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Day 4 of Gratitude

I’m grateful for the color blue. Blue is bold, it is passionate, but it is mutable and receptive at the same time. It is neutral, but it holds a distinctive identity. Blue invites warmth while also brings temperance. There is a cooling nature about blue. A calming effect. Yet also makes me feel warm inside. A paradoxical identity but definitive in its truth in that it brings me warmth and connectivity but has a cooling, tempering effect. Blue almost evokes warmth from within. As opposed to red that projects warmth onto you. Blue has a direct link to the soul.

It reminds me of me. Multi layered, distinguishable, passionate but definitively tranquil and zen at heart. I appear on surface as relatively calm, cool, and collected but there is a sea of expansive thought, and electrical currents of truth racing beneath the surface, with an eagerness to share a very clear directive and agenda. I’m a scorpio rising sign and it reminds me of that aspect of me. Whereby people often in the past have had a hard time reading me at first glance. Often appearing mysterious initially, only to be revealed my more passive nature.

When I visualize that ocean blue it feels exactly as that. I feel submerged in an ocean.

I hear the sound of being underwater. A powerful numbing effect that I hear and feel. Like I froze time.

I see sunlight cascading penetrating the surface of the water above me. And I feel a godly warmth originate from my forehead disseminate though my body. All is well.



For those of you new to the challenge, the 21 Days of Gratitude challenge was a scientific experiment conducted in which people were asked to find 1 NEW thing to be grateful for each day for 2 minutes a day for 21 days.

What they found was people who tested low-level pessimists were now testing low-level OPTIMISTS by the end of 21 days. And went on to radically shift their lives as a result.

Feel free to share something new you’re grateful for today in the comments.

With Love, Cody

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