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Stillness / Day 8 of Gratitude

I am grateful for stillness. I live in a neighborhood now that is mostly quiet. I’m originally from New York so I don’t take for granted waking up to the sound of my own heartbeat. The chipper of early birds and occasionally the lawn guy.

Yesterday was very raw for me. This process has really hallowed me out in the most transforming ways. It’s like I can feel my very molecular structure and brainstems altering through this. And I am noticing different things in my reality, as well. I feel like a different person. I’ve even acquired newer and more efficient tools and processes for healing trauma in this last 8 days. I find myself getting way more out of this challenge than I anticipated.

It feels like I’ve caught up with my soul who has been on a solo journey for a hundred years. He is not alone anymore. But there is much for him to unpack. He has a lot to release. And I am giving him the space to do that.

I feel like I am polishing my insides. Hallowed-out is the best one-word depiction I can use to describe this. It feels like I asked to clean my house, and instead I got my house cleaned OUT. Unaware that this was is what I really needed when I started.

I am grateful I have taken on a path in my life that has equipped me with the tools to know that allows me to know exactly what to do in these moments. How to solve the riddles of the soul. And how to recognize when I’m on the right track.

With Love,


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