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21 Days of Gratitude / Day 1

21 Days of Gratitude | Proven Scientific Experiment:

It is widely understood by scientists that it takes 21 days to make something a habit.

There was a study done in which they challenged people from all different emotional and intellectual backgrounds to find a NEW thing to be grateful for everyday for 21 days. For a minimum of 2 minutes a day.

Just 2 minutes a day focusing on a NEW thing to be grateful for.

What they found was that people who initially tested as low-level pessimist were now testing as a low-level OPTIMISTS by the end of 21 days of gratitude.

I’m beginning this challenge. Are you game??

Gratitude has been something I’ve struggled with in the past. It can be so difficult to generate energy to focus on being grateful when your entire day has been spent generating negative thoughts, and then more experiences that justify those negative thoughts, which perpetuates more negative thoughts, etc. etc. It is like trying to stop an on-coming truck from the bottom of an incline. It is just not going to happen...

I’m not asking you to try to feel gratitude. I’m asking you to notice moments of your day where it creeps up on you and focus on that for two minutes a day. Even if it is the sight and scent of your 1st cup of coffee in the morning in your favorite mug. Or your first step onto the patio in your day before the world is awake. That quiet stillness that envelops you. Maybe your gratitude is the security of knowing your family is safe within the boundaries of this home. Gratitude for a sunny pleasant drive to work. Maybe you’re grateful for a beating heart. A heart that has beat tirelessly over the course of all of the years of your life and has never given up on you. You can be grateful for things as big or as little as anything.

Gratitude does not perceive size or quantity. Gratitude is just gratitude. Whatever gets you in that place brings you closer to who you are and you intrinsic nature. Which will only correspond to more joy, happiness, abundance, fulfillment in life.

Challenge yourself to discover new things to be grateful for each day for two minutes. Something DIFFERENT each day. I promise you, the effects are clinical. It’s just about committing to it. And it is also about believing in its transformational power. That is going to be the hardest part for some of us. And when that frustration comes up I challenge you to comfort it like a child who is frustrated. Be present with it. Give it that love and acknowledgment in the exact way it needed to be heard. Now release it. And you will move into deeper layers of gratitude as a result. (More on this below in the “Disclaimer.”)

You don’t have to take my word for it to know that when you are in a state of gratitude you are in a different frequency. You are actually interacting with people and things in a different way. Things are entering your life in a different way. The way you approach things is different, as well. Everything feels a bit easier. You feel more confident. And an aroma opens in your heart that draws good things closer to you. And in that you will also have access to your inner power. Inner power that makes you a magnet for creative opportunities and possibilities from the universe. Being in the state of gratitude, your world is illuminated. It’s actually physically more vibrant and catches your eye like sparks. It’s like everything has a gloss over it and almost shimmers back at you. It’s as though matter itself is dancing. The energy around you is excitable at your presence.

Gratitude is a peculiar, finite state. And because it is so thin it is often experienced as fleeting. But it is actually incredibly expensive and there are entire worlds of creations for you to create inside of it if you can stay there. We just have to train ourselves in the ability to focus on that finite frequency.

Gratitude is just a different headspace. And I’m not talking about thinking about gratitude like a concept. I’m talking about being IN gratitude. Feeling how that thought of gratitude produces a sensation in your body. Do you like that sensation? What do you like about it? What does it remind you of or take you to in your mind/heart? Where is it located in your body? For one and a half to two minutes a day is all I ask.

I will be sharing once a day something new I’m grateful for and be posting it here on the Divine Creators with Cody Singh group. I will also share it on my personal page and on Patreon for anyone else who doesn’t use is this group as often who are interested to participate together or silently.

Post the *NEW* thing you’re grateful for in the comments of each post. I would encourage you to share what you’re grateful for, as it does help us stay committed. Also other peoples shares tend to inspire new things to feel gratitude about.

Another interesting fact worth mentioning is that if you actually surveyed wholesome individuals with extremely accomplished and fulfilled lives across all walks of life, you’d find that one core feature among all of these people is GRATITUDE.

Let’s not take this little emotion for granted. There is a code of consciousness tucked away in this emotion. I believe there is a secret key hidden and disguised away in this emotion that if we access and see it for what it is, we will have truly activated our full power in this world as empowered beings. I believe gratitude is the key everyone’s been searching for. All the while it sits here out in broad daylight, unassumingly, waiting for everyone to realize the key has been here all along. And we’ve just overlooked it.

I think many of us spend our lives chasing things, thinking that those things will bring us what we intrinsically want, only to find upon acquiring those things, that they’re actually empty. And what we truly wanted was always inside of us all along. I mean as much as corny and disney-like as that statement sounds, we can’t deny it’s truth. So if we can establish that now with gratitude being our guide, the theory is that all will form around that. And we will be able to form and align our lives with our harmony as uniquely carved individual selves here in the world.

We don’t all know what we really want out of life. Or even know what’s missing necessarily. Gratitude is I think that magic pill everyone’s after that gives you all of that and more. We just need to learn how to access it and use it as leverage to shift and transform our lives.

When you develop thoughts and behavioral patterns, you are creating neural pathways in your brain. We often accept these neural pathways because it has been our autopilot mode for so long. This is why our habits are so hard to kick sometimes. We have to create newer healthier neural pathways.

We have perpetually been on loop our entire lives after ages 0-7. Science understands this now, that we are just repeating what we learned and inherited subconsciously from those 0-7 years. It takes a lot to change that, but it IS possible. With a lot of healing from trauma. But I am someone who believes that it’s not always appropriate to fully go into all of our trauma before we have access to understanding the full power of thoughts first.

Science understands this, as well. That when you think of biting into a lemon, you will start salivating. Try it right now. That thought in your head produces the experience of that thought in your reality. Even your physical body will respond to the thoughts you are thinking. Whether it is conscious or not.

So you take that formula and you plug it into life itself and what do you have? What you THINK becomes your LIFE. Your thoughts create reality. The Law of Attraction.

So can you imagine if you had different thought patterns aligned with gratitude and abundance, how different your life would be? What things you would’ve been drawn to, what things you might have worked toward, what relationships you might have gotten into or not gotten into, and what you would have been intrinsically driven after had you not been predisposed to your brain chemistry, genetics, childhood trauma etc.? What if I told you you could still have all of those things? That it’s not too late. And it is as simple as creating new neural pathways. New thought patterns. And practicing them each day and watching your life transform before your eyes.

Mathematically, this theory checks out. So let’s give this challenge a shot together. Or I’ll do it by myself that’s okay too, lol. I’ll just stop posting it if no one wants to participate. But mark my words I WILL finish the 21 days and probably go on afterward, as well. Because in some form I’ve been adopting this in my life before today, and I HAVE noticed the shifts.

Which prompted me to share it with you guys, as well. Because my intention is to share what I’ve learned with others in hopes that you can go on to grow and expand the way I have with these tools. What I share is always an insight into my world from my perspective and my heart. My theory is that showing people my lens from my heart they will see the beauty and potential for transformation that I see. And see the keys of consciousness to be unlocked in these subtle moments captured only by the heart. My intent is to share. In hopes that it is as much of a call to action for you as it is for me in this sometimes challenging society in need of truth and illumination. So some of my shares of gratitude each day will be more extended. Yours only has to be a word or sentence long, really. As long as you focus on it for 1 to 2 minutes. But I want to show you guys how deep you can go with this. And how this limitless and freeing this emotion of gratitude can be and where it can take you. So, I will show you how it works for me. What my inner dialogue looks like as I am WITHIN gratitude. Speaking from place.

DISCLAIMERS: I just want to say this last piece. Taking on this challenge is making a decision to change your life. It is not a trial to see if it works. It is a declaration to yourself. Because I promise you if you do it, it will work. The only variable to make this mathematically not work is if you at some point to choose to not do it. Which may be for a variety of reasons. But if you can somehow commit every single day to focusing on gratitude, what your life looks like today will dramatically change in 21 days.

During the process of committing to 21 days of this you may encounter mental or emotional blocks that keep you from continuing the challenge. Some parts will be easy to let go of while other parts will be stubborn and try to convince you in various different ways to stop this 21 day gratitude challenge. If it is very stubborn, and you really cannot foresee continuing the process because of the anger or frustration or hurt coming up, this is your indication for the deeper work. This is your growth curve. This is your opportunity to identify your core trauma that shapes your life in a way that has been stealing light and gratitude from your experience. Confiscating your right to empowered fulfilled life.

When those parts of you come up, show it love. Honor its authentic expression. Talk to it if you need to in order to comfort it in the precise way it needs to be comforted. Smooth it with your emotional awareness of how what that part of you needs to hear. And the release it. (Something along the lines of “I hear you, I feel you, I see you, I love you.”) You may need a practitioner or therapists guidance through this as it can be difficult to navigate the subconscious alone. But at least now through this process, you know where your block is. You know exactly what needs to be shifted in order to allow in that which you’ve been longing for in your life.

So with a combination of understanding the power of thoughts and conscious focus, with the knowledge of how to soothe and comfort ourselves and heal from trauma, you will emerge with the new and lasting self-knowing that will shift the way you interact with the world. Your frequency will change. And your life will uplift and enrich in ways you couldn’t possibly fathom from where you were at before.

Just an example, if you begin to feel agitation or frustration or annoyance, for example, how would you treat it if was manifested as a child? Your inner child. Be patient and present with them. Don’t try to change them. Don’t make them think any differently than they want to. Just witness it. Give then love through your loving in gaze and emotional awareness. It will interact with you. You will earn its trust back. And your anxiousness will evaporate entirely. And a new layer of YOU will emerge. A new quality of being and aspect of your soul will return to you. That is the greatest reward to gain from these 21-Days. So know that encountering resistance in this process is just an indication that you are growing.

(I have also posted my Day 1 in the comments for those who didn’t make it this far in the post.)

Day 1 of Gratitude: Today I’m grateful for having a platform where I can share my truth and be received. I’m grateful to be in a greater position of service to humanity through what I have achieved/learned in my life through challenges that I’ve overcome. I’m grateful that the things I’ve gone through in my life serve as superpowers that enable my ability to help other people and illuminate collective consciousness.

*I will continue posting separate posts per day. Separately dedicated to the new thing I’m feeling gratitude about. This post is too long for me to write out everything I experienced during today’s gratitude experiment. But will definitely share more to come. And again, if you choose to share, you can share as much or as little as you like.

With Love, Cody

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