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Ayahuasca / Gratitude Blog Day 6

It has been 4 years since I drank Ayahuasca in the jungles of Costa Rica and many of the things I did not understand, I am beginning to understand.

There is an unfoldment. She is revealing things to us that may not have significance for another 30 years. But there is a purpose. There was always a purpose.

I knew it was a prophecy. There is a distinct knowing that this is the script of our soul and I’m getting a glimpse of it here. What’s planned for me if I am according to plan.

That raw place you sit at the nakedness of your soul. The trail of surrender. I’m often brought back to that journey.

The swishing leaves . The sounds of the forest. My bones chill as I recall the ancestors playing their song guiding us on. “Machi, Machi, Pachamama.” The scent of bile still sharp from Ayah’s brew. The purging of truth as she dances inside of you. Your evocation.

But there is an oasis. The reward is your soul.

To this day, as the shifts in my life broach near, I feel Mother Ayahuasca’s Great Spirit not far. It is deafening. My body’s fibers remembers. But she witnessed you. She witnesses you in your darkest hour. And there is comfort in her. She guided you back home that night. She is reminded you who you truly are.

As I approach any sort of shedding, release, or transcendence in life, my body’s memory brings me back to that forest in ceremony. The night sky. The waft of bile from the Ayahuasca brew. I am on my way home. And she is reminding me.

What I know today is that Ayahuasca was showing me the course of my life. My path. The love and the pain. But mostly, what I would have to let go of. Who I would have to let go of. And how much that would hurt me if I resisted the shedding process.

She experientially demonstrated through my body in ceremony the lapse of my life as Cody, past and future. I felt the height and the depth. And endured what I still had to let go of. I experienced the peak and the pit of my heart. Equally the most beautiful and simultaneously painful feelings I felt that night.

As time goes on my faith in Ayahuasca has only strengthened. Everything she showed me has happened or is in the process of happening. And I do know now that the elements I still don’t understand quite yet, I WILL understand at key defining moments in my spiritual evolution spanning the course of my life. I trust that now.

I am grateful to Great Spirit Ayahuasca for dancing with me. For her mercy. And her restoration.

Within each of our soul’s there is a call. Ayahuasca put me in touch with that call. And I now understand that life is just a series of experiences disguised to call us back to our soul. And each time I get closer, I hear the trees, I hear the wind, my soul’s ears perk up as Ayahasuca graces me. And I remember.


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