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The Holy Grail

It is easy to forget that we live in a timeless Universe. That past, the present, and the future are all occurring simultaneously in this all-defining singular moment.

We take for granted the minutes upon hours accumulated over time. Dismissed through unconsciousness, awaiting a golden opportunity. A moment that is here, innocently waiting for us like an earnest child at a bus stop for us to acknowledge it. To validate its existence through our attention. To activate our infinite potentiality.

What many of us do not realize is that our optimal future self was molded instantly within your quantum sphere every single moment we entertained a daydream in our lives. An inspired thought that seduced us into a state of wonder. A feeling what we have been conditioned by society to disregard as irrational and unlikely.

The Timeless (or quantum) Universe provides a blueprint for us prior to our physical incarnations. A grid uniquely yours that represents the greatest (yet mutable) potential you have to achieve. Your potential you INTENDED to achieve, and by your soul’s standards, has all intention to live in this life. That will not and CANNOT via Universal Law refrain from signaling you closer and closer to it. Through insights, inspirations, synchronicities, miracles, spontaneous phenomena.

What does that mean? Well, it means your future self is not something to reach. It is not something to attain. It is something to align with. It’s not approaching, it is not a variable. It is here. This is difficult for people to understand.

A feeling is the most addictive substance in the Universe. When we consider the things we want out of life, why might we want them? Why is it so attractive to acquire things we desire? Our dream job, the love of our life, a brand new car, an exotic vacation. It is the feeling it produces that is so enticing, rather than the things themselves.

Unfortunately, our tendency is to look at our physical surroundings for evidence of our reality. While it is the feeling that really matters. You can be a King at his throne and FEEL burdened and stifled with his duties to serve and restrictions to love. You can be a peasant and FEEL whole in his community and abundant with the freedom to journey and venture and love. Which one denotes a true sense of abundance?

Our contrast in our lives provides the components required to produce authentic desires. Desires aligned with our truth. Desires it is our soul's calling to physicalize. And in any given moment we have the opportunity to create an even bigger grid. To expand upon the Quantum Atmospheric blueprint we originally laid out for ourselves.

This is Free-Will. A fundamental law of our existence.

The exact moment you desire it, your Quantum Atmosphere produces it. It exists within you vibrationally right now constantly conspiring through Law of Attraction to lure you in strategically through the Path of Least Resistance. Your inner being is aware of all of your beliefs and all of your contrast. It takes into consideration every belief in your way between you and your desires and strategically leads you AROUND those beliefs, into your path of least resistance.

The human ego has its own idea of how you should reach those desires. Programmed through society, painful experiences, or influential people growing up. It pigeon holds you into one single path you have been conditioned to believe is the only path. There are millions and millions if not billions of paths. Paths that could be far easier and more enjoyable than the one you are dead set on.

Regardless of the path you choose, your desire is yours. And it will be yours. It is your only purpose in life to align with your desires. And you are constantly being guided to that via Universal Law. In other words, your sole agenda in life is to Align with Source. Align with your Infinite Potential. Align with your grid. Align with your Quantum Atmosphere. Align with WHO YOU REALLY ARE because it is already yours in the Timeless Universe. Alignment is THE Holy Grail of your experience filled with every Dream you've ever conjured.

This is not theory. It can be validated through your feelings. Your feelings are always an indication of your proximity between you and your Dreams. To allow yourself to Dream is one of the most productive things you can possibly do. Because in doing so you are training your vibration, as well as your mind into thoughts that support your inherent livelihood. And those of us who understand the Law of Attraction know that it is a feeling that produces a vibration that manifests your physical reality.

That feeling inside. That quiver of insight. That reverberation of possibility. That ethereal sense of power. That whisper of truth. It is your guide. Listen to it. We have been trained out of this as children. Killing millions of life path potentials in that very moment you accepted the belief is nonsensical.

Your obligation is to Believe.

Believe because it feels good.

Believe because it feels better than doubt.

Believe because truly LIVING this life depends on it.

And disregard any voice that tells you you can't because it is your ONLY purpose. To be who you are.

Following the path of least resistance has brought me the most out of my life. I am 26 years old and I have traveled all over the world. I have a steady business where I can work wherever I want, whenever I want, doing what evokes the most joy and passion throughout my being. I have deep soulful relationships with people who are within my emotional and energetic resonance. I have resources all over this planet and a consciousness equipped to achieve anything I desire. I know my dreams are mine. I know they are within reach. And it is because I believe that it is real and it is here.

I have overcome a lot in my life. I come from tremendous contrast, which provided me the components to live the miraculous life I have today. My inherent states of being are Inner Peace, Enthusiasm, Joy, and Wonder. I came from anguish, resistance, futility, forsakenness. I spent years educating myself on the nature of trauma and how to heal from it. I dove into a myriad of techniques. I became certified in a number of different emotional healing and trauma integration processes, went on to practice them in my business, all ultimately in search of my own freedom.

What I've learned is freedom is fleeting. You have to follow it. It's not a destination it is a development. You reach it and then it changes form.

Your duty is to follow it and not judge the progression or anticipate the results. Because playing the game is the reward. The achievement is in the satisfaction of learning. The enjoyment of unfolding. There is NO better feeling. Because when you reach freedom, you think, "What's next?"

Then you dive into the next. And enjoy that process and vigorously and potently as possible and milk it for everything its worth because life is astonishing. It is so phenomenal I can't even describe it. As soon as you embrace the journey. Unlock the codes of the Universe and lean into this exhilarating Ride of All-Time you are intended to live.

​Cody Singh

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