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🌈Aura Empowerment

Updated: May 3, 2022

#AuraEmpowerment List of aura colors & meanings below⬇️ Please watch this video & read this post before you post for free aura readings. It is important to know this piece of information in order to integrate all of this and an empowered way.

As I continue evolving spiritually and receiving more downloads from my guides, I will receive more psychic gifts. As a result, I’ve been able to perceive the aura deeper level than ever before.

There is not just a color. Your aura contains your past present and future. Spirit Guides, Extraterrestrial‘s, textures, sacred geometric patterns and more continue to be revealed to me as I receive more downloads in my spiritual evolution.

There are no secrets in the world if you can see auras. Because everything is represented in that.

It has helped me understand my own boundaries in life more. It has helped me understand how to interact with people who are different than me based on their aura colors, (and textures).

It has reduced my anxiety levels nearly 100%. And it has deprogrammed to me from mainstream society influence that does not acknowledge the vibrational world around us. It’s like if they programmed you to believe you only have four senses instead of five (really 6 ). You are at a complete disadvantage if you’re not using something you’ve been given as a tool to navigate this world. And it is a huge reason why there is so much suffering on this planet.

It also eliminates projection almost entirely. Because of what your mind/inner child would project on someone in a triggering interaction, your objective vision would be able to confirm whether that is true based on if it is reflected in that person’s auric field. So I don’t often “take people the wrong way” anymore if that makes sense.

I have been prompted to talk about auras because of how it EMPOWERED me.

Some people it has the adverse effect. Because they want to know their aura for the wrong reasons.

I am ready to clear the air. All the misconceptions.

I am feeling guided to talk about auras finally now because I’ve learned of the true function behind it. It is a tool of self-awareness. Understanding your energy helps you understand everything about you and the context of your life.

I wake up in the morning and I look at my aura and I can tell that the thoughts I am thinking in my head are represented physically in my aura.

This is a great tool for people with gaslighting trauma. To understand their true condition. Because trauma is represented in the aura, as well.

Trauma victims who have trouble acknowledging their own trauma can literally look at their aura and see where are the disturbances. And when you see it from that level, establishing flow again in your aura is as easy as shifting a thought (moving, directing & intending energy.) This has evolved into my meditation over the years. Just watching my aura and watching/reestablishing its flow.

The way the energy moves in your field, as well as the amount of light in your field represents your condition.

If the energy in your aura is in a constant giving and receiving motion, this indicates that you are abundant and have love in your life.

Teaching you guys how to see your aura will help you develop another level of self-awareness. Another layer of understanding who you truly are. And it is a way you can verify that your thoughts and beliefs are in alignment for you. If you are identified to beliefs that you were influenced into believing that are out of alignment for you (unhealthy), it will be represented through the disturbance in your auric field. It will not be flowing as much as it could be. And, yes, this does manifest in what happens to you throughout your day.

The benefits are endless. Teachers who could see their students aura colors could create lessons that tend to how each aura color best learn things.

Blues absorb lessons and are quieter. Reds need competition to motivate themselves to perform well. Yellows want/need affirmation that they are doing great. Greens like organization and notes. You can group colors together to create more effective learning environments for students or work environments for adults, as well in team building.

When you start posting our pictures I’m going to ask you something. Guess your aura colors first. Because I want to prove to you that you can already see it.

And when you can see it, you will begin integrating your understanding of the relationship between your vibration and your day-to-day reality. And how this impacts your mood/emotions/triggers 100%.

This is a profound awakening to have in your life.

And if this is resonating for you now, it is because this is the download you are receiving. This is a tool that will expand your awareness and your joy in freedom in life.

Know that I would not be talking about auras if it didn’t empower you. I am not here to compare aura colors. I’m here to teach you the function of each aura color and how seeing it can help you understand what part of you is more dominant or what part of you you are leading from in each moment of your day. Which of your colors you can conjure in different situations in your life to make it a little easier.

Knowing your aura helps increase self-awareness. If you don’t know how you feel, you can see it. And you ALL can do this because you can all see mine in this video. Violet, indigo, yellow. Right? You see it.

Which means you just have been subconsciously choosing to not auras/vibration all this time.

Because you were programed by mainstream society into believing this world is operated only physically. But you can leverage the non-physical world to activate who you truly are and your full power.

For example, if I am shining my indigo aura color in social situations, no one will talk to me.

If I shine my authentic yellow color, I am in socializing and connecting with other people. I am magnetic and people are drawn to me.

When I am teaching or channeling, I give off a violent beam. You will see that in this video in certain moments.

Each of you shine brighter colors based on what you are doing in that given moment.

I have crystal, indigo, secondary adaptation violet and yellow. And each of these colors have a unique place in my life. Having three colors can be a lot to juggle. Because you have a lot of competing desires and personality traits.

Knowing my colors have helped me find balance in my life through knowing what colors represent what personality traits. And what times are best to project that color for more desirable interactions & experiences in life.

I know when I’m doing speaking engagements or performing music on stage, Violet it’s going to be the most impactful and effective color for my intention. Also when I am teaching and doing speaking related engagements.

When I’m writing music, indigo conjures the best writing, as well as blogging and teaching that eventually I put out online later.

When I’m hanging out with friends and socializing, I sometimes adapt bright yellow in my field. Yellows are fun, social, enthusiastic. Or when I am determined and reaching goals, yellow emerges strongly, as well. It is my motivated aspect. Another yellow people trait. The aspect that is just going to get the job done no matter what I’m pushing through to get there. And it will be done correctly, is a yellow person.

The Crystal really is the chameleon aspect of my personality. That can connect with all types of people and also involuntarily transmute negative energy in spaces. The crystal aura will take on the color the energy it is connecting with or transmuting at that given moment, this is why I refer to them as chameleons. Above all, they are highly sensitive and natural channelers of high vibrational information should they chose to activate that. Like the indigos, they hold a higher frequency, thus, a higher consciousness than the other colors in the aura spectrum.

Very General traits of colors. (There are more colors than this. Here is the general list with some other shades I will mention more in depth about in later posts.)

❤️Red people: Power, strong, leaders, pride, passionate, direct, practical, sexual, tough, robust, physically fit

💛Yellow people: Motivated, enthusiasm, social, vigor, perfectionist, determined, fun, up-beat

Green people: Organized, systematic, factual, logical, soothing, balanced, grounded, achiever, hard working.

💜Purple (Violet) people: Powerful, spiritual, visionaries, free spirit, spontaneous, artistic, leadership, compassion, intuitive, magical, magnetic, motivational, purposeful, charismatic

🌀Indigo people: Absorbent, deep, high consciousness, alluring, strong-willed, wisdom, resilience, wounded healers, evolved communication skills, emotionally psychic, Starseeds.

💙Light Blue people: Sensitive, empathic, communication, self-expression, empathetic, motherly, caring, supportive, intuitive, nurturing

🔵Royal Blue: Bold, virtues, stability, secure, dignity, confidence, diplomatic .

💖Pink: Manifesting power, optimistic, chooses to only focus on beauty & light in the world

Orange: Warm, inspiring, sociable, charming, action oriented, risk taking, confident, chill, sensual, adventuresome

🤍Crystal: Prismatic/reflective color. Self-reflective, chameleons, organized, artists, natural healers, empaths, ethereal, calm, mentally quick, carry other people’s colors often. Often have many different types of friends because they adopt other people’s colors often to cope as well as adapt. Very rarely become public figures. Often Starseeds. Otherworldly presence.

Aura reading rules:

1. Watch this video first. Post 1 pic with a white background. No crystals/stones, or other people nearby that will blend with your aura color. Separate post from this forum, please. 2. You MUST tell me what YOU think your colors are first. Only then will I comment. I want to prove to you guys how you can see it already. It will help you trust yourself more which is 90% of empowerment. 3. Invite 3 people to this Facebook group you intuitively feel in your heart would or could resonates with this. 4. If you are currently a Patreon member of mine, use the hashtag #PatreonMember in your post so I can tell you your colors first. If I don’t see it there, message me on Patreon or Discord and I will get to you there. 5. Please be respectful of time & boundaries. I am not on here everyday. I have a life, so do you. And we will get to you within the week, usually sooner . 6. Have FUN. That’s the point of me posting all of this. To empower ourselves in fun ways. Feel free to guess other people’s colors also!

With Love, Cody

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