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One of the benefits of being able to step out of your body is that you’re able to see that this is all a masquerade. That we are all playing dress up in these bodies, in these forms, in these identities. There is an awareness that none of this is real.

What does that mean? Well, it means that you see a lot of drunken actors who forgot that this is all a stage performance called the human experience. You can look at this in one of two ways. The benefit of this is you don’t really take anything seriously. Words can’t really hurt you unless you believe them. But how could you believe them when you know this is all a figment of your soul’s imagination. Want to know the truth? You didn’t come here for any purpose at all. No righteous purpose, no mission, nothing of the sort. You came here because you thought this would be FUN…

One of my more stark inner dialogs says “Don’t be believe the compliments and don’t believe the criticisms.” It helps me stay grounded. It reminds me of who I really am. Most of my days involve interacting with people from “The Observer” perspective. Meaning, I am aware that there is this body, then there is this identity, then there is me, outside of earth watching all of this go down with some really good buttered popcorn. Maintaining this constant awareness keeps me in alignment with my Truth which is the ultimate guide after all.

The human ego is unique in that it only exists here on this planet. I never recommend out-of-body travel to anyone who describes themselves as an anxious person. To navigate the astral world one needs to be VERY calm and aware of who they really are beyond our human “stories.” Out-of-body, we experience the Law of Attraction on steroids. You think a frying pan and boom it materializes. Or another fearful thought boom you are in hell simulated reality conjured by your mind. (This is also a metaphor for your waking life, as well.) To carry your pain-body out-of-body is simply put, the worst possible thing you can do. So if you can't control your emotions, do not astral travel. It is actually against our cosmic nature to identify with our pain. It is not the way we were meant to navigate this experience as citizens of the Universe. You most likely will not be able to consciously out-of-body travel if your identity is tied into your suffering.

After all, what is our story? It’s all perceptual, isn’t it? You can tell it an infinite of different ways. You can tell the story from the perspective of your disempowerment. Or you can tell it heroically and triumphantly.

“He was shy and meek. He never believed in himself. He was broken down day after day. As a result, he learned he is less than, he’s not good enough, not worthy, and perpetually unloved.” OR: “He was resilient, he was a force, he was determined to get through each day despite all odds and he did. He is a survivor, better and stronger now because of the perspective he gained through that time. He learned Love, compassion, empathy.”

Which story feels better? Which story produces a better end result? Which story feels like it’s the prelude to the novel of your unique human life experience?

My point is you get to CHOOSE.

I told myself for many years I was a victim. I was convinced that because I was mistreated several times over throughout my life that that somehow validated this identity I was so keen on affirming. Only recently have I chosen to abandon that story for a new one that strengthened me, instead of decayed me. Now, this is not denying whatever happened to you in your past. It is simply re-stating the details of your past in a way that serves you, instead of cripples you. One that fits the storyline you intend to live. That is your birthright to live.

Soon enough you realize how little the past has over you. You can choose to use it, or disregard it entirely. Because from Universal perspective, the only moment that defines you is this moment right now, and the thoughts that occupy your consciousness right now.

One of the gifts of this dimension is the ability to Dream. From Universal perspective, the moment you desire something it is IMMEDIATELY yours. Your quantum atmosphere instantly becomes everything you’ve ever longed for. There is no buffer time in the quantum Universe. This is why the people who have suffered the most contrast in their lives, also have the potential to live the BIGGEST lives in the world. Because the circumstances of their lives have caused them to have the greatest asking. The biggest dreams.

Unfortunately, the greatest contrast (trauma) tends to create the most debilitating beliefs about oneself. Beliefs are the double-edged sword of humanity. You develop one belief and you kill millions if not billions of life-path potentials instantaenously. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the belief you hold.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m stubborn as heck. I refuse to believe that the people who caused me pain in my life have power over me. It doesn’t feel good to me. And I for one am determined to have the most FEEL-GOOD experience universally possible.

This is a misconception. “Feeling good” doesn’t have to mean being positive all the time. Sometimes allowing yourself to lament feels good. Sometimes it feels good to cry and eat ice cream. Until the point that it feels good to get up again live your life on YOUR terms. But the moment being negative feels like anguish is the moment you’ve brought your abusers of the past into your present moment. Do not listen to anyone that tells you that it is impossible to disregard the voices of resistance from your past. Fear and resistance serve one purpose and one purpose only and that is to sabotage you. It is not protecting you from anything any longer. So stop listening to resistance. Stop it right now. This life is yours. Not theirs. Fight this knowing if you must, but know this ultimate truth. Your past has no power over you unless you have been conditioned to BELIEVE it does.

You ALWAYS have the option to think a thought that feels better in the present moment. The Law of Attraction strengthens the thoughts you give power to. When we focus on or affirm our past, we strengthen our past. When we focus on thoughts that contradict our past, our past loses its power. Those thoughts suddenly realize no one is paying attention to them, and slowly they stop responding to your attention. They quit entertaining you. I repeat, Law of Attraction responds to THOUGHTS. The only reason it's there is because your attention is on it. Consciously or unconsciously. The real journey is navigating the human experience, waiting for the unconscious to make its presence known. And it will, I promise. You don't need to go digging for it. Your being is constantly trying to restore your alignment at all times. Inspiring actions, experiences, and challenges to make you aware of the thoughts you are unaware of.

It takes less than 20 seconds in this Universe to manifest new thoughts that reflect that initial one you thought. If you don’t believe me, try it out. Just 15-20 seconds thinking one thought that feels good like "I am really good at ice skating" for example. Just try one that applies to you. Or is another *belief* that this theory is bogus or wrong or unethical deterring you from even attempting this exercise? How long have you believed this? Think about the momentum behind that focused thought. How many 20-second cycles of that thought you have made since you first were believed it? Does that feel good to you? If so, great, keep thinking it. If not, switch it up. Think a better thought and fuel new momentum behind that. After just over 15 seconds, a new thought will emerge, then action will emerge. Then you perform that action, and more inspired action and results are subsequently produced.

Did you know the infinite everflowing stream of the Universe in its natural state is Joy, Benevolence, and Abundance? Bliss, Freedom, Appreciation, Love, Clarity, Elation, Satisfaction, Ease... Do you know you extend from that same Universe? That means any thought or belief you possess that does not align with this stream, also puts YOU out of alignment from who you really are. Thinking any thought or identifying with any belief out of coherence of the Universe pinches your stream and stifles your soul's fuel tank for inspiration, motivation, empowerment, and far more.

There is no source of all malevolence in this Universe. There is no force trying to take you down. The only thing that exists is Flow with the Universe or the pinching of that flow of the Universe through your thoughts and beliefs we have that are out of coherence from the natural state of the Universe. All malevolent or unwanted manifestations in your life stem from thinking thoughts that are out of alignment from your inherent state of being extending from the Universe at large.

If it feels better to acknowledge your past right now, then do that. If that serves you more than by all means! Go ahead. It’s your life and you get to choose what you want to do with it. That’s the real message I’m trying to convey here. There is not a human being on this planet without choice or command of their life experience. Because the life experience is just a stage performance after all. None of this really matters. I repeat, NONE OF THIS MATTERS.

Back to our beginning statement, we’re all here pretending this is all real. But none of this is real. And you don’t need to be able to leave your body to know that everyone on this planet is acting like they know what they’re doing here. They don’t. They are acting. Just like you. Just like me. We are waiting for stage direction. Waiting for the director (God) to give us our cue. Oh, how we’ve forgotten that the director is us. We are Source. WE are the Universe giving ourselves these cues. None of this is real. None of this is real. None of this is real.

So what’s the purpose of being here then? To play. To play dress up and become the Scarecrow, or Dorothy, or the Tin-Man. Or the bully, or the teacher, or the know-it-all, or the saint, or the drama queen, or the martyr, or the clown. But don't forget you are ultimately the Narrator. Take the weight off and remember that no one really has got this gig down in spades. This is a game. So play the game and see how much fun you can have because it’s over before you can blink. I only have one life as Cody. You only get one life as you. Stop trying so hard.

I recently watched an interview with Tom Hanks. I love watching actors outside of their roles in movies. It is very easy to tell when someone is a conscious astral traveler because they are aware this is all a hoax, too. All of it. Society, all the people putting on the greatest performance of their lives. Tom is removed from it. And in turn, he is able to reap the benefits of an absurdly abundant Universe. He has a massive life. Loads of money. And it means nothing to him. Because he knows its all a show and none of it is real or matters. This whole gig. Aside from observing him vibrationally, how focused and aware he is in multiple dimensions simultaneously. He is also what we call a soul-fork. An extraterrestrial being projected into this human experience with a human body. He is for the most part removed from this human experience enough to have the MOST fun with it possible. I recall this almost frivolous yet engaging subtext he possessed in his conversation. Not in a condescending way, but in a way so as to know there is no one to impress in this world. Not the kings nor the peasants of this world. He nor they are greater or more important than anyone else. You can tell when someone drank the Kool-Aid in this experience if you know what I mean. We all know at least one person like this. When they believe their hype. If I could bet, he would be so much fun to work with. Because he knows it's all a hoax.

None of this matters. So play. Enjoy. Be who you want to be right now. The only hindrance is our thoughts, our beliefs from the past we bring into the Now. Who are you WITH your past? Who are you WITHOUT your past? Both are wrong. Because you are eternal. You are greater than it is even feasible for you to conceptually understand. You are a microcosm of the greater landscape. You are the stars. You are the minerals. You are anything and everything and nothing all simultaneously.

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