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The Green Aura Analysis 🟩

Updated: May 19

Green is a mental color. Generally speaking, green people are organized, goal oriented, strategic, quick learners, grounded, entrepreneurial, logical, smart, and often healing and connected to nature.

Many different types of greens. They are the most versatile color of the aura spectrum in that they have different types. So we will get into that.

Greens have a birds-eye a view of the world. They can see everything happening at once and therefore have an advantage with perspective. The interconnection of systems and the bigger forces at play within our world and how they trickle down to the smaller microcosms.

There are so many billionaire green people that shaped our world and society as we know it. Green people create the blueprint on our planet. They are the ones that execute and secure its foundation. They are the only ones with the computer like minds to organize and optimize large scale things efficiently. Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg all have green energy in their fields.

They find their flow with source energy and spirituality through their passionate application of this viewpoint. Utilizing this perspective within out-of-the-box and challenging projects really gets their life force energy moving.

Greens always need more. They climb ladders. That is what they do. Keep conquering. They tend to constantly need be challenged intellectually. When they are under the perception that they are not growing this can create this sort of limbo within them. They tend to get stuck on the feeling of “not being enough.” Many greens are very entrepreneurial because of this goal-oriented nature.

They often need something to do when they're in between projects or they're transitioning from one chapter of life to the next. And when they are going through this they can isolate and be perceived as a bit dark and moody to others.

Greens, even surrounded by many other people they seem to exist in their own reality. They have a sort of terrarium feeling around them. A self-sufficient environment of being. They walk around with this sort of mental orbit.

They do things on their own terms. Although they are social beings, they operate in their own reality. They have to find a way to do things in a way that fits how they operate mentally.

Green is a bridge color. Every aura color corresponds to the chakras. And the heart chakra is the “bridge” between the spiritual and physical world. It contains aspects of both, similar to green aura people.

Because of this bridge-like effect, you will find them on different ends of the spectrum. Some organize and mentally adapt creative ideas and channel it into sound engineering and music.

And then you have the less creative oriented greens who enjoy engineering in a more industrial physical level. Engineering is a popular green green job.

Creative greens will often become DJs or sounds engineers. Many DJ’s and producers of music are green and yellow dominant.

Some of the creative greens can be very hippie or a bohemian-like. Especially the guys. John Lennon was green dominant person. He is Physical Tan and Green. Physical Tan is tan in the middle with an outer band of forest green. John Mayer also has green, as well.

Because of this organizational and strategy-oriented mind, they are incredible in the entrepreneurial world, tech world or politics. Green people restructure the world and rewire society through the powerful systems they create and implement. Mark Zuckerberg is a green. Literally ALL green. It is incredibly rare for someone to have one color only. Typically it is 2 to 3 plus some other energies/colors of influence based on what you've got going on emotionally or environmentally at the time. Life colors, you get 2 usually. Mark has one.

I go into this with more depth on my podcast. People with one solid aura color look like ALIENS. That is why why a lot of people joke that he looks like he’s from another planet. That look in his eyes.

The thing is, every green I have ever known personally or read has a little bit of blue or purple in addition to that green. Or SOME spiritual/emotional color to balance out that mental green or physical red or yellow color. Mark Zuckerberg is only green anytime I’ve seen him. Interacting with him would not feel like interacting with a normal human. Perhaps different social cues because he doesn't carry the same emotional frequencies and harmonics in the auric field as we do. He is green though. So they can detect emotions better than the physical colors (red, yellow, orange, physical tan etc.) Which probably means he's not all that fun to hang out with outside of work. But he is incredibly efficient and focused in his work.

Larry Page Larry Page - Billionaire Computer Scientist, Internet Entrepreneur (Lime Green)

He is an example of an extraterrestrial being that does not come in the form of an indigo or crystal or other "spiritual/emotional" aura color. When an extraterrestrial has a very specific purpose to accomplish, they will adopt a single aura color to execute that agenda with focus, diligence, dedication, and organization. Mark is a benevolent Zeta Reticuli Grey alien. And is a good example of how spiritual energy is channeled in unique ways based on your aura color. His spirituality is channeled through his business.

They can have tunnel vision and race to the top of society. Or race to the outskirts of society. Many sociopaths and cult leaders are ALL solid green people (no emotional colors in addition). Pretty much any documentary you have seen on a famous cult leader on Netflix or elsewhere are all solid green people.

On the contrary, green is also a healing energy. This is why a lot of cult leaders have that allure. Because they feel healing in nature. A lot of green men are into yoga or tantra. Because they can be in touch emotionally and physically as a bridge color, they can be very sexually alluring to people and quite adept at expressing it, as well.

When in balance, brighter green tend to have healing abilities. Nature enhances this ability for them.

A green person who is extrasensory views the world like a computer system. They are mapping it out all mentally first, organizing it, then implementing the plan. They are calculated. Unlike the purples who would just share information out a spark of enthusiasm or inspiration or a powerful emotion that overcomes them to share that insight with you. Green people in contrary would prefer to deliver it to you in the form of a powerpoint presentation or excel spreadsheet. Order and efficiency is key for greens.

Many greens have the gift of vision for the future and how it should work in the future. Greens are put here on this planet to change things and facilitate ideas that are worthy of such facilitation and make things more efficient.

Greens are put on this planet to restructure things. They facilitate new ideas they believe are far more efficient and worthy of implementing and integrating into our society. Bill Gates and Elon Musk also have a ton of green in their field.

Green dominant auras have have a real issue when they can’t fix something. They get fixated on it. They need things to be systematic and make logical sense. They are linear thinkers.

They give off a vibe that seems very independent however content about it. They exist within their own orbit. They can separate emotion from choice in a very logical way. However still calculating that there is a motion there. Unlike the red people who are very animalistic and physically instinctual in nature. Green people are aware of other peoples emotions.

Type A personalities. They like being in charge, telling people what to do and delegating tasks for optimal functioning or the greater project. They kind of malfunction when they are told they are wrong or realize they are wrong. For this reason they can be stubborn at times. They are micro managers and can have control issues.

Warren Buffet - Billionaire CEO/Investor (Emerald Green "Dollar Bill Green")

When greens are in power, they will change the world. They will do whatever their goal is and they will accomplish it. They are great visionary in this sense. Whether that vision has integrity or not, it will be carried through if a green person believes in it.

They map out in their minds the structure of what they want to create in a macro-sense and then organize and delegate the most efficient and swift way of optimizing it.

Every aura color is connected to source energy. It's an expression of spiritual energy. And therefore the way greens operate is how they connect to their spirituality. So green people actually connect to spirit through their work. Their work is an extension of their spiritual nature. When they are in flow with their source energy, it is best channeled through their work.

They can have a very calming qualities for them. Soothing for blue people especially. Blues and greens are often compatible as couples. It is certainly very common. .Indigos and greens tend to gravitate together, as well. Greens seem to understand the indigo away. They might not tap into the depths of their consciousness and may not be able to communicate as effectively and emotively as the indigo's or blues, but they understand it and they recognize it. Unlike the reds.

In school, green kids allowed to take notes. And green teachers love a curriculum and a syllabus. The structure in order of their class is very important to them. And green kids grades and progress is very important to them, as well. Even in sports, I will find many green people who are tennis players or sports that utilize strategy in addition to fitness. A lot of athletes are green and red combos. Sometimes the red is an overlay they adopt in order to tap into that physical, animalistic nature they need to be in high physical performance. 💚Famous Green Auras:

Warren Buffet (CEO, Billionaire Investor (Emerald Green) "Dollar Bill Green"

DanTDM - Richest YouTuber Video Gamer (Lime Green)

Queen Elizabeth II (Royal Blue/Emerald Green)

Ryan Seacrest - TV Host, Producer (Royal Blue/Emerald Green)

Krysten Ritter - Actress/Model/Producer (Lime Green, Secondary Violet)

Mark Zuckerberg (Lime Green) - CEO of Facebook

Alyson Hannigan - Actress Buffy (Lime Green)

Alicia Keys - Singer/Songwriter/Producer (Primary Emerald Green, Secondary Royal Blue)

Bradley Cooper - Actor/Director (Primary Royal Blue, Forest Green)

Walt Disney - Visionary Entrepreneur Animator/Director of Disney (Green, Royal Blue) Brad Pitt (Green & Yellow)

Queen Elizabeth (Green & Royal Blue) Prince William (Green & Royal Blue)

Jeff Bezos - Billionaire founder and chairman of Amazon (Emerald Green, Secondary Mental Tan)

Bill Gates - Billionaire Software Developer & CEO of Microsoft (Primary Emerald Green/Mental Tan, Secondary Royal Blue)

Rihanna - Singer/Fenty Beauty Entrepreneur (Royal Blue, Secondary Emerald Green)

Gal Gadot - Green/Loving Tan (Actress - Wonder Woman)

Stephen Colbert - Late Night TV Host/Actor (Green/Royal Blue)

Harrison Ford - Physical Tan (Appears Tan Yellow with Forest Green exterior), Secondary Violet -Actor

Lea Michele - Actress/Broadway Singer (Green, Secondary Royal Blue)

Travis Willingham - Voice Actor/CEO of Critical Role (Emerald Green/Royal Blue)

Irving Azoff - Entertainment Executive/Manager/Chairman (Emerald Green/Red)

LeBron James - Basketball Player (Red, Secondary Forest Green)

Donald Trump (Emerald Green/Red) With Love, Cody Singh

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