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Deities / Day 17 of Gratitude Blog

I am grateful for Deities, Great Spirits, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels and more that guide me. I think many people in the New Age community have an aversion to the concept of prayer. Prayer is a word that is subject to a lot of projection from a lot of religious trauma growing up. For some people, religion is a very useful tool to access spirituality. For other people it was used as a tool to manipulate and modify your behavior using spiritual justifications. Because of that, naturally a lot of people have resistance toward the idea of praying to an idol in order to bestow blessings upon them. A rhetoric that has been normalized as naïve thinking in our culture. Passively, comedically, or in some cases aggressively dismissed as unreliable, illogical, or insignificant.

Although writing blog posts is not an essential part of the gratitude challenge, I wanted to write so perhaps it could be a point of resonance for other people. What I have found is that after 17 days it has brought on a clarity of self and an inner acceptance of my unique essence. I feel more grounded in my nature, personal integrity, and authenticity.

I had not anticipated that this gratitude challenge would cause me to share as much as I have about myself and my inner world. But I see it as a great opportunity to show people what spirituality practically looks like for a human being in today’s world. We are all complicated beings. Multi-layered. And we have to know how to apply these spiritual concepts in the context of our complicated circumstances of our unique lives. Otherwise these concepts will only ever be “concept.” It will never be truly lived.

As a result this process has caused me to write about things that invite people into deeper layers of me. It forces me to share my inner world. Something I am not opposed to doing.

But my inner world is a lot different from most other people I’ve met. So naturally I feared that my unique shares may be less relatable as time goes on. As The 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge progresses, I am writing and expressing from deeper, more unique parts of my soul. I’m summoning on aspects of me I’ve only shared with a handful of people in my life before.

But what I’ve realized is it’s not always the content that people relate to in posts. It is the emotionality of it. It is the essence of the post. The poetry of it. What image does this post paint in my hearts mind? What do I feel in my being when I read these words? What does it evoke or prompt within me? That leaves the greatest impact.

So naturally I was reluctant to post about prayer today. But it is a reality for me that each morning I greet the Great Spirits and high forces of good that I am able to perceive a lot more clearly than most other people. I have clear communication with them. They tell me anything that I ask for. When I ask them for help with any specific thing, as long as I am specific and clear about it, my wish is always granted. But you don’t need to be able to see them or hear them to ask for their guidance.

The key is asking empowered questions. Most people are pleading or begging when they pray. The universe responds to your vibration not your words. This includes the Ascended Masters. You have to speak their language. Ask them empowered questions. If you ask disempowered questions, your answer will be skewed and off-base. Because you were not clear on what you wanted or what you were asking. Therefore then, your answer will not be clear either. So your best bet is to enter an empowered state of being before you pray.

We have to remember these deities are actual beings. They respond to you more when you reach out to them more. When you pay them gratitude and respect, they will answer your prayers/askings more. And they ARE capable of delivering miracles. The key is your alignment. You have to be in alignment when you pay gratitude and honor to them. Otherwise you are not actually adopting the frequency of gratitude. This will enable you to be clear on what you want so that when they bestow your blessings and answer your prayers, you can recognize the path, signals, and synchronicities they are lining up for you to follow in order to answer your prayers.

Doing this will also enhance your psychic perception. Because you’re making use of your channel. When I watch people pray who are truly devoted, I am watching all of this divine golden white light energy flowing through the top of their heads through their being the same way I see when others are channeling spirit guides. This is also what it looks like in meditation for people who journey with their consciousness in meditation. It is essentially source energy flowing through their human vessels.

If you give offerings to them, have ceremonies or rituals to celebrate them, they will show up stronger. With these Deities, each one is a little bit different and respond to different types of offerings more. But generally, gratitude in all forms is the greatest payment most accessible gift to offer them.

Now of course, you do not need to pray to deities in order to lead a spiritually aligned life. There are many creative ways to realize the soul in life and become spiritually whole.

I must say however, the inner work is most important. But know that these deities can assist you in the inner work/shadow work. If you are a shadow worker like me, ask them for help with your shadow work. Get specific with stubborn blocks if you haven’t. Ask them for their assistance in releasing those blocks in your therapy or personal practice of self healing. These beings have helped work through so many mental blocks rooted in past trauma. We are not asking them to do it for us, we are just asking for their help in navigating the human experience.

And the more you trust them, you’d be surprised what they show you and what they go on to do for you. 😉

With Love,


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