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Lyran Energy Protection Shield Audio + Song (Light Language)

Lyran Energy Protection Shield Audio + Song (Light Language)


This powerful galactic transmission and energetic frequency (including a channeled melody) from the constellation of Lyra is specifically attuned to the souls who have recently suffered an acute emotional injury or have traversed the of shadowy depths of the Dark Night of the Soul. This energy work is designed to provide an additional shield of energetic protection, serving as a divine balm for those with raw emotional and energetic wounds. It offers a sanctuary for the weary traveler and creates a sacred space for emotional healing and psychic fortification. 


This celestial frequency is a potent ally in navigating the realms of grief and acceptance, gently guiding the soul towards inner peace and wholeness. Working harmoniously within the auric field, it permeates the energetic layers with its healing vibrations, bringing balance and restoration to all levels of being. The transmission initiates with the sacred whispers of Lyran light language, invoking ancient wisdom and cosmic guidance. It crescendos into a melodious symphony of healing frequencies, weaving a tapestry of transformation and renewal for the seeker's journey towards healing and enlightenment.

  • File Components

    This mp3 file contains:

    1 Spoken Work Light Lanugage Blessing

    2. Energy Healing

    3. Channeled Lyran Song of Healing

    Audio Length: 5:27

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