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Sunday Morning / Day 12 of Gratitude Blog

I live right on the Bay and one of my favorite Sunday morning hobbies has become watching families take their boats out to the sea with their kids.

The sun is diligent today and the children’s auras are dancing excitably, anticipating an afternoon of galvanizing.

There is a eagerness in the air. I can feel the families preparing their afternoon snacks and water sport activities for the outing.

Hearing children’s laughter and the boats sail by brings me back to that thrill of Saturday morning as a child. No school. No homework. The spirit of play is here today.

I remember this feeling as well on vacations with my family as a kid. We’d pack snacks before heading out to the amusement parks. I would be so gargled with excitement my 10-year-old body could hardly contain it! Amusement parks were the personification of JOY for me growing up.

One thing I do find interesting in this challenge is the many faces of bliss. It is a chameleon. It takes on many different forms. The bliss of falling in love is separate from the bliss of a joyous celebration. But they are equal in caliber. This challenge has taught me that gratitude never gets old because of how many diverse ways there are to experience that state of being.

With Love,


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