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Bump In The Night

So last night I had an interesting experience I thought it would be beneficial for some if I shared. I’ve grown accustomed at this point to visitation from spirits over the years. Being tormented throughout my childhood by entities, I’ve learned to develop methods of both managing my extra-sensory perception and getting rid of unwanted entities. It has been a journey of both learning my personal boundaries and space as well as survival. There have been countless nights I thought I was going to die of the sheer terror of these unwanted guests. This is usually when we start praying out of fear to god for help, pleading to our guides for assistance out of despair, shouting for help from the universe in resentment.

We live in a vibrational universe. That means, everything responds to vibration in this universe. When you pray, the universe responds not to your words but your vibration. What do you feel inside when you utter these words? This is the message your conveying. I was that boy who cried out for help ultimately to feel abandoned by god and the universe. Today I’m virtually unfazed by spirit visitors. So much so that when I do call for assistance from my guides to clear my space of these unwanted entities, they appear in no time. This is because my vibration upon calling out to them is that of Gratitude. These guides are extensions of you. When you really are able to stand in your power as a sovereign being of free will, you yourself are the one to claiming your space from these entities. The power is within you.

Now, there is an exception to this rule. Last night I had a visitor from an earthbound spirit. These types of spirits will be drawn to all of you, on this group particularly. Those of us who have chosen a path of awakening have a particular quality in our auras that illuminates like a christmas tree to ghosts or other disincarnate beings. The reason why your auras appear brighter is because you exist more through conscious awareness in several higher dimensions at once. This makes you illuminate brighter to those of us who can perceive beyond the 3rd dimension.

One thing we should understand about ghosts is that they are merely the identity of who that person was before they passed on. There are many people who have a difficult time letting go of ego upon transitioning (dying) due to a diversity of factors. Usually something unresolved or unfinished business they are unwilling to let go of until it is resolved or archived. We should know that the actual souls of these spirits themselves have already rejoined the unity of source by this point. Meaning, the entity in your room is just the thought-form manifestation of that spirits ego trying to validate itself.

I’ve grown used to living in a world where we co-exist with the spirit realm. Therefore when it’s 11pm and there’s a spirit in the corner, I don’t bug them if they’re not bugging me. Now, last night was one of those nights where I was being poked. I call poking when an entity sees your boundaries are are trying to cross them. Growing up hypersensitive to multidimensional universe, a lesson every psychic medium learns is boundaries. Establishing a strong sense of self to know what you tolerate and what you don’t tolerate in your space. These boundaries reflect the the physical, as well as the non-physical. Today, I have healthy boundaries. Therefore I know at this point if there is a pesky entity trying to get my attention, even after firmly stating emotionally/verbally/vibrationally that the only beings authorized in my space are ones of the highest light, there is something here I need to investigate further.

Last night, through all my practices, I was unable to get this spirit to leave me alone! This one was banging in my walls and at one point caused my hair to fly up! I had literally HAD it by this point. It wouldn’t let up! My spirit team was clearly not helping either. The only thing you can do at this point is communicate to them. Understand that in this universe of law of attraction, what is being presented to you is a mirror of what’s going on inside of you whether you’re conscious of it or not. The manifestation of this entity is your mirror trying to make you conscious of what is unconscious to you about yourself.

This spirit was that of a woman in her early 30s who lost her son. I chose to communicate with her through her frantic energy and explain what happened to her son and where he is now. I explained to her that he’s crossed over and is waiting for her. Side note, you don’t always need to know the whole story. This one I happened to get a vision of a train accident where they both passed. Her name was Paris and she had a profound sense of burden she held on herself even before dying. Interestingly enough, she knew she was dead. She just thought her son was still alive. She never believed she provided for her son the way she wanted to or was capable of, and having her son dying has eliminated that possibility from ever happening. Another ability I have is the ability to astral project. I reassured her that son is being cared for and waiting patiently for her to join him on their other side. I consciously walked her through the light tunnel (yes it’s actually a white tunnel) into her transition.

There are certain spirits would prefer communicating clairsentiently. A tip for those of you learning to communicate to spirit this way is to identify the feeling signature associated with this presence. Where do you feel it in or on your body? These feelings correspond to messages they’re trying to tell you, pulling from your feeling-based spirit dictionary. You want to withdraw into this feeling. Here you will begin to understand the messages through the associated feelings and emotions you’re flushed with. The feeling I was confronted with I quickly realized corresponded to an emotional trigger of mine. In order to communicate with her, I knew I had to confront some deep seeded wounds within. The process of transitioning Paris was emotional experience. Almost immediately I was flashed with a feeling-based memory I knew Paris was reflecting back to me beneath the surface of our interaction. A theme I’ve only recently began to notice in my life.

Growing up I was mostly tormented by my own inner demons. My liberation came only recently. Everyone has that one family member you have to pay extra close attention to. I was that high risk child and I’ve identified with that my entire life. I was always the black sheep in my family. The past few months I’ve had to get used to this new perspective that has really become a role to fulfill of being stable and secure. Whereas before I could always detect that note of worry/fear/concern in my family’s eyes and voices over me, now I find myself in the reverse role. Suddenly the attention is off of me, and now I’m the one concerned about my loved ones. I’ve never noticed the people I love really experience suffering when I was young, because I was always so drowned in my own suffering. It feels like suddenly, now, I’m clear enough to notice their pain going through their own struggles that come with life now. Struggles a greater part of me is confident they can make it through, but another part of me worries for. There’s nothing you want more as a brother than to take their pain away. It’s the most powerless feeling knowing there are some things out of your control. Some things people have to learn on their own at their own pace. And the lesson for me in this is the same as the one they’ve had to learn for me when they felt powerless toward helping me when I was growing up.

There’s a part of me that feels so deeply for Paris because she, like me, felt like she could be doing more. I feel a burden and responsibility for the well-being of those I love. And if they’re ever to fall, I make it my fault because I possess a belief that says I’m supposed to take care of them. With the type of work I do that my family has grown to understand and be proud of, they expect a lot from me. And it’s so difficult to feel like it’s a matter of time before my efforts fall short. Because they will inevitably fall, just like we all fall.

Paris took me into this wound she reflected so deeply. Today I’m learning that the responsibility I put on myself to ensure everyone is healthy and well all the time is unrealistic. I learn that putting this burden on myself actually is taking away from things I really can be doing to help guide their individual process of soul growth. I also learn from my past self today who needed space to learn about himself and garner the tools to heal and progress in their lives. I’m not a parent, but I know most parents/aunties/mentors are should understand that if and when they come to you for your guidance, know that there will be times when you don’t have the answer. We have to understand that the notion of “Abandon and Look Away” is totally different than “Love and Let Be.” And that one of the most loving acts you can do for someone you love is to trust them with their own lives.

With Love,


Art by Gabriel Tamaya

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