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The World / Day 7 of Gratitude

I’m grateful that my profession puts me in touch with people all across the globe. I feel a rhythm in my soul that really is only there from the multitude of cultures, backgrounds, and inner worlds I’ve had the privilege of connecting with. Deepening and widening my world view and perspective in ways that is truly invaluable. And only something one is able to acquire if they are brave enough to push the boundaries in their lives and dare to be a little unconventional. The result is you are fortified with immeasurable layers and dimensions to your inner being that deepens your lens/perspective for beauty and bliss in the world.

I feel overwhelmingly grateful that the context of meeting these individuals was love and truth. Our soul’s were bare. And we danced in the rain. And it was okay because we were together. And when you truly know you’re not alone, something happens where the soul possesses you, and there is an eruption of untamed joy that precedes. In that present moment, everything is right.

I truly feel my links all over the globe from establishing connections from such an honest place. I get to experience the world from right in my home. I long for new moments of spontaneous joyful connection to be shared with the infinite colorful souls in the world.

I’m grateful to have experienced moments that were truly the height of the human experience with the most eclectic group of souls. My soul has learned so much as a result.

I’m am grateful for being a child of the world 🌏🌞.

With Love,


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