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Day 14 of Gratitude Blog / Dreams

I’m grateful for the creative ways my dreams at night offer insights into the context of my life and themes within in it. I woke up this morning knowing exactly what to do next precisely because of my the patterning and directives in my dreams that night. I think dreaming it’s a really cool and underrated feature of the human experience. And I am grateful that it allowed me to pivot the trajectory of my day, because I know if I hadn’t listened to the messages in my dreams last night today would have a lot more of a struggle.

For those of you new, the 21 Days of Gratitude challenge was a famous scientific study conducted in which people were asked to focus on 1 NEW thing they’re grateful for, for 2 minutes a day for 21 days.

What they found was people who tested low-level pessimists were now testing low-level OPTIMISTS by the end of 21 days and went on to radically shift their lives, thereafter.

Feel free to share something new you’re grateful for today in the comments.

Also, would love to know how you guys are doing! We have just one more week! Just a reminder, writing out your gratitude is not a necessary component. I say that’s so you don’t add on extra pressure to this challenge. It is a gratitude challenge, not a writing challenge. But I do LOVE reading your comments I’ve seen on Patreon and the Divine Creators with Cody Singh Facebook Group!

With Love,


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