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Aura Types: Red & Blues ❤️💙

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

❤️Red & 💙Blue Aura People in therapy, work, & relationships

Red people and Blue people are VASTLY & FUNDAMENTALLY different people.

IF Red aura people ever go to therapy, they would resonate with DBT therapy. Cognitive Behavioral modification approaches. Giving them practical things to shift behavioral patterns. Reds won’t have time or patience to go deep. They want to get fixed because that is the objective. Get in and get out. Whatever gets their “engine” operating efficiently again. And they WILL accomplish this. And be back in the grind in no time. Because when they choose to do something, they COMMIT.

Red people see emotions as a distraction. Reds are direct, leaders, passionate, robust, hearty, powerful, tough, competitive.

Whereas Royal Blues, Sky blue, Indigo people like shadow work. (Blues would resonate with IFS form of therapy.) They really enjoy emotions. Particularly Sky Blue and Indigo people. Working with emotions. Feeling emotions. Talking to therapist about their emotions. Deeply caring and compassionate individuals. Sky Blue people are highly emotional feeling-based beings. Sky Blues and Indigo spectrum people tend to actually become therapists. Royal Blues tend to integrate their emotional understanding into taking on bigger projects in the world and in businesses or their careers. They represent the bold strength of the blue spectrum people. For Red aura people, emotions won’t be the indicator that things are going wrong in their life. It will be some major explosion in their life that FORCES them to get help. But that help will be quick and efficient.

Blue spectrum people start going to therapy and fall in LOVE with it. And enjoy investigating their subconscious and often stay in some form of therapy for the rest of their lives. Often becoming a mental health care worker themselves in some capacity. So Esther Hicks is interesting to me. Because she is in the field of self-help. But she is a Red aura person (very rare for this field). Yet she is one of the most coveted people in the new age community with probably the most renown and documented success rates for an over a 40 year career. Her workshops are often carrying extremely wealthy people who were raised on Abraham Hicks. As well as people in deep despair hoping for rapid shifts and expansion. Reds ACTIVATE you. Blues soothe you.

The reason is because of how Abraham the “collective” entity functions.

When she channels, her aura expands and turns all red. The idea of the Abraham Collective is that they are non-physical representatives of the frequency of Source. Meaning, their vibration doesn't dip in any capacity in any of the messages they share. They are just reflecting back that person’s source frequency at them so as to guide them into alignment with their source. Knowing once this is obtained, they have their answers and solutions. Because they are in alignment with that flow of energy (information & consciousness) of their source self (higher self).

If you think about it, it's kind of totally a RED trait thing to do. “No I'm not gonna go down there and sob and lament with you. That is not productive. I'm just gonna reflect back to you who you are in your highest truth and knowing and guide you back into alignment with it.” — Is a total Abraham Hicks thing to say. It is also a total RED AURA approach to shifting. And it is highly effective for those types of people compatible with that red energy. Or in need of more red energy to jumpstart action and momentum in your life or creations, for example. One might seek out a red or yellow life coach or motivator or fitness coach for a very particular approach toward whipping you into mental or physical shape, quickly. To achieve that goal or complete that “objective.” Light Blue or Indigo persons approach to someone emotionally struggling would be to meet someone where they are at. Even if it means lowering your energy to do so, in order to make that person feel not so alone. The downfall of Sky Blues is people pleasing to a self-sacrificing level. They are givers. To a fault, sometimes. Often suffer from a lot of sore throat, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, stomach issues, gastritis, nervous system related complications manifested from emotional issues. Anxiety, not having voice be heard, giving more than they have to give emotionally. All of which can be represented physically in the body if not dealt with.

Blues spectrum people need empathy. Their emotions need to be acknowledged. Because this is how they operate.

Red people don't care about the emotions, they just want to get what they want in life. Achievers. Blindingly so. It is about executing the task. At all costs. Business leaders are often reds.They are money hungry and they are competitive. And usually well off financially. They either are incredibly so, or incredibly poor and destructive individuals when out of alignment. Dangers to themselves and others around them when Reds are off kilter. They have short fuses. So WATCH OUT.

So Esther would be a perfect example of a balanced red person using their direct and passionate innate gift to relentlessly reflect someone’s source back at them without offsetting her own energy in the process. She also has purple though. That is why she has an affinity for spirituality. Also her vitality and spunk comes from her purple. Reds usually do NOT seek out spirituality in any form. They are physical beings. Practical. Strong. Powerful. In charge and they don’t even know what the word self-doubt means. So red AND purple together? Very special.

The red nature is often why Abraham Hicks gets a bad rep from other blue spectrum people sometimes. It will always be a blue/indigo spectrum person criticizing Abraham Hick’s red person approach to things. Crystals potentially as well sometimes because they can be very delicate as well when out of alignment.

Blues (sky blue, royal blue, indigo) people reside in emotions 💙. That is who they are. They are absorbent. Blues are empathic. Sky blue people would make them sit with their pain. Get to know their pain. In effort to become comfortable enough to release it. Red people know how you want to feel and hold the vibration of that firmly for you to see and then CHOOSE it. An approach that speaks to many red people, orange people, certain tan spectrum people, some greens as well. Many yellows too.

The "red way" or the "blue way" are neither right nor wrong. It just goes to show that everybody has to receive information a little bit differently in order to understand it. Based on who they are and what their needs are in that given moment.

This is why a lot of famous or successful people attend Abraham Hicks workshops, as well. Because they want to achieve goals. They want to create things. And a RED Abraham Hicks will help you accomplish that task. Just for reference with reds, because I don’t see many reds on this group from your aura pictures you post, Red people are also in the army a lot. I always just see red when there are troops marching. They are physically fit often because if their goal is to get in shape, they will LIVE in the gym. Blues, particularly sky blues (light blue) will be writing or painting or doing something more fluid than going to the gym. Light blues are rarely in the public eye. Usually they are therapists or counselors. Indigos if they are public, can be very influential and new thought leaders of their time. But it is still quite rare to find them.

So it is not one size fits all. There’s not one way that works for everyone. But it is important that we have these different approaches and tones that work for us.

The tendency with blue spectrum people is to think because THEY need emotional support, patience, slower paces, and tranquility to operate efficiently, the same goes for ALL people. Red people tend to initially perceive people who are actually just being thoughtful, methodical, and patient, as being ineffective, lazy, or useless.

Reds like movement. They get energy from chaos. Big cities, the hustle and bustle regulates them. And that is completely in alignment for THEM. In order to get through to a red person, you need to be IN THEIR FACE. You have to tell them exactly what is wrong with them and how to change it. Now. They don’t have a lot of patience so make it quick, by the way. That will usually work for them. That approach would send a sky blue people into a panic attack. Lol. So they need the patience and someone to hold space for them to patiently walk through the turbulent emotions and energies they are highly attuned to within themselves AND around them, as well. Reds and blues are STARKLY different creatures. Here are some examples of Reds and Sky Blues, Indigos. It’s rare for someone to have only ONE color. So they all have another color but are dominantly either red or blue spectrum (indigo, light blue) Royal blues are a little different from other Blue Spectrum colors in that they have quite bold character. Dignity. Powerful. Strong. Hilary Clinton is a royal blue. Ben Affleck is Royal Blue of the top of my head. They are the most functional of the blue spectrum colors in public, work, or fast-paced settings. But they are somehow able to balance others emotions in the work place. They are in charge, but considerate of others. Some people wear “overlay” or inauthentic colors because they don’t think it’s okay to be who they are. Usually out of shame or some other trauma related issue. I often see Red people wear Royal Blue overlays at work. And this is because they are afraid that being their authentic red direct selves will be too “bossy.” So they try to be nicer but it comes across as "off" or disingenuous. When they just need to know and accept that their powerful red nature selves are naturally leaders. And nobody is going to take the lead and drive this ship better than they can. Nor should anybody feel bad or guilty for who they are in their nature. ❤️💙

When people wear overtones to mask their true nature, they can be "touchy." If you present them with something that doesn't align with the identity of their overtone color (the alter personality they've learned to identify with) they will react. They will get triggered out of the blue (no pun intended). And it is because their mask has been torn down revealing their true self who they haven't discovered how to love or find approval for yet. More on overtones/mask colors to come...

Famous Reds:

❤️Judge Judy (Red)

❤️Mike Tyson - boxer (Red)

❤️Russel Crowe - actor (Red) ❤️💛Chelsea Handler - comedian/talkshow host (Red, Yellow)

❤️💜Esther Hicks - Spiritual Teacher/Channeler (Mostly ALL RED when channeling Abraham -Red & Purple when not channeling). Famous Blue spectrum people:

💙💜Billie Eilish (Light Blue, Violet)

💙💜Alessia Cara - singer (Light Blue, Violet)

💙💜Halsey - singer (Light Blue, Purple-ish-violet)

💙💜Elizabeth Taylor (Blue, Purple-ish-violet)

💙💛Kate Hudson (Blue, Yellow)

🌌Byron Katie (Indigo)

List of other popular aura colors & general traits: ❤️Red people: Power, strong, leaders, pride, passionate, direct, practical, sexual, tough, robust, physically fit

💛Yellow people: Motivated, enthusiasm, social, vigor, perfectionist, determined, fun, up-beat

💚Green people: Organized, systematic, factual, logical, soothing, balanced, grounded, achiever, hard working.

💜Purple (Violet) people: Powerful, spiritual, visionaries, free spirit, spontaneous, artistic, leadership, compassion, intuitive, magical, magnetic, motivational, purposeful, charismatic

🌀Indigo people: Absorbent, deep, high consciousness, alluring, strong-willed, wisdom, resilience, wounded healers, evolved communication skills, emotionally psychic, Starseeds.

💙Light Blue people: Sensitive, empathic, communication, self-expression, empathetic, motherly, caring, supportive, intuitive, nurturing

🔵Royal Blue people: Bold, virtues, stability, secure, dignity, confidence, diplomatic .

💗Pink people: Manifesting power, optimistic, chooses to only focus on beauty & light in the world

🧡Orange people: Warm, inspiring, sociable, charming, action oriented, risk taking, confident, chill, sensual, adventuresome

🤍Crystal people: Prismatic/reflective color. Self-reflective, chameleons, organized, artists, natural healers, empaths, ethereal, calm, mentally quick, carry other people’s colors often. Make many friends. Adapt well. Very rarely become public figures. Often Starseeds. Otherworldly presence.

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Sandesh M R
Sandesh M R
Dec 13, 2021

Thank u! Blessings! Does this have any correlation with red blood cells and blue blood cells?

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