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Power is Power is Power

I’ve always rebuked the idea of calling myself a spiritual teacher. There have been a number of people I’ve noticed referencing me as a teacher quite a bit recently mostly because of the nature of my posts . Although I’m flattered by the gesture in this, having recurrently been in this role for over 2 years now I’ve been able to identify what approach people respond to, what they identify with, and what they receive most well. What I have observed is that the few times I have labeled myself as a “teacher,” it’s almost as if someone switched the light off in the classroom. There’s something to be said about the damage done by many (not all) school teachers of the public school system. What we’ve resulted with in many people is a conditioned response to the word TEACHER.

I believe a big part of why people have listened what I have to say in the past is because I’m perceived as non-threatening to most people, unlike the way many teachers can be. Calling myself a teacher is a brave thing. Why? Because upon labeling myself as such, I have now stepped into a position in which I am subject to the projection of every single person who has ever had a school teacher who abused their power. I am now not just Cody, but I’m Mrs. Fuller who shamed you for misplacing your #2 pencil. I am Mr. Ryan who MADE you write an essay because he said so and teacher is boss. Every school teacher who asserted dominance over you is now projected onto me when I assume myself into the identity of “teacher.” Instead of what I intend to be a thought provoking post intended to invite awareness, healing, or AHA-moments, this post becomes a chapter from a textbook you’re obligated to read just like in 7th grade when your teacher made you read it.

I did not have the best relationships with my teachers growing up. I always felt isolated, misunderstood, or disregarded. That’s not to say there aren’t brilliant ones out there. Teachers are given a tremendous amount of power in this world. Particularly grade school teachers. These kids spend more of there time in school than their own families. There is a RESPONSIBLITY in power. With power, you have the choice to use it or abuse it. You only need ONE good teacher as a kid to look you in your eyes and tell you your special for you to believe it. Conversely, you only need one grimace of disappointment from a teacher to believe you’re a disappointment through life.

Now, here’s the thing. Despite my tangent going on about why I don’t like calling myself a teacher, it’s important to note that every one of you reading this are teachers. Not only that, but every-THING around you is a teacher, as well. How? Everything around you has a relationship with you. That means there is something to learn from everything around you. At every moment, what is presented before you, physically or not, is informing YOU something about YOU. For example, I know that I’m on this chair because my relationship to this chair is that it is under my butt. The chair taught me something. Inherently, everything is a teacher. What separates you from Deepak Chopra is that Deepak Chopra IDENTIFIES with the title of being a teacher. You (and probably the chair) don’t.

When it comes down to it, yes I’m a spiritual teacher. But so are you. Overwhelmingly you. There isn’t a moment where I don’t learn something from either an interaction I’ve made with one of you in this group, or a post you’ve made made that I’ve read, or something I saw in you and what you had expressed that reminds me of me. Please know that with every word of advice I give you or anyone, you are my reflection. I am able to recognize myself and my own patterns through you. Have you ever noticed the best advice you’ve given would be the exact same advice you would give to your past self? That’s because the universe is always presenting you with mirrors to see and heal yourself through other people. I appreciate you all for this. You have taught me and you have healed me.

I have a passion for sharing tools of information I believe every human being on this planet should have in order to live their freest and fullest life. I share understandings I’ve obtained through my own healing journey in hopes that the tools I provide can work and resonate for you the same way it did so for me. Things like getting jazzed up by the idea of someone taking a pocket of wisdom with them home today that I had shared that day. Something that helped ME get through my day that’s also now helping someone else through their day. Or the thought of someone getting those feel-good reverberation vibes in your body you get when TRUTH resonates in your being. I LIVE for those moments and I truly just want for other people to experience that too. Because it is those moments that is the key to your personal liberation. It’s these moments which give us a glimpse into the freedom we have access to WITHIN us.

With Love,


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