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This season we are having fun learning all things Auras! Understanding the energetic correlation between the qualities of your aura and how you show up in the world. Going more into the colors, textures, and condition in a framework to assist in your personal empowerment and self-improvement.

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When I was a kid I could not understand why others did not stare at the sky as much as I did. How could you not wonder what is out there? How could you not want to know about the stars?

I grew up very connected to the deeper world around me. A deep introspective nature cultivated unique desires to learn more about the hidden world. I knew there were things to unlock. And although I did not have the vocabulary at the time always, I now recognize that as the call. 

The call within. The call of the divine. The call of the soul. I have felt that tug my entire life. The difference between me and many people around me I grew up with is that I followed that tug. I investigated that call. And it took me on a deep healing journey first. Then on a powerful awakening and empowerment to follow.

My journey was not always easy. And it was not for you or anyone who is reading this. I come here as someone who has walked that path, like you. Has seen and been to the other side and come back with a message. Everything you see on this page and that I produce comes from that message. 

This is a doorway. There is so much to learn in this universe. But this door implies a choice. You can walk through it. Or you can remain where you are. The key is the impulse. Do you feel the tug?

Because what I have learned above all else is that the one sure-fire way to know you are in the right place in life is if you are following your inspiration. Because that inspiration holds the power of the universe. And if you let it guide you, worlds will emerge before you.

Joy. Love. Without these components life is empty. Let's make this fun. Enjoy the content on here. Go at your own pace. And remember you are not walking this journey alone. We are Divine Creators.

With Love,

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