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Liziqi - Red & Lavender Aura Analysis

❤ Liziqi - Red & Lavender Aura

I wanted to use Liziqi here as an example to show how diverse red people can be. Her red energy allows her the personality to be interested in such physical activities and labor. Red people find connection to their spiritual nature through engaging physically. Where the life force energy of purple people will drive them toward a creative vision that is more abstract, red peoples life force energy drives to engage in things more in the here and now. Red people do not connect to spirituality in the traditional sense. It is not grounded enough. There is not enough physical evidence for them too pay enough attention to it. They are black and white thinkers.

However it is important to know that we all channel our spirituality in different ways based on our nature. We are constant flowing vehicles of spiritual energy. The ways that energy guides each person can be individual to their aura color. Red people will enter a meditative state from going for a jog or a swim or physical exercise the way a crystal person may through yoga or meditation for example. Tapping into the same spiritual power. The way you access it is unique based on your nature and how your mind operates.

Similar to Liziqi here. You can see her red and lavender energy and spiritual alignment as she plants, forage, and cooks. Her spiritual source power influences and guides her in these physical ways.

What you see here is a beautiful fusion of her magnificent red and lavender energies coming together to support her very "red" task as she is foraging and harvesting. You see that as well as she cooks. That beautiful red energy. However it is encompassed by a brilliant and bigger lavender energy that is also integral to her nature. It is why her physical red energy is guiding her toward a very balanced and spiritually connected space and hobby working with the earth in a very physically oriented way.

Reds can be very successful in their career if they make that their goal. However, they are usually more concerned about primary needs being met. What do they need in order to survive and be content in life? Whereas green people are more achievement oriented and channel their spirituality toward structuring ideas that eventually create massive impacts on people.

Red is a physical aura color. So they resonate to physical approaches toward things. Sufficiency, self sustainability, survival needs. In this way, they are very in the present moment. They enjoy the engagement of physical tasks in the moment.

They are not here to chitchat. They are about executing tasks. Very practical. What are the instructions and guidelines, and they will execute it exactly as it is written. Speakers, rescue workers, firefighters, soldiers, competitive athletes, repairmen, plumbers, fishermen, surgeons, singers, performers. They are beings geared toward instant gratitication. Stand-up comedians are often red, as well.

They connect with basic human survival instincts. The primal animalistic part of us. When an animal sees prey, instinct takes over. There is one objective, take down prey. This is why they can be very great competitive athletes. They follow direction very well. And will be extremely great in a crisis. They actually thrive in that energy.

They have an incredible capacity to hold space for large groups of people. They “hold down the ship” so to speak. If you are lost in the woods, they will be the most proactive at building a hut, hunting for food, survival instincts. Green people will have all the information about what different plants you can forage to eat. While the blues and purples take care of the emotional work. They won't cater to supporting peoples emotional needs. Reds will make sure everybody is being fed, that there is shelter, and is taken care of in a physical practical sense.

If red people they are into arts, they are great performers with a lot of stamina. They may not connect emotionally in the same way as the purples do for example to music, but they know how to perform and "show out" because that is a physical oriented trait. One task, get on stage and entertain everybody. They don't do anything that is not tangible. If it is in the fine print, that is what they will deliver. They make great judges and lawyers for this reason, as well. Red people often live long lives.

And if you haven't gotten a chance to enjoy the brilliant ambience and meditative mood setting that is Liziqi’s videos, you're welcome .

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