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The Channel of the YOUniverse:

Insights, Awakenings, Incantations of the Soul



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An emerging voice in the field of Metaphysics, Cody Singh's work with Light Language back in 2014 sparked a chain of influence on the web in the quickly flourishing field of Channeling. He is the spearhead of “Aura Empowerment” which teaches others to better understand the nature and health of their auras, as well as others. However it was the trauma he experienced in his childhood that provided him with a deeper glimpse into the human condition through the lens of suffering. It was these emotions that motivated him into the field of healing. Through his work as a channel, coupled with being trained in the field of emotional trauma integration practices, Cody has been able to establish groundwork in the metaphysics of healing trauma.


Working alongside highly influential heavy hitters in the field of Spiritual Healing, New Age Theosophy, Mental Health, and Metaphysics, he has had the opportunity to travel and work across the world sharing his insights and his influence. His internationally recognized platform utilizes channeled messages (insights received from higher guidance via meditation or meditative states) to help guide people into healing and empowerment from their unique circumstances. He is the author of the Amazon Best Seller, The Channel of the YOUniverse: Insights, Awakenings, Incantations of the Soul.

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In this episode we are going into subject matter within my latest book, The Channel of the YOUniverse: Insights, Awakenings, Incantations of the Soul.
Last season we had fun learning all things
Auras! Understanding the energetic correlation between the qualities of your aura and how you show up in the world. Going more into the colors, textures, and condition in a framework to assist in your personal empowerment and self-improvement.

Cody S.
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