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🔮 Psychic Vampirism - Narcissists & Codependents (Auras & Tentacles)

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Psychic vampirism in Auras. (Tentacles) - Narcissists & Codependents

Well, this is a loaded subject. But I wanted to give a brief guideline to understanding tentacles. Because there is a connection to emotions and healing here. Which is topic relevant for most of us. Talking about tentacles is an opportunity to demystify the lure of narcissists. Even though tentacles do not only indicate narcissistic behavior. But it does, however, always indicate trauma.

A couple key commonalities in many Tentacles:

People who use shadow work to bully other people or manipulate or gain control of them for their own personal gain is a form of psychic vampirism.

Targeting someone based on their weaknesses or weak points/shadows can be vibrationally equivalent as physically taking advantage of another person. This energetic manipulation and coercion is a form of psychic vampirism and can be depicted in what we call tentacles. I use the word tentacles because that is what these cords look like in the auric field. Like tentacles with a mind of its own. Except it is your mind, just the dissociated part of your mind you are not identified with it all moments.

There are many types of tentacles. Narcissistic Tentacles and Codependent Tentacles I observe a lot. Codependent tentacles do this thing where they reach. A motion to suggest they are in need of an emotionally secure attachment relationship. These types of tentacles often suggest what we understand in the psychology community as insecure attachment, anxious attachment, separation anxiety, among other terms.

Codependent Tentacles there is sort of a floundering motion when they are activated. Like a child lost at the mall. A frantic energy or panic that is bottled around the sternum, typically, where the throat chakra and heart chakra meet.

Then there are tentacles that psychologically manipulate other people. People who use mental tactics to take your power, abuse you directly or indirectly. These are all forms of psychic attack.

  • Narcissistic leaders and pseudo intellectual‘s carry these very often when they are establishing fan clubs or cult followings.

  • Also scammers. False advertisers. Owners on infomercials who may be lying to you to sell their products may have tentacles.

  • Very powerful CEOs may see the tentacles as an asset if they see power and control as a more effective model than balance and communication. However there is always a lack of sentience.

  • Martyrs often have narcissistic tentacles. But most often these tentacles operate both narcissistically and codependently.

There are certain people whose triggered response is to physically attack a person when they feel threatened. This is a physical attack.

Then there are people whom their triggered response is to mentally attack, disarm and dismember people through psychologically manipulative tactics. This energetically understood as a form of psychic attack. Intimidation tactics are also common.

The effects of a psychic attack linger only when the individual has identified with the shadow that person has activated within them. If they 'got in your head' for example, this can be an indication of a psychic injury. Not always. But the healing of that injury relies on you remembering who you are and not what they made you feel like.

Remembering who you are is the gear within you that actually channels light back into that space of injury were light is now lacking. Any energetic or physical injury is defined as a lack of light in that space. Light is always directed or redirected with your intent. So when someone manipulates you psychologically to not trust your own mind and intentions, your body will respond to those negative belief patterns that you have been manipulated into practicing and ultimately identifying with.

Psychic vampirism is manipulative. So you will not always know when it is happening. This is the deceptive nature a tentacles. They lure you in.

Children with narcissistic parents will often have a tentacle relationship. And once a child is grown, those tentacles will want to reattach to something that reflects that original tentacle relationship with the mother, for example.

This tentacle is now a point of weakness within their auric field wherever the tentacles are located. And this child may now be more subject to injuries there both psychically, as well as eventually, physically. Because as we know, everything starts energetically first. Those symptoms, when ignored long enough, subsequently advance physically into the body.

Children with tentacles do not trust their own instincts. They don’t trust the voices in their own head. In fact the voices in their head often do not belong to them at all. It belongs to their abusers. Those who their tentacles were attached to. Your parents, your ex, or other influential figures you had growing up. A feature common amongst anyone who suffers from narcissistic abuse.

The anxious attachment tentacles will usually be located around the heart throat and solar plexus chakras. I observe the narcissistic tentacles typically located around the forehead (third eye chakra) as it reaches and lures.

The condition, quality, and ability/capacity of these tentacles do shift or even evolve over time. Therefore the potential of creative ways these tentacles can manifests through psychological phenomena are limitless. Which is why is vitally important for you to get to know YOU.

Because as you get to know yourself, you get to know your Boundaries. You secure those boundaries. And in doing so you become vibrationally exempt from the coercion or manipulation of these influences and their attacks. You will detect it a mile away. You will sense an energy feels about them. Your instincts will feel that repulsion. You will look away before you can’t even look long enough to see how dangerous that potential actually was. Because you will be so inflow with the energy of who you are. Which is true intuition, the energy of source influencing your thoughts and instincts.

Hope you enjoyed this read today. Thinking of you all today. Sending lots of love!

With Love,

Cody ✨🌈🌞

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thank you for sharing this, Cody. resonant.. I feel I have been undergoing this phenomenon as of late.. as I've been out of my personal power..

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