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Connection Misconceptions

Connection is not ‘required’ for healing. Connection is a BYPRODUCT of healing

I am so tired of people in the healing community saying healing is impossible without connection.

That is absolutely useless information for people actively ALONE in this moment.

No you cannot just walk up to anyone and just pour your heart out to them. You’ll be disappointed. You have to have a foundation in place within you. You have to know how to be vulnerable with yourself. There is a lot of groundwork that comes before the resonance of true connection with other people.

The experience of real connection first came to me after I had done a ton of work on myself that led me to a community of people who identified with. But I had to get to know who I was and do that work inside of myself to get myself to even go outside and explore those relationships.

Individuals who have freshly gone through a break up or a death. Traumatized victims wrongly incarcerated in prison. The reason they need healing is BECAUSE their connection was severed. And telling someone to go see connection is the same thing as telling someone to go love yourself. How? It starts with you. Not anyone else. You.

There are so many people reading blanket statements about connection causing them to feel MORE helpless. With more spotlight placed on the awareness that not only are they alone, but they are now also helpless because they are alone... *sigh*

Before you connect with another individual, you made a decision in your mind to not be alone anymore.

That decision is the most crucial moment of your life. Because in that DECISION you have instantly catapulted an entire vibrational pathway for you based on that signaling of that thought.

That shifting of your vibrational frequency in that moment based on that DECISION you made is what makes you vibrational match to connection. TRUE connection.

For, if you seek connections before you establish vibrational alignment, the connections will be unstable & unreliable. You will have poor boundaries & experience miscommunication. Because you are not a vibrational match.

If you have access to connection and the ability to open up with someone you know has the capacity to receive you, KNOW that privilege. And make good use of it.

But if you don’t have that privilege, healing can and DOES begin alone. Actually it always begins alone.

When we make connection a requirement for healing we are leaving the fate of our well-being in someone else’s hands. Which leaves your ability to heal a variable based on if that person is there or not. The power is within you first. Do not forget this.

Particularly for those of you who actively cannot access other people in this moment. That is a reality for many people. Either emotionally/mentally crippled or physically so. There are so many individuals wrongly incarcerated who don’t have the ability to connect. But they are NOT hopeless. So let’s stop preaching that. We have to remember and take into consideration all people. Not just the people in our bubble.

So if you are alone. And you are fed up with people telling you that you need to connect with someone in order to feel better. They are wrong. The power is within you.

And the realization of this is what causes your vibrational frequency to raise into a position where you WILL receive the impulse to connect with someone you feel drawn to.

And then and only then is connection healing. When you are in vibrational resonance with who you are connecting with.

If you are not in vibrational resonance with who you are connecting or confiding in, this is actually quite dangerous. potentially emotionally or physically depending on your particular circumstance.

So what proceeds connection with someone you resonate with? YOU. YOU do. Your decision. Your power. Your sovereignty. Your ability to pull yourself out of any situation begins with YOU. Not anyone else.

For nothing is sweeter than Eternal Connection with your Source. And the misunderstanding is that connection comes before healing. That's not how Law of Attraction works either, is it? You must have accessed or reached vibrationally through your thoughts/feelings the experience of connection for it to have a pathway to allow it into your experience. For that vibrational grid to be created to allow that connection into your life, you must have thought it first causing you to build a desire toward it. You cannot "want it" if you do not the ability to tap into how it feels emotionally/vibrationally first.

So connection is a byproduct of the work you do on yourself. But for a lot of people they haven't established that foundation of healthy connections yet.

And I want to speak directly to you in this moment. You are not hopeless. And if you feel seen in this moment through these words, this is the experience of eternal connection. They do have access to all on your own. Focus on this a little bit longer.

This is called Meditation. And it is the best way from where you are at that you will ever attract true connection in your life. If you start within yourself. And establish true healing, empowerment, and abundance. Tune in to the vibration within you you want to attract from. And receive from there. Make a practice of this. And there's no wrong way to do it. Just be consistent. Because mediation IS receiving. Receiving what you WANT.

With Love,


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