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Nooks & Views / Day 11 of Gratitude Blog

I am grateful for this little nook I created upstairs in my home. At sunrise there is this part of my house where the sunlight shines through my window in the most inspiring ways.

When I am lucky enough to wake up in time I will gather my favorite things, a blanket, some maple-ginger tea, a good book, and perch myself right where I can see the morning born through the sky, emotionally expressing her pastel colors in the water below her.

Sometimes it’s all I need to reset from yesterday and get motivated for the potential of what today can be. The sky reminds me that I am my only true limitation. And there is a world of possibility and harmonic experiences of bliss to be extracted from every moment you are still enough to notice it.

A spark of inspiration is enough to create the greatest creations man has ever known. Inspiration is an indication that your idea is prompted and supported by the universe that you extend from. Inspiration is pure light captured and expressed as a thought through a person’s consciousness. When you get inspired you are CHANNELING THE DIVINE. It is a supreme indication that you and your idea is in alignment.

With Love,


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