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Billie Eilish Aura Analysis

Purple & Blue girl . Deep purple 💜. Some BRIGHT green💚 as well is authentic to her. She leads with her purple. The blue will likely change or evolve from her light blue. And the green is likely to remain, as well.

This is a great example of an aura photo. White background. Not super up close. The auric field is very large. The primary aura color shines about 1 to 2 feet away from their skin. The secondary or adaptation color encompasses that and radiate outward several more feet typically.

This is a particularly challenging color combo for public figures. Billie Eilish doesn’t just make music, she IS her music. She bakes her soul into her songs. Her vocals are an extension a very highly emotional perceptive creature. Truly evolved “old” soul. Again, rare to find in the music industry at that level.

She also has bit of BRIGHT green. Which tells me she is very detail oriented. And also grounded. Bright greens are different from deep greens in that they are more empathic, spiritual, and imaginative in nature. More connected to nature than deep greens.

Deep greens I often see in offices. Corporate people, IT people. They are organizational, logical, factual. They have great minds. And know how to use it to organize information and understand the full scope of things in a balanced way. Some athletes are green in sports that require mental calculation & thinking, often coupled with the physical, competitive red aura color.

She wears royal blue overlays in interviews a lot because she is ashamed of her sensitive nature. Her purple shines through so clear and bright in her music . She is young though. And Purples and Light blues are emotional/spiritual colors.  She is already sensitive in nature.

Billie is the type of purple blue person that believes their pain is critical to their success and evolution. This can be a very difficult belief pattern to hold. And requires a very powerful soul to do so.

She is exactly that. When you watch Billie, there is an otherworldly nature to her. Even though she is so young. Her depth of expression is beyond her years (except when her royal blue mask is up ). This is because Billie Eilish is a Starseed. (So is her brother, Finneas).

Throughout her career we will see her diverse purple person artistic fashion statements and trendsetting. Purple people make statements. They drop bombshells. They plant seeds of change in their lives in order to align with their truth & integrity in their life, to later watch those seeds inevitably explode and REQUIRE life changes. This is the way purples initiate things. Bombshells. This is why purples are often famous. Violets especially (Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande).

We will see this from Billie for the duration of her career. You may see her drop off the face of the earth for extended periods of time. Only to return with a second wind and newfound inspiration aligned with her newfound integrity. A very purple person trait. 

You will see her continue to make statements in her music and in her fashion and posts. Purples won’t have it any other way. They are visionaries and leaders in a very progressive way. They are impulsive but it is never without warning. They always plant seeds before hand.  You know what’s coming soon when a purple for get off on an idea.

She is also light blue. This is common in young people. I see a lot of teenagers with light blue. I often have a light blue and people always think I’m younger than I am when I have that color prominent in my field. Billie’s light blue may transition into royal blue or indigo.

She wears is the royal blue mask often which tells me that that is who she wants to be, but not who she authentically is (a product of being so young). Which leads me to believe purple nature will just stay.

Vibration is felt, not just seen. Therefore songs also carry auras. And a lot of her songs I’ve heard are indigo. Her song Bad Guy is red especially at the end.

Auric Conditions in Billie: 🟢Green Sphere: associated with healing energy. 🔺Geometry: as a Starseed, she carries many healing & activating codes in her field. Not to mention channeled into frequency in her & Finneas’s music. 🌈Arcs- show up when two people are truly bonded & connecting in a balanced way. (Her & Finneas when they are together. Common with healthy marriages or siblings).

✨Happy to continue aura readings for you all over on Divine Creators with Cody Singh Facebook Group as well as on . Feel free to post your photos and keep practicing!

Few things first:

1. Post your photos *farther back* with a white background in order to see more colors/conditions in your field. If it is super up close, we will only see one color. (You can intuit other colors, but I want you guys to practice seeing them.)

2. *No filters* please. It can be deceiving to your auric conditions and shades of colors you carry.

3. Use #patreonmember if you’re a patron. Easier to spot ya.

Reminder: Everyone’s psychic abilities enable them to pick up on different aspects of the information fields based on their own brains. So trust what you get. Trust is an important elements before objective colors start showing around people.

Try to begin associating FEELING to the colors your are seeing. Or vise versa. The way I got better at seeing and understanding aura colors is through doing trauma release work with people for years. When you make a practice of a tuning into peoples energy/emotions, you will pick up on deeper energetics levels of them. I started associating the colors I was saying to emotional phenomenon. And I realize just how deep this goes.

Just like when you stare at the stars, you will see more stars start to appear by virtue of you focusing in on it more. Same with auras.  When you turn into peoples energy, you will start picking up on more aspects of their energy. Energy that is INFINITE.

Look for textures too. Billie’s aura is an example of a clean and healthy aura (in this photo). And you can see/perceive that in the textures and condition of the color.

For example, a foggy dense blue in their field usually means they are being lazy or unmotivated. Bright green, can mean inspiration is flowing. So you will see many colors based on how are you uniquely interpret the vibrational world around you.

Start there, and the colors will come after. You will see them in your mind first. Trust it, even if it feels like imagination at first. There is a very subtle difference between imagination and inner vision. That distinction becomes clear when you practice it and cultivate more trust.

Meditate first. 10 minutes. I promise you will see colors and fractals 10 times brighter after a short meditation. Listen to nature sounds for 10 minutes. You are reducing brain activity. And in doing so, your vibrational frequency is rising, and you are tuning more into the vibrational lens of the world. 

Welcome to life in color . When you tune in to auras, you tune into a deeper level of the world around you. As a result everything is clearer and more beautiful. The trees almost feel like they are dancing to a song that you can feel but can’t hear. Your world will come alive because there is LIFE in each vibrating fractal you are seeing and feeling.

One thing people don’t commonly know is that activating the third eye is about clarity. It is not all about psychic visions. So when your third eye becomes active, you are establishing healthier flow with one of the primary chakras of your being. Which corresponds to your actual physical health, primarily your mental health.

Your level of perceptivity will increase. Your ability to feel into other people without projection will get so much better. And you will know what it feels like to trust yourself. Because what you have been feeling previously will now begin to be VERIFIED through what you are physically seeing vibrationally in the energy fields. Fun fact, Billie Eilish has synesthesia. Which is one of the beginning stages of extrasensory perception. She translates divine source energy through her mind into various rhythmic patterns and colors. She interprets that into music. This is very similar to the channeling process for any person. Just how uniquely it works for Billie. If she leaned into this, she would become a full-blown extrasensory. In psychology this is seen as a disadvantage. When it is truly an invaluable perceptive ability that can be fine tuned.

With Love, Cody

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