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May Sigil: Galactic Veil

May Sigil: Galactic Veil

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Introducing the May Sigil: Galactic Veil, a powerful talisman designed to harness the energy of Mars in Aries from April 30th to June 9th. Mars feels right at home in Aries, one of the signs it rules, which means its power is magnified during this time. With the Galactic Veil, you can tap into the spontaneous, forward-looking, and courageous energy of this celestial event. This sigil is perfect for those looking to boost their competitive spirit, feel more confident, and channel their inner drive to achieve their goals. Don't miss out on the opportunity to align yourself with the potent energy of Mars in Aries - get your May Sigil: Galactic Veil today.

It is particularly good at demystifying illusion and removing debris in your emotional channel that inhibits desirable aligned manifestation in regards to your physical health, career, security and stability in life, and true love.


This is a transmission that you only want to use when you are really looking to manifest whatever you are currently focusing on. Whatever you are focused on at that time will amplify tenfold.


The coding along the perimeter of this Sigil is a buffer which ensures that what is manifested is in alignment with your authentic energy. It will actually block undesirable manifestations in the works by re-orienting your energy to align with new outcomes.


If there is a lot of momentum behind a thought (a manifestation in the works) this transmission will act as a neutralizing agent. It will slow down momentum, so as to create new momentum of healthier, thoughts and realities aligned with your true self.

The four “runes” on the four corners provide a general protection agent from unwanted energies. Protection for the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies.

Convergence is defined as the syncing up with ones physical, emotional, etheric, intergalactic selves. Creativity is stored in the Solar Plexus, so this activation of creativity goes in tandem with the unique expression of your Life Force energy.

As extensions of Source energy, Source streams energy through your Crown Chakra into your Solar Plexus where it is there translated into your perception of your unique preferences, desires, personality, drive, and more.

This Sigil ensures that you are up to speed with your soul, which is in a constant state of progression. The experience of being stuck or stalled, is simply a symptom of not moving forward with your Spirit that is always moving forward, always expanding. The friction that is created through resisting your progression is what generates what we call “negative emotion.”

This Sigil is designed to work with you in dream time, as well. Therefore, this is particularly a good frequency to keep with you before bed, as the Light Beings associated with Transmission will be working on you during your slumber hours, primarily.

Targets: Energy Buffer, Courage, Aligned Manifestation, Drive, Cellular Renewal, Light Body Activation, Higher Communication, Spiritual Clarity, Spiritual Grounding

Associated Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra, Throat Chakra

Physical Benefits for: Sciatica, IBS, Respiratory System, Spine, Scalp, Jaw, Teeth, Hips, more

Associated Beings of Light: Sirian, Lyran, Tau Cetian 

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