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Vaccines & Vibration

🌟So after posting the last video (Vaccines question begins at 21:05 minutes on

YouTube: ) my guides were wanting to expand more law of attraction particular misconceptions (in reference to yesterday's YouTube video where we addressed the VACCINE question.) The idea that we are energetic beings that vibrate frequencies that which attracts our reality COMPLETELY. Further understanding how some people get sick from vaccines and some don't. Why that is. Going into more about how we are energetic vibrational beings that emit signals based on the thoughts and beliefs we hold. If our choices are in vibrational alignment with our beliefs, good things happen. Understanding that vaccines itself don't causes suffering, rather your vibrational alignment with that vaccine (or anything for that matter i.e. gmos, junk food, flouride etc.) determines your experience of it.

My guides pointed me to a question by one of our Patreon members. Because of how long the question is and have extended our responses we had a Download to share with you all in regards to this question. Cody recorded some of it in this video to help you guys break down this topic for your better understanding.

My guides also wrote out some of the channeled message for you guys to read as well. Some of it is directly addressed to this person however most of it is applied for everyone as you will read in hear.

"What we want to say to you is that your entire rut concerning GMO's, energetics implants, Coca-Cola and government & corporate control all stem from YOUR shadow. Every person in the World exists with the circumstances that you explained here above. Corporate and governmental overlords, implants, GMO foods etc. etc. YET, not every person seems to be affected by it... Why is that? Because of what they are VIBRATING when they are participating in those things. We want to say to you is that if you healed this shadow within, you would not be having a conversation about any other of the issues you mentioned here. And it would not affect you at all, just like the millions of others it also is not affecting that you watch go on to live amazing lives. Happy people are all around you. We see them all the time even on TV. Yet they exist within the same conditions of gmos & "government control" you mentioned here. The only reason you care about those issues is because you think it affects your well-being. And what we want to say to that is that your VIBRATION affects your well-being. Not "things." In fact, your stress about this issue is far more damaging and diminishing to your vibrational frequency than the frequency of the virus/vaccines/issue itself.

Can you think of anything that shifts your vibration faster than a subject that triggers you? Far more powerful than a measly vaccine. You are giving it so much power over you.

And if you are manifesting information online about these issues like vaccines or GMO foods or implants etc. being dangerous, it is because those people you were watching ALSO have a shadow that vibrates in the same frequency as your shadow that causes you to talk about these topics. Again, this is the law of attraction. You are a vibrational match to what reality you subscribe to. Reality is subjective. Albert Einstein was right in that reality is relative. The people you are watching do not understand this because they have not healed that wound within them yet. But you are a vibrational match to the healing that is why you are a vibrational match to this message."

'If there is no blowback to the government, how will they learn?'

"We like the analogy of two siblings in an argument. Is there ever a solution? Not until they both drop it and literally change the subject. They usually start playing and they forget about it. Because in doing so they are shifting their frequency. You cannot evaporate the frequency of misfortune you can just shift your frequency out of it by talking/thinking about something else.

Because the frequency of misfortune is the frequency of a "problem." And the natural construction of a "problem" inherently indicates "Opposition."- defined as TWO forces against one another. - Therefore there is no absolute resolution between the two in that unconscious frequency of thought. That thought that lives in that frequency is debate and opposition. So as long as you remain there there will be no solution. That vibrational frequency of thought is actually where institutional politics and other conversations like this all live. Within that frequency entire universe lives that you can participate in. It is actually where your question derived from.

What we want to say about blowbacks is that there was already a blowback. Blowbacks are great in the beginning because it inspires people to shift frequency of consciousness into higher states collectively. But the problem is humans think that there needs to be continuous blowbacks. And in continuously blowing back the same thing you are continuously reactivating the frequency of the problem, thus acquiring resistance that is stalling the progress. The blowbacks already occurred and there is a new frequency now of alternative options for food and health AVAILABLE TO YOU. That reality exists NOW. So go there! You will find well-being there (Daniel). And you will be less preoccupied and less stressed out on these issues. You will begin to understand what we are saying incrementally as you unfold your true freedom.

Well-being is not always going to be in the same place for everyone else as it is for YOU. If they are in vibrational alignment with a righteous cause of scientific research to help heal people of chronic illnesses through vaccines, that is in alignment for them. You cannot tell us that that person will manifest misfortune if they are in alignment. And because he created that grid, there will also be other people who are in alignment with the vaccine ,as well. There is no absolute in this universe. This is why none of humans stories are consistent. Because you all have different vibrational grids!

That righteous scientist will have a great life and good things will keep coming to them because those are the components contained in the light that fuels their physical vessel. Do you believe you are a being of light energy? Do you believe that light energy supplies your being and functioning? Do you know what is contained within that light? It is subjective. Based on your unique sensibility as a soul and as a human.

As a human "transmitter" you translate that light into whatever you uniquely identify with as your paradise in your physical life. To the degree of light that you allow in. One person may invite in their light and it manifests in a major record deal with their band. Another meditates and invites in their light and it manifests into the most perfect home renovations they've been dreaming of. Your light will translate into whatever you give off based on your conscious AND subconscious mind. What your light will translate into in the context of your dreams life ONCE you let it in Daniel. But will be vastly different from many people on this planet. - Because your truths will be different. Because you are vibrationally aligned with different things based on your past and your soul. There is no topic that has ever been debated that is done being debated as long as there are still people talking about it. So what is the option? Change the subject. A.k.a. shift your frequency. This is how we resolve issues once and for all.

The way government learn to stop advertising falsely is by us stopping fighting it. Because by fighting it, your focus is still on the problem you are fighting, therefore you are keeping the problem alive vibrationally. Whatever you focus on, you activate and becomes more.

🌟Imagine there was a bear in your front yard. That is a PROBLEM. If you poke the bear it will aggravate the bear and the bear will destroy you and your home. It would be wise to leave the front yard and not try to bring more attention to the Bear, (or talk to the Bear, poke the bear, dissuade the Bear etc.) The optimal solution would be to LEAVE. ***You don’t need to blowback the bear to feel secure about the bear problem.*** in other words, you don't need to blow back your government in order to feel secure about what the government is doing. Or pharmaceutical companies corporations etc. Just be concerned about YOUR reality. And more adequate solutions to the best problem will emerge once you LEAVE THE BEAR ALONE.

Have you ever finger painted and then try to clean up but then your hands with paint kept getting on everything you were trying to clean? You need to just stop walk away wash your hands off and then do something else. Otherwise humans are going to continue making more of a mess.

The blowback has already been done. So now your job is to shift your frequency to it the change.

Frequency is everything.

If you tune in to the frequency 101.1 FM station, you cannot receive 92.6 FM station. It is impossible because you are tuned into a different frequency. Even though the frequencies of that station are available right here for you to access at any moment you tune into it, you don't hear/receive anything from that station because you are tuned into 101.1 FM. In fact 92.6 FM or any other station for that matter is completely UNDETECTABLE, even though those frequencies are available you in that same moment.

This is how your frequency works too. You tune in to higher consciousness. The realities that are completely real in those lower frequencies will be UNDETECTABLE.”

With Love,

Collective & Cody

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