought you here to this blog. Or to that video you watched on YouTube. Or that most perfect slice of pie. You have access it, so stop telling yourself you don't. Because in doing so you have sealed your fate. Because YOU have done it to yourself. Therefore YOU also are the only being who yields power to change your fate, as well. YOU have the power. You have free-will.

Lastly, remember who you are. Most of your being is not incarnated did you know that? Most of your being exists vibrational outside of you and only some of you incarnated here. The rest of you is what is calling you back to yourself. That is what you perceive as your intuition. Just your vibrational self calling your physical self into alignment. So listen to it. Because your prosperity lives here.

And in that, my truth is spoken. And it is done. One of the things you realized in my position after many years is the most gratifying thing often comes from speaking truth and bringing light into dark spaces where the truth is lost. But that ultimately all truth tellers are just trying to justify their own truth. That goes for each and everyone of you. Because all of your truth tellers. I know that the day you convince YOURSELF that your truth is valid, the fight is over. Because the only fight that is exists is that fight that lives within yourself. With Love, Cody & Rhoda (Spirit Guide)

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