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May 23rd: Tarot Card Reading + Channeling from Rhoda

These are the results for the Tarot Card on the Facebook Group Divine Creators with Cody Singh on May 22nd, 2024 for all those a vibrational match. I have consulted with my Lyran Spirit Guide, Rhoda, to provide a channeled message based on the card you have chosen If you have not chosen a card on Facebook, choose here and continue scrolling for the results immediately below:

Tarot Card Reveal:

Card 1. Two of Cups

Unified love, partnership, balance, attraction, start of a new relationship, proposal, marriage.

In the gentle flow of the Two of Cups, Rhoda speaks of a new energy entering your life. This presence carries the essence of divine companionship, romantic love, and, most importantly, partnership as equals. Unified love and balance are at the core of this connection, offering a sense of harmony and mutual attraction that transcends mere romance.

As the cards reveal, there is a profound difference between simply being part of a romantic couple and truly embodying life partners. It's about more than just the fiery passion of a flame; it's about having someone by your side to support you through the everyday moments. From sharing morning tea to working in the garden, from accompanying you to the dentist to dozing off on the couch together, it's these simple, meaningful acts that create the foundation of a deep and lasting connection.

This divine union that is on the horizon represents a sense of being whole, complete, and full. It's about finding someone who not only fills your heart but also your soul, someone who truly understands and complements you in every way. The start of this new relationship may lead to a proposal or even marriage, symbolizing a deep commitment and a bond that transcends time.

As this energy flows into your life, embrace it with open arms and an open heart. Allow this partnership to bring you a sense of harmony, fulfillment, and abundance. Trust in the journey ahead, knowing that you are deserving of this deep and meaningful connection that will bring light and joy into your life. May this divine union guide you towards a path of love, support, and a profound sense of being truly seen and valued in a balanced and loving partnership.

Card 2: 8 of Wands

Rapid change, movement,action, quick decisions, freedom, air travels

In the whirlwind of the 8 of Wands, Rhoda shows me that the key to unlocking personal growth, happiness, and abundance lies in your ability to be decisive and fully present in the moment. Embrace the energy of rapid change, movement, and swift action that surrounds you now. Trust in the flow of your decisions and allow yourself to adapt to the new opportunities and experiences that are coming your way.

Avoid letting resistance slow you down or cloud your judgment. When you resist the natural flow of change, negative emotions and obstacles may arise. Stay attuned to the subtle cues and messages that life is sending your way, and trust in your instincts to guide you towards the path of growth and abundance amidst these rapid changes.

Do not linger too long on one decision, as this may invite doubt and second-guessing to creep in. Trust in yourself and the momentum you are creating with your choices. By staying committed to your goals and embracing the energy of the moment, you will generate positive momentum and opportunities for happiness and fulfillment in the midst of quick decisions.

Embrace the swift changes and decisions that life is presenting to you. Stay present, trust in your instincts, and move forward with confidence and clarity. The path to personal growth, happiness, and abundance is open to you, and Rhoda encourages you to seize the moment and embrace the journey ahead with courage and passion as you navigate through the swift currents of change and movement.

Strength: Card 3

Courage, passion, inner strength, influence, focus, compassion, and persuasion. It is a symbol of the teacher, healer, and nurturer, carrying the wisdom to guide and support those around you.

You are the beacon of strength and compassion in the lives of many. Your presence holds the power to influence and nurture those in need, offering a sense of consciousness and wisdom that is deeply impactful. Like a guardian, you provide a safe space for others to express themselves and seek guidance.

In your role as a nurturer and influencer, you embody love, receptivity, and understanding. You listen attentively, assessing the needs of those around you, and offer your consciousness to help guide them through challenges. Your compassionate nature is a source of comfort for many, creating a sense of home and security in times of chaos.

Though your efforts may sometimes go unnoticed or under appreciated, know that your gift of nurturing and guiding others is a rare and invaluable one. Your ability to provide care and support to communities, families, and friends is a testament to your inner strength and compassion.

Embrace your role as the voice of reason, the nurturer of ideas, and the guardian of love and consciousness. Your presence is like a garden, fertile with wisdom and compassion, where ideas and expressions can bloom and flourish. Use your gifts wisely, for you are a cherished presence in the lives of those around you.

Continue to nurture, guide, and support with love and compassion, for your influence and strength are truly coveted and appreciated by those who are fortunate enough to know you. Stay tuned for next weeks Tarot Reading + Channeled Message of Guidance! ✨For all those a vibratioinal match, I have a channeled remote energy healing audio that will assist many of you navigating themes of inner resistance related to subjects you have inquired Spirit for this Tarot Reading. Feel free to listen here or download the MP3 file for you to tune into these frequencies of healing and transformation. More details here on that metaphysical properties and influences of this channeling here:

With Love,

Cody Singh

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