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The Alchemy of Gratitude / Day 10 of Gratitude Blog

So here we’ve arrived at Day 10 of The Gratitude Challenge and I’m discovering the dual nature of gratitude more and more.

Going into this challenge I had my own processes and modifications of my own individual spiritual practice each day. I make sure to make time for my inner child everyday. Making sure he is accounted for in everything I take on to the best of my ability.

I’ve noticed in the past I’ve had a tendency to overcompensate for my inner child and protect him before he even needs protecting. I unconsciously rewired my brain chemistry in such a way that cause me to anticipate triggers before they even came about. Thus, creating more things to be triggered about. More distress and more misfortune. A cycle of disruptions that rarely really ends, just gets relieved or soothed temporarily in various trauma modification techniques.

It was a perpetual loop I found myself in. A marathon that never ends. This 21 day challenge has really shined a light on the powerful features of gratitude, particularly in regards to this.

Shadow work is an effective tool only when balanced WITHIN your lifestyle. When healing from trauma becomes your entire life, you enter a perpetual loop. A cycle that never ends. Waiting on a sun that really never comes up.

In this challenge I’ve noticed gratitude has this sort of all in one quality whereby it simultaneously brings up my trauma, heals my trauma, and empowers me into the next logical step. While feeling good the ENTIRE time.

Working with clients, I’ve noticed many times they have a hard time knowing what the next step is after processing a lot of childhood trauma. “I’ve processed my trauma. Now how do I activate my purpose? What do I do now?” What I’ve realized is gratitude shows you that next step. Gratitude presents the steppingstone for your higher ground. And the grace of gratitude introduces you to your next soul chapter and initiation in your life.

This gratitude challenge has rewired my brain to anticipate good things in my day. That part is not surprising. That part is quite self-explanatory.

What I did not anticipate for was the gratitude would actually bring me into another realm of light that involuntarily diffuses your trauma.

My auto-pilot mode in the past has been to detect a trigger, and then go backwards and heal it so that I can get back where I started. And THEN keep moving forward.

Now, my practice is enter the gratitude space. Understand that anything that tries to penetrate that space will be dissolved away. Because the level of consciousness you have to inhabit to be in the gratitude realm is too high of a frequency to permit anything lower. You cannot bring shadows into the light without it it being turned to light. Without your shadows being confronted by your higher consciousness that KNOWS better.

Fire cannot sustain itself in water. Just as darkness cannot sustain itself within light.

My practice is now to enter the Gratitude Space. Ruminate in there until I EMBODY gratitude, as opposed to thinking ABOUT gratitude.

I’ve learned that being in the Gratitude Space you enter a golden trail. A path whereby if you trust it (trust gratitude) it will strategically guide you to the places and things and people that cause you to 1. Heal from past wounds that limit your quality of happiness in life and 2. Do it effortlessly. Involuntarily. Without strain or struggle in any capacity. As long as you REMAIN in gratitude.

There is never a question or concern about the future or past because gratitude exists in the timeless present moment. So you always know where to go next when you’re in the Gratitude Realm.

And it’s not a gimmick, folks. I am here doing this process for you to prove it to not only you, but myself. Gratitude really far greater than we can conceive. I’ve even discovered that the essence of gratitude is what many past civilizations have prayed to. They just called it God. Yet they did receive those blessings because they were not interacting with a false idol, they were interacting with the realm and limitless higher power of Gratitude.

Gratitude is not an emotion it is a STATE OF BEING. Contrary to popular thought that Gratitude is a tool for bypassing emotion, what I’ve learned in this process is that this is an impossibility. When you are totally immersed in Gratitude, you are occupying your FULL self, your FULL power, your FULL light.

Gratitude makes you aware of your true nature unemcumbered. Who you are without your insecurities, your hang-ups, your fears in all forms. Gratitude doesn’t bring you into light it brings you into YOURSELF. THAT is what I’ve definitely learned so far.

It is not taking us away from ourselves. It is putting us in touch with our true selves.

Most of the time people identify with their anxiety as part of who they are. They accept that as their true self because it’s all they’ve known. Gratitude introduces you to the parts of you you haven’t gotten to know yet because of that false identity you were inhabiting.

And it is not about cleaning up your mess internally before you start focusing on gratitude. It’s actually the reverse.

Focus on gratitude, and when things come up, go back to gratitude. And if you prefer a manual approach, I’ve also found that gratitude supplies you with the adequate tools to know HOW to release trauma. You enter this refined intuitive state where you see the synchronicity in all things. You see the orchestration of the universe and you know that you are in alignment in that moment of blissful gratitude. You also know intuitively what to do and where to go next. That is the most liberating feature to me so far.

Gratitude is this never ending train to livelihood that it only gets harsh if you jump off while you’re full steam ahead.

Most people have been conditioned to call BS on the gratitude principle. So they don’t give it a chance. But I promise you, it is mathematical that if you focus on gratitude and enter that state of being, you will see for yourself what will follow. The only condition whereby the shifts do not occur is if you are not actually entering the state of gratitude. So, I’d like to re-emphasize it is about EMBODYING Gratitude. It is not about thinking ABOUT it. It’s not about thinking about something you would be grateful for and talking about it.

It’s about submerging into the liquid bliss of gratitude and the way it transforms and restores the molecules of your being back to WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

And in the event that Gratitude feels TRULY impossible to reach, GET OUT. If that isn’t indication enough for you that you are in the wrong place, or wrong relationship, or wrong job, etc. One thing you should know is when you follow Gratitude, it will take you to things, people, and places where it is EASIER to feel gratitude. So if gratitude feels easy, you are in alignment. If not, gratitude is guiding you through your emotions like a magnet to things that will make you feel gratitude.

So if tapping into gratitude feels abrasive to even try, that the first message gratitude is giving you: I am in the wrong space. I am dishonoring myself/my integrity, I am out of alignment in this office, in this room, in this city etc. And I’m going to follow gratitude in order to receive the insights on where to go next.

Because gratitude opens your channel. Its frequency is so high that the intrusive thoughts that block your channel are removed when you are in gratitude. So when you are immersed in gratitude, you are a clear channel of the divine. And the clearest messages you will receive are the ones trying to guide you to ultimate freedom.


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