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Day 3 of Gratitude

I’m grateful be in a pocket of my life right now that feels innocent and new. A detect a fragrance of possibility and spontaneity is in the air today. It’s a feeling of opening you eyes to this world for the first time.

Through the various sheddings and renewals and releases in my life, I’ve managed to build a raft in the core of my soul with the wherewithal and ambition sail wherever the wind takes me. Where I intrinsically trust myself enough to know I will always be okay as long as I am authentic to myself.

I’m thankful to reach a place in which authenticity equals abundance equals prosperity equals truth. If I have one, I have all. I have a guide. I have a purpose. I have all that I need to live a fulfilled life. And I’m beginning to see the building blocks aligning. True Alignment is in foresight for the first time in my life.

I’m grateful that I’ve positioned myself in my life in a way in which I get to choose what’s next. I’m not at the will of some unseen force I was misguided in understanding as a child. I’ve supplied and enriched my inner being in such a way that enables me to better understand HOW to choose gratitude. People say that often, just CHOOSE happiness. Well if it were that easy, we would have chosen it a long time ago. But it is true statement we all realize it at various points in our lives. I just didn’t know how to do it. I’m grateful that I do understand that more now. I’m very grateful to have done the inner work to understand how that works now. I’m grateful for the control it gives back to me in my life.

I’m grateful that I’ve arrived at a time in my life where if I have a need, I know how it can be met. I recall a time in in my early childhood when I was afraid of the world. I asked the universe every single night of my childhood to provide me the tools and skills I need to get through this life. I asked that I get to know the true nature of God so I can understand this experience.

Looking back, I find it miraculous that I am manifesting exactly that. I’m thankful that I was manifesting before I knew what manifesting even was.

I’m thankful that I’ve acquired sufficient awareness about myself and the nature of the Universe to answer any question that I ever truly have. As a child all I ever wanted to know was “why?” Or “how?” And no one was ever really able to give me an answer. I realize my persistence in that grand asking is what created my life I have today, of understanding “why” and “how” according to the Universe.

I feel my soul peaking through today in new and eager ways. Like a child peering through the curtains at the premiere of spring. Anticipating possibility. But patient. I am grateful that I have learned how to be more patient with myself. New experiences on the horizon. As I say that, the sun flirts with me. Giving me a few an innocent shimmers to confirm my thought. Patience.


For those of you new to the challenge, the 21 Days of Gratitude challenge was a scientific experiment conducted in which people were asked to find 1 NEW thing to be grateful for each day for 2 minutes a day for 21 days.

What they found was people who tested low-level pessimists were now testing low-level OPTIMISTS by the end of 21 days. And went on to radically shift their lives as a result.

Feel free to share something new you’re grateful for today in the comments.

With Love, Cody

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