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White Noise

Did you know that our minds are the most impressionable when we wake up in the morning? If you’re having one of those days where even the sun pisses you off, I challenge you to think about how you started your morning. Were you rudely awakened? Did you have breakfast? What did you listen to on the radio on the way to work?

Understanding that Law of Attraction states that the reality we experience is constructed by the thoughts we think, it really gets us thinking what sort of things am I exposing my mind to? What thoughts am I thinking, as well as what thoughts am I unconsciously or subconsciously thinking? I’ll be the first to tell you, not all of us have all the time in the day to drop everything and meditate to clear your mind and thoughts to invite a smoother day. I have an alternative for you.

Pay mind to the things you expose yourself to each morning. Where the conscious thoughts exist in our minds, understand that about 80% of thoughts of most people are subconscious or unconscious. By this notion, 80% of our lives is out of our control. We have the ability to influence that 80% in order to ensure a healthier general state of well-being.

In the mornings, try exposing yourself to things that would produce positive, loving, and self-serving thoughts. Listen to light music (if there are lyrics, make sure the lyrics reflect the positive state mind you intend to live today), watch inspirational videos, listen to a spiritual podcast or radio show, paint, sing or play an instrument, journal positive aspects. The idea is to expose our minds to thoughts which would train us to lead a better day. One thing we should understand also is that thoughts produce physiological responses in our bodies. We can literally significantly improve our energy levels just by practicing conscious thinking and awareness. Treat your mind as you would your child. What do I want her exposed to? What sort of things might leave subliminal impressions?

This morning I have Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations with Eckhart Tolle podcast on in the background as I get ready. Pay attention to the way the things you listen to or keep as back noise make you feel. This is very important! Most of us in society are conditioned not to pay attention to this when it is the MOST valuable tool you have in this human experience. Thoughts are POWERFUL! If we develop a positive relationship with our thoughts, we develop a positive relationship to our human life experience.

I think we all needed a how to be human 101 class before coming into this life.. especially those of us from other star systems. This human gig is no joke! 😂

With Love,


Art by Alex Grey

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